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  1. Why does it seem like IPS just tries to sneak in a new pricing structure? This happened last time as well. Why can't you guys just make a blog post stating "hey are pricing structure is changing", why does it always have to be so secretive? It's only when a member notices it and brings it to light. Well looks like this will be the end of IPS for me and will be switching back to Xenforo then. I always assumed V5 was just an update, not a whole new force to cloud.
  2. Don't you have to accept the license terms for updates etc? If so what is it going up to?
  3. I am a tad confused by this post. For someone like me that just wants to use the 'forums' portion and I currently pay $80 a year for self-hosted are you saying the price is going to increase per year now?
  4. You mean like Xenforo’s upcoming weeks that has now turned into almost two years? 🫢
  5. I almost forgot, hopefully we can get an update to Font Awesome license that would be nice so we can use the newer fonts.
  6. My only concern is who's going to feed all the monkeys now?
  7. I am going to throw this out there, after reading this post I noticed that I was no longer receiving email anymore for someone replying to a post etc. When sending a test email from the ACP I still was not able to receive it. I went to my server and looked at my logs and it had something to do with DMARC. Since I use Cloudflare I had to go in there and configure a few things, but now everything is working fine again. So, I don't know if you use Cloudflare but if you do check your settings, they must have made changes here a few weeks ago, because it always worked before then. I don't know if it's related to your scenario or not.
  8. A new UI, hopefully from @Ehren. Cleaned up code (if needed). More SEO (if needed). Faster rendering time (if needed). Maybe some fun new features like when Ranks were introduced.
  9. Close your web browser and re-open it. Like @SeNioR- said it thinks you are logged in.
  10. I'm not trying to plug my own site, but I made this post awhile back so I could always remember how to do it. This has always worked for me. Converting MYISAM database tables to INNODB - Tech Zone - Fluxoid
  11. I am also patched to the latest updated and I am experiencing the same problem. This only started once I applied the patch.
  12. hCaptcha helps out alot, I have not got a spam member since I switched to it.
  13. Thats odd I always thought it was parent master code> child inherited parent's code? So, wouldn't that mean since the code changes in the parent it would apply to the child itself? So, if the version number of code were changed in the parent it would get passed down to the child? If not, then what really is the purpose of a child theme? I thought you always wanted to leave the parent theme alone, and then modify the child theme so when you update the parent theme the code gets passed down to the child theme as well? Maybe I am misunderstanding it. Coming from Xenforo this is how it always worked. Does it not work this was with IPS?
  14. One idea since they have separated cloud vs. self-hosted is why do self-hosted clients still have to deal with this, and why can't we dismiss it permanently? I mean isn't it our responsibility to secure our own server, and since we are shouldn't we be allowed to dismiss it completely? I know with shared hosting it's sometimes impossible to dismiss this message. Just a thought.
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