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  1. *Hidden, not removed. You can't remove things with CSS. Any removal for performance goals should be done at the PHP level, before transmitting HTML to the user. Otherwise, it will not solve the problem.
  2. I mean cross-document navigations, the CSS View Transitions Module Level 2 spec. View transitions when navigating between different URLs. As a starting point, you can simply add this simple CSS rule: @view-transition { navigation: auto; } and observe how it affects the look and feel when you switch between pages. It immediately becomes smoother, less jumpy, etc. The other details (exact animations) are depend on designer preference
  3. View transitions are a great way to make websites and web apps feel smooth and pleasant to use. This feature is now available in major browsers and will soon be added to others. It's also a progressive (non-breaking) enhancement, meaning we don't have to wait for universal browser adoption. Users of major browsers will immediately notice the difference, while users of other browsers won't experience any change until their browsers are updated. Also, the good part is that some generic transitions can be implemented with CSS alone, without any JavaScript. JavaScript is optional for very specific cases but not mandatory at all. For more information on how view transitions work: General description: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/web-platform/view-transitions Specifics for multipage applications: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/web-platform/view-transitions/cross-document
  4. Tbh, it would be a nice option for those, who do not need these patterns. But also, if they want to have some pattern there, why not? If it weighs less than 1kb, it's not a problem at all. With SVG, they can also add more of different unique or even dynamic patterns while keeping the filesize in a reasonable range. It's only a problem when meaningless image weighs more than the page itself
  5. No, IPS previously asked testers not to share their demos publicly, but they are constantly sending invites, so just wait and you will probably get yours very soon.
  6. Hello from mobile users and non-US places. We exist. Yes, even a fraction of a megabyte makes a lot of difference for us, in terms of both speed and internet cost. For clubs, it's 300+ kB, while it could be less than 1 KiB when implemented as SVG, is totally worth changing. P.S. I like how you rounded 181 kB to 0.1 MB
  7. Certainly, but it's still cheaper and more robust than hiring them to do the whole job themselves, so I don't see any real cons here.
  8. Because they function significantly differently in each format, combining them into one slider does not make sense at all.
  9. Some things are not intended to be posted publicly because they may have consequences if seen by an unscrupulous person before the IPS team can fix them. However, I do not see any way to report such things directly to IPS. Am I missing something?
  10. I believe that language packs should be open source with a GitHub repository accepting pull requests, even if provided by IPS. This approach will significantly reduce your maintenance costs and encourage more people to fix every little detail. Automated translation can be a good starting point if done with state-of-the-art AI models like the latest Claude/Gemini Pro/GPT models, as their translation quality far surpasses that of Google Translate, DeepL, or any other outdated translation tools. Also, it's very possible to provide them with context, including the rendered code and auto-annotated, if needed. But, to be honest, the most important things for my multilingual communities are listed in the first message of the topic. Language packs are good idea, but not as important as those. For websites, I generally use WordPress or Laravel, where I can easily make every title, item, comment, and other user input fields translatable. The lack of this feature in IPS is a major limiting factor for the growth of my IC-based community. If implemented, I would lean more towards IC than other alternatives.
  11. Thanks! How about automated conversion?"
  12. What will happen to statuses once they are deprecated? Will the content just be lost, or will we be able to convert it to another form (like topics)?
  13. Yes, +1. Not only support for embedding uploaded AVIF files but also for converting outdated formats (JPEG, GIF, WebP, PNG, HEIC) to AVIF upon uploading would be amazing!
  14. Ability to Set Language in the URL For optimal SEO and multilingual support, it's important to allow setting the language in the URL. Instead of having multiple languages in a single URL like invisioncommunity.com/forums/, we should have separate URLs for each language, such as: invisioncommunity.com/en/forums/, invisioncommunity.com/es/forums/, etc. This approach helps search engines accurately identify content in specific languages, leading to improved rankings for those languages. Link Tags for Specific Languages When different languages are presented on separate URLs, we can also inform search engines and browsers where other language versions can be found: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="https://invisioncommunity.com/en/forums/" /> <link rel="alternate" hreflang="es" href="https://invisioncommunity.com/es/forums/" /> <link rel="alternate" hreflang="x-default" href="https://invisioncommunity.com/en/forums/" /> Making Every Title, Item, Comment, and Other User Input Fields Translatable Only a small portion of posts typically drive traffic to any website or community, and many authors of these posts (topics) would be willing to translate them into multiple languages if given the option. While most users may not translate their less important messages manually, automated translation can handle this task well, especially with the advancement of LLMs in translation tasks today.
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