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  1. Hello! It will be possible to choose only a certain group of members to be able to send referrals link?
  2. +1 Doesn't work in Safari on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. Text selection disappears as soon as the button is displayed.
  3. @superj707 and @Daniel F After you react to a status post, you will have an error. I was forced to disable the entire status system due to this error. I opened a support ticket (#986291) and got the following answer: I hope they will solve this problem until the next release.
  4. @ABGenc thank you for sharing.
  5. @Pete T, There is a need for a cosmetic look, there is no space for the edge. Some CSS padding to generate space around content. Thank you
  6. How can I delete/remove the old/out of date language words?
  7. Yes, the old lang stay there after uninstall the plugin.
  8. I uninstalled and installed the plugin but nothing, same problem. I even tried to delete all the translating and making a new one, but the problem persists.
  9. Because there are / have been added identical words.
  10. @Theme Tent UK, I updated the plugin to the new version 1.0.3 and now I can not translate it. The new set of words does not save the translation. Whatever words intoduce, they do not remain saved. The problem occurs only in case of this plugin, other translations of the forum works ok. Thank you.
  11. I have the same problem here on Invision forum, and on all the forums I manage.
  12. @Lindy how about this: When can we expect to occur this important function for many of us? Thank you.
  13. Status: Planned. Thank you IPS! Thank you so much for this good news.
  14. Another reason! Because moderators (who don't have permission to delete posts, only to hide posts) must approve a post before being able to hide it, the function "under moderation" is completely useless/unnecessary, because originally approved post is already counted in the member's account even if he is hidden later. I can not understand why IPS ignore this this request (malfunction). We are asking too much? @Lindy a little help please?
  15. More, when we approve a post under moderation, notifications are automatically sent to all members who are subscribed to that topic, and they receive on mail all the post content. This is very bad and should be solved urgently.
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