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  1. Since IPS 4.5 that it support Elasticsearch till version 7.6.0. What we don't know is if IPS 4.6 supports newer version's. I havent't tested it myself.
  2. Hey @Nathan Explosion, even thought your plugin was not compatible with IPS 4.5, it still did work if we did have it installed before the upgrade. But now im testing IPS 4.6 and it doesn't work anymore. It's still on your plans to update the plugin? Regards
  3. CKEditor 5 was made from scratch, and from what i've seen, it works really well. I don't see the point in moving to a different editor. What we need is Invision to finally decide to migrate to the new version, but because it was made from scratch, t's not a simple upgrade, but rather its a migration and it will give them a lot of work.
  4. You noticed any change in terms of performance? I need to setup a test server for this.
  5. It was that. It's working now, thank you
  6. @Adriano Faria I just bought your application, but i cant see the "Ban Management". The App is enabled and i'am using the default IPS skin. This is what i see in a Topic: I'am missing something?
  7. Thank you for the update. One more question. Its possible to force https on the image if its available? For example, in the example i gave you, the embed will use the http version of the image (that's why the issue occurred), but the site also have the https version available.
  8. @A Zayed with IPS 4.5, if the link have and http image (not https), it will show the link above the image. Link for you to test: https://www.record.pt/internacional/paises/espanha/detalhe/diego-costa-e-arias-infetados-com-covid-19-e-falham-arranque-dos-trabalhos-do-at-madrid
  9. @Mattwill this affect the Facebook and Instagram embed posts?
  10. Official bug fix is out with version
  11. I'm also experiencing the same. It happened the moment we went to 2020. Só I guess it's bug with the cookies.
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