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  1. In my opinion it's a big mistake that a native application is not made, as there is, for example, Reddit. PWA is a mess, it doesn't even have all the functionality of the browser. PWA functionality is not at all the same as a native application. We should not lie to ourselves. In the future, web sites without an native application are doomed to disappear, since all traffic has moved to mobile.
  2. @Charles, There will be a dedicated mobile application on the new version?
  3. Alerts it does not work even when the moderator merge two topics. 😞
  4. I've updated to the latest software version, but I can't activate the "Reject cookies" button. It only shows me the Accept button. What do I need to do to make this button appear in the cookie information bar? Thanks!
  5. I would like to implement group promotion rules based on the frequency of the member's last post. Specifically, I want a member from a certain group A to be moved to a group B if he added a post in the last 7 days (last week). If the member in group B does not post for 7 days, I would like him to be moved back to group A. Is this possible? What settings should be made for this scenario? How many promotion rules must be created? Thanks for any guidance!
  6. How can we translate the text from push notifications?
  7. For 2023, I would like you to surprise us with a dedicated mobile application.
  8. Without a mobile app, forums will disappear in the future. Simple! In vain we look for justifications and all kinds of reasons, but unfortunately this is where everything is heading, this is how the internet will be used in the future.
  9. Thank you for your prompt answer! Before posting here, I followed the instructions and downloaded the file from the client area, then uploaded it and now the message is gone. I may encounter problems when I update the software to the latest release? Thanks!
  10. În ACP - Support I found this message displayed: Some of the source files for Invision Community have been modified. /.../.../.../applications/core/setup/upg_107000/upgrade.php You should download an unmodified copy of those files and upload them to your server. Once that is done, check if the problem persists. I know for sure that no one has modified any files on my server. Can someone explain to me, how this problem occurred and why? I need to worry about server security? Thank you for any explanations!
  11. Hello, Is there any possibility we can customize the error message for user without permission to view the records in Pages, as can be done with forms? Thank you!
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