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  1. You released a new version, but the bug still happens. If you reply to a sticky note, people will not receive it. Any news about it?
  2. Any news about the issue? Everyday i see in the sticky logs people replying to notes and those messages does not reach the destination.
  3. @TheJackal84 there is a bug when we reply to a Sticky Note, it will send the Note a Guest user instead of the user we are replying.
  4. @TheJackal84 doing a conversation with multiple users with Sticky Note is on your todo list? Great app 👍
  5. I guess i will wait a bit before upgrading to 4.4.4.
  6. After some recommendation from my members (one of them being a web designer), i made a few minor changes to your theme. I just added this at the end of the custom css if you wanna check it. body { font-family: "Open Sans", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; } a { color: #8d9aa6; } .ipsDataItem_unread a { font-weight: bold; color: white; } .ipsRichEmbed { border: 1px solid #677585 !important; background: #121823; } .ipsQuote { background: #121823; } .ipsQuote_citation { background: #121823; } .ipsSpoiler, .ipsStyle_spoiler { background: #121823; border: 1px solid #677585; } .ipsSpoiler_header { background: #121823; color: #677585; } .ipsSpoiler .ipsSpoiler_header a, .ipsStyle_spoiler .ipsSpoiler_header a { color: #677585; } .ipsSpoiler_header.ipsSpoiler_open [data-action='toggleSpoiler']:before { color: #677585; }
  7. RevengeFNF

    Dark Theme

    Amazing Dark Theme
  8. @dayh just to tell you that i installed the Skin on my forum and the reception is being really good. Most of people are saying me "Revenge, don't change anything else, it's perfect". Very nice job with this dark skin 👍
  9. @dayh why don't you submit the skin to the marketplace? Even if you want to keep it free with no support, i think it would be valuable for the skin to be there and you would have a notion of the people using it.
  10. I don't have issues and no exceptions in the system logs, using PHP 7.3.4 with Redis. Do you have the same issue with a new installation with no plugins/apps?
  11. @Fosters plugin started working with IPS 4.4.0, but now with another issue that is probably related to 4.4. It will send the notification over and over again to the users. Basically, it doesn't stop.
  12. @A Zayed i know this is a long shot, but doesn't hurt to ask. In the past i used an addon called Media Tag, where we could create custom oembed links. In the mean time this addon was removed from the marketplace because it was not updated since ips 4.1, although it was partially still working. When i first installed your rich links addon, although your addon ignores the default oembed links by ips, it would cause the custom oembed links from the other addon to stop working, because it would show them as a rich link instead of the oembed. So i just disabled that media tag addon. Now i found another addon that is up to date, (NE) oembedServices management by @Nathan Explosion, but im afraid to buy it and the same thing will happen. What I'm asking is if you know why this happens and if there is anything that can be done to fix it. Thanks.
  13. @A Zayed i think i found a bug. In some links, for a regular user, the image will not appear (the image appears inside the editor box, but disappears after the post is done), while for a member of the staff it would appear. After investigating, i came to the conclusion that if a member doesn't have permission to post html (normal members normally don't have for security reasons), that issues happens. You can test it with this link: https://www.discogs.com/Sonny-Clark-Cool-Struttin-Volume-2/release/4661299 If a regular member post it, it will appear like this: If a member of the staff with permission to post html post, it will appear like this: Can you check if you also replicate this? Now a suggestion: Mostly in mobile, sometimes the title is big and doesn't show all of it. I added this custom css to fix it. .ipsRichEmbed_itemTitle.ipsTruncate.ipsTruncate_line.ipsType_blendLinks { white-space: normal !important; } Goes from this: To this:
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