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  1. RevengeFNF

    4.4: Application manifest and icon management

    Pwa here we go
  2. My point is, will we ignore many Android users just because iOS don't support mobile notifications?
  3. It depends. On my case for example, Google Analytics shows me that for the mobile users, 26,51% enter with an iOS device and the rest with Android. So the vast majority in my case are Android users. I also reached the point where my forum have more people visiting it with a mobile phone than a computer.
  4. You will have them the same way.
  5. PWA seems the way to go for mobile.
  6. My server is running MariaDB 10.3.7 and the last IPS version is recommending me to update to at least MySQL 5.6.2. I have a feeling someday IPS upgrader will say i can't upgrade to the new version without updating MySQL to at least 5.6...
  7. RevengeFNF

    Defer parsing JS

    Thanks @Adlago In my case it was the plugin Smooth Scroller that was adding html code after the JS.
  8. RevengeFNF

    Defer parsing JS

    I have sent you a pm.
  9. RevengeFNF

    Defer parsing JS

    I noticed that this change is already in 4.3.3 but i still get this at gtmetrix:
  10. RevengeFNF

    Perfomance ipb Vs Xenforo 2

    Time it took my Browser to fully render IPS Community Homepage: And to full render Xenforo Community Homepage
  11. RevengeFNF

    emoteservices.invisionpower.com is down?

    It was my server fault. Its resolved.
  12. Also every embed started giving an error at the same time this happened.
  13. If anyone wants to manual set the number of shards, you can create a template and then you just need to reindex the search. For the template creation, you just need to run this on your server: curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/_template/content -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d ' { "template" : "content*", "settings" : { "number_of_shards": 1 }, "mappings" : { "content" : { } } }' With this template i have set the number of shard's to 1 and then i just reindex the search and its working fine. Elasticsearch always recommends to use only 1 shard per node, unless the data is bigger than 50Gb. In that case its better to split the data into more shards. But more than 1 shard per node, its going to be slower than just 1 shard.
  14. In Elasticsearch, its possible to set the number of Shards the index will use when creating the Index. IPS is using the default 5 shards, which is not optimal for everybody(probably for most of the clients). For example in my case i only use 1 node(localhost) and my Index is way below 50Gb, so my optimal shard count is only 1. 5 shards in my case is slowing down elasticsearch. Its possible in the Elasticsearch options to have a field to choose the number of shards? Basically depending on the value we choose it would add something like this: "settings" : { "number_of_shards": 2 }
  15. RevengeFNF

    IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    That depends a lot of the size of your post table. You can start by there.