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  1. Can you post or PM the link to your board so we can take a better look?
    Works great, solid customization options too.
  2. After working with IPS, we were able to solve the problem. Here are two things you may want to look out for if you haven't done so already: 1) Make sure you add your Oauth URL to the Settings panel 2) Deselect (or do not select) the "Enable Callback Locking (It is recommended to enable callback locking to ensure apps cannot overwrite the callback url)" option on the Settings panel
  3. Congrats on the new release and nice work, I like how you brand your addons and appreciate the attention to detail. Would you recommend this addon over SuperGrid for the same purposes? I'm trying to understand what the differences between the two are.
  4. Thanks for posting that, It makes me wonder if the issue could be on Twitter's end. I know they have a poor history of supporting 3rd party apps and have recently made changes to their API that could be causing problems for the IPS integration.
  5. I'm opening up an official support ticket, I'll post back when I have a solution.
  6. ...and that's all it took! I figured it was automatic but it makes sense that text would be needed. Thank you!
    Works great (a common theme with this developer) and adds a nice touch to community interaction. Top top it off, is has just the right customization options to blend it perfectly into my design.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to enable Twitter login on my forums but am having trouble and not sure where to look for a solution. After setting up the Twitter login according to this IPS manual, I get the following error when I click the "Twitter login/register": Some background info: I created a consumer and secret key and plugged them both into the IPS settings I added a privacy policy/terms URL to the Twitter app settings The app permissions are set to "Read and write" I enabled "Request email addresses from users" in the app settings The Facebook login works fine. Any clues on to where I should look next?
  8. Hey, anybody run into this issue? I've added the guest signup widget to the top of my forum but when I visit as a Guest, it's nowhere to be seen. I've tried clearing my cache and testing in a different browser but to no avail. Registration is enabled with "standard, Facebook, Twitter" login enabled. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?
    Does exactly as advertised, works great with IPS4.3.x.
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