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Invision Insight: Happy New Year Invision Community!

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Welcome to this year's first Invision Insight!

And welcome to 2023 everyone! 🎉 After a very busy 2022, we have so much more coming to you this year!

There has been so much work happening behind the scenes and I can't wait to share some of it with you in this edition. For those keen eyes, we would like to introduce a new forum in our community called Invision Insider. In an effort to keep our clients more informed on everything Invision Community, we thought it a great idea to provide a central place for all news and updates including Invision Insights, beta announcements and release webinars. You may recognise the majority of topics already in this forum, but as times goes on, we hope to fill it up and give everyone a go-to space to know the latest.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or evolve on this, please don't hesitate to let me know.


New Version: 4.7.7 Beta 2

Our February maintenance release is now available. This brings some key changes including the Gallery refresh and GraphQL support which I'm sure everyone is very excited to hear about!

Please bear in mind that it is a beta, so using it on your main community is at your own risk. There are also some changes affecting third party developers and designers to take note of.

Take a look through the full release notes below.


What's New in Gallery?

The Invision Community team have been hard at work giving Gallery a bit of a refurb...

Well, not a bit, I mean HUGE! @Ehren has done an absolutely stellar job bringing Gallery into the 21st century, and what an awesome update it is! I'm not going to take the limelight off @Andy Millne though, so please read his thorough blog post discussing the many new features and visual refresh below.

We are very thankful to all that worked on this product and hope that our community takes full advantage of everything Gallery has to offer. How are you implementing Gallery in your community?


Community Security

Thanks to those that joined us for our Community Security event. Some of the key action items @Charles spoke about included enabling two-factor authentication, staying up to date with the latest version and ensuring your host uses secure practices.

For those that missed it, you can still watch a recording by clicking below. We'd love to hear more about what you do in your own communities. Knowledge is power, and the more we share these practices, the more secure all of our communities will be.


Upcoming Event

This is something you definitely don't want to miss out on! Our February 2023 Release Chat has been announced!

We will be talking about all the significant changes that have been made to Invision Community, a key item being our Gallery revamp. If you have some spare time or need an excuse to take your mind off work for a few minutes, make sure you tune in!



Here's what the dev team have been working on over the holiday season since our last Invision Insight (beware, it's a long list!):


- Fixed an issue where locking a guest topic from the bottom moderation menu behaved differently than using the top moderation menu.
- Fixed an issue where creating a forum may show an error on certain versions of MySQL.
- Fixed an issue where a blank event sidebar would show after events have paused.
- Fixed an issue where online event links would be removed at the start time if no end was set.
- Fixed an issue error that can occur when a 'hide' word filter is triggered on content that does not support hiding (personal conversations).
- Fixed an issue where checkbox sets with large option lists in polls would condense into a scrollable list.
- Fixed layout of responsive tables in the ACP.
- Fixed an issue where blog tags were not appearing in the recommended tags results.
- Fixed an issue where rebuilding the search index generated pages of logs for orphaned posts/comments.
- Fixed an issue where moving items using the multimod functions did not always reset the container counts.
- Fixed an issue where tags could not be removed from content if tagging was disabled.
- Added the tags page to the disallowed URLs in the robots.txt.
- Fixed an issue where saving shipping rates was flagged as not covering all possible values.
- Fixed an issue where warning a member sometimes generated an exception and a template error.
- Added a noindex meta tag for the offline page.
- Added email icons for Twitch and Discord.
- Removed the unused "core_image_scanner_logs" database table.
- Added pagination to referrals page in the Account Settings.
- Fixed an issue that could cause duplicated notifications when using multiple database servers.
- Fixed an issue where the manifest file was tried to be loaded from the wrong path.
- Fixed an issue where repeating events may show on the wrong day when displaying in a different timezone.
- Fixed an issue where publishing scheduled items were marked unread for the author.
- Fixed an issue where importing/exporting language packs did not use the correct version.
- Fixed issues with confusing language strings in the report center.
- Fixed an issue on the onboarding page when no image was uploaded.
- Fixed a PHP8 issue where the gallery image page could throw an exception because of broken note data.
- Improved member conversion speed upto 50% in some scenarios.
- Fix an issue where changing Time Periods on streams not clearing previous values completely.
- Fixed an issue where the first post in a scheduled topic had a different timestamp than the topic.
- Fixed toggled fields when adding/editing a database field.
- Removed the "Add comment" checkbox on the Update Record form in cases where it was not applicable.
- Fixed an issue where reordering ACP restrictions generated an error.
- Fixed an issue where anonymous records were displayed as Guest in record listings.
- Fixed an issue where anonymous records created topics with an author name of Guest and a hash.
- Fixed an issue where anonymous comments were not tracked correctly.
- Set default album sort to match the default sort on a category.
- Fixed an issue where dropdown menus would be treated as a link if child items in the main navigation.
- Fixed an issue where Twitter Emoji no longer loads (The CDN providing the images shut down).
- Visual refresh.
- Added support for converting videos to mp4 for consistent playback experience (cloud only).
- Added gallery overview page to better highlight Gallery activity.
- Added support for searching image contents using AI (cloud only).
- Added not safe for work filter functionality.
- Added support for prefetching next and previous images.
- Added a member profile extension for Gallery images.
- Removed lightbox overlay.
- Removed a lot of redundant javascript to optimize page loading times.
- Fixed issue where publish date field was sometimes shown on the Poll tab of the Topic form instead of the Content tab.
- Updated CKEditor to 4.20.1.
- The member, blogs entries, download files, gallery images, events, page records and forum topics GET endpoint supports now a new 'ids' parameter to return items by multiple ids.
- This change also applies to any third party application that extends '\IPS\Content\Api\ItemController' and uses '$this->_list()'.
- Fixed an issue with AdminCP upgrading a self-hosted community if large table changes are required.
- Fixed VAT number verification failing.
- Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.15.0.
- Automatically set a page as default when it's the only page in a folder.
- Fixed an issue where converting a product to a subscription hit an error.
- Added new GraphQL endpoints for Blog & Events.
- Added the ability to use OAuth access tokens or API keys with GraphQL requests.
- Fixed an issue where times may be in the wrong timezone due to a Chromium bug with Asia/Kolkata & Asia/Kathmandu.
- Removed jsTimezoneDetect library, replaced with native browser functionality.
- Fixed an issue where events may show on the wrong time.
- Added missing language strings for the Email Statistics report.
- Re-enabled Grammarly in CKEditor.
- Fixed an issue where Administrators with permissions to view moderator statistics got a no-permission error.
- Fixed an issue with the autocomplete form field in third party resources.
- Fixed an issue where moderating all links posted did not flag the content for moderation.
- Added constant '\IPS\SITEMAP_MAX_PER_FILE' to define the maximum number of entries in a sitemap file.
- Fixed an issue where changing the publish date of an already published topic to a future date wouldn't update the containers last post data.
- Fixed an issue where viewing a warning with an invalid date interval generated an error.
- Removed unused photos_url ACP search keyword.

See you in the community and next week right here for another Invision Insight! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you everyone! 🦘

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