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  1. I am new here. Initially, I had no opinion regarding who was right or wrong or if there was a problem here or not. I have not currently been here as a current client, to confidently say one way or another. Until I received the following message from someone, which has made me believe there are some bad faith actors here. Those bad faith actors clearly see it as a crime to be polite and add value to the community. I am not suggesting everyone is in on this or among those types of people. Perhaps for some of you, your experience and concerns are valid. But as I understand it, Invision ha
  2. This thread was created on Wednesday, and today is Saturday. That means this thread is 3 days old. In it, we have @Charles, @Rikki, @Matt, and @Jordan Invision. I think, and someone, please correct me if I am wrong, but the only management member missing is @Lindy at this point. There is 74 post (counting this one) and 22 of them by Invision staff, accounting for 30% of all replies. How anyone believes that Invision is not taking the time to participate in the community is really puzzling.
  3. If you cannot be helpful and insightful and do not have the strength to carry on, step back. Everyone needs a break now and again. There is nothing shameful from removing yourself from a situation you feel you can no longer tolerate. If that means stepping away from the 'newbies' who require assistance, allowing someone else to pick up the torch, then so be it. You sometimes have to look out for your well-being, and there is no shame in that. What is shameful is putting people down because they are new. Taking out your frustration onto others is neither productive, helpful, or healthy.
  4. Separating yourself away from the role of an administrator is easy. Separating that mindset away from other people's perception of you is not so easy. I, like yourself, once took on the role of administrator very seriously. I was a wizard at keeping my community function and up to date. Managing the site's software and hardware a 'no-brainer.' Policing the community when warranted clearly and respectfully, I could do blindfolded. But as a person, I was always seen as 'the administrator.' Having a simple conversation proved problematic. People would always act differently and re
  5. I want to shine some light on something (a bit off-topic). I am a firm and strong believer that there is no such thing as a stupid question, only dumb people who choose to remain ignorant and fail to ask their questions. I am not kmk. I do not know kmk 'through a hole in the wall' (metaphorically speaking), meaning I do not know her/him at all. But he/she is actively seeking out knowledge and information. They could ask a question as basic as 'where do you log-in,' and I still believe someone should be happy to answer their question, providing them knowledge and insight. We all sta
  6. Hello again @borangeatx I should add, to be mindful, that when performing a database backup and restore, using the terminal will always be your best option. While you can technically perform a small backup and restore through a web interface control panel, such as Cpanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, to name a few. It will always be safer and more secure to do so via your terminal controls. mysqldump --default-character-set=utf8mb4 -h [host] -u [username] -p [database_name] --set-gtid-purged=OFF --port=3306 --protocol=tcp --skip-triggers -r dump.sql Since you are at the stage where you
  7. First, I hope you have a backup of both databases—Especially your target database. I have seen this before. It was a good indication my database was corrupt. Since the import did not complete, that is likely what caused the corruption. If your importing fails, you cannot and should not proceed as if all is well. I would suggest you restore your target database before you attempted the import. I would then make sure to rule out the source is not corrupted and attempt a basic import on a test site. One that you have not already tried to port into previously (a clean install). If that f
  8. Thank you both for your kind words and eagerness to help. It is much appreciated. 🙂
  9. I find this line of thinking also agreeable and manageable as an alternative. And as a bonus, fewer forums too.
  10. But we are not asking you to. Well, at least I am not, and I do not think anyone else is unless I have misunderstood.- which is entirely possible. I believe we all respect, understand, and appreciate that you collect general feedback from a wide range of various methods. And I do not think I've seen anyone ask you to attribute all of that here. I think people have been asking to address those who use your support forums and nothing more. Earlier I respectfully came up with a proposal that I believe would satisfy some of the chaos. I want to make it clear. In my proposal, I am
  11. I apologize if my post was not following proper etiquette. I was unaware that was the policy regarding bug reports here on the support site. It just seems more intuitive to post it openly as a means to see if anyone else had encountered the issue or not (a better way to confirm the bug or not). I will promptly submit a ticket with support. Thank you kindly for pointing out my error. I have marked your post as the current solution to my problem, and thank you for your time and consideration. 🙂
  12. Your line of thinking has me thinking of a possible solution and proposal. Invision could, in theory, divide up the suggestion forum into individual forums for each product (forums, commerce, blogs, pages, gallery, downloads). This would better organize the feedback process on both ends, both for the consumer and the business side, instead of everything being clustered together.
  13. I tend to choose to see the better in people; this is true. But it is not deception, just good business practice 101. It was something I learned in university studying business. You generally wish to keep your consumers' feeling incorporated while keeping your competitors off-balance. I am naturally sorry you feel your previous experience has been less than satisfactory. Although you noted that there have been recent changes and improvements. Yes? I think it is best not to dwell too much on the past and look to the future. 🙂
  14. I generally appreciate the thoughtfulness the development team has placed into coming up with this new feature. I am honestly looking forward to 4.6 and the many improved enhancement. 😎
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