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  1. Ban from Topics

    Hello Tom, any news about the support of 4.2? Best Regards
  2. Who Voted in QA Forums Answers

    Works flawless.
  3. Know who Voted/Downvoted in Q/A forums

    Works Perfectly. Thank you.
  4. Know who Voted/Downvoted in Q/A forums

    @Adriano Faria the new option "Voters" does not appear on the topics. I believe its probably im using IPS 4.2. It happens the same with "Ban from Topic" mod since i updated to 4.2.
  6. Know who Voted/Downvoted in Q/A forums

    Thank you very much. Waiting for it to be approved in the marketplace.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to know who voted or downvoted the answers in teh Q/A forums? Im having some issues where some people downvote all the answers just because they can. Because i don't have any idea who are doing that, i can't do nothing to prevent it.
  8. Hover Effect Over Installed Plugins

    +1 Good suggestion for 4.2.
  9. Ban from Topics

    Its normal the Administrator group to be inside the Moderator section. There, you enable the 2 options for the administrator group. It works 100% fine with me. No hassle.
  10. Ban from Topics

    Inside the plugin, you have an option to set the groups that aren't bannable. Nothing strange there?
  11. Ban from Topics

    This ones? If yes, then you should see the option in the posts, like this: If you still don't see it, try changing to the default ips theme. If it appears there, then its an issue between this plugin and your current theme.
  12. Ban from Topics

    Did you choose who can ban?
  13. Webm/GifV

    Gifv is supported. Gfycat is also supported since IPS 4.0
  14. Ban from Topics

    Thanks you, it would really be a good addition. Probably its related with the new layout. The Ban from Topic button simple does not appear in the posts.
  15. OAuth Server

    You can add it where you want. Its a Widget.