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  1. Please don't forget to help people who use multiple currencies like me .... using the plugin is impossible for us.
  2. So is it official or not? You have no idea how important this application is to all of us and how much it has been overlooked all this time .... it really doesn't deserve such an end. If this news is true I am sure that with @Adriano Faria it will get the attention it deserves! Thank you
  3. Thanks for your reply, even if after a month .... problem solved!
  4. Hi, I tried to contact you privately but it says you can't receive messages. However, I think that the change to solve this problem should be official and also present in the version of your plugin on the marketplace, not only in the version on my website (it is a test site, however). Thank you Greetings
  5. Every day that advances I see Ip.Board and its plugins more and more forgotten by developers. Dozens and dozens of bugs that are not fixed and projects to create new functions that no one answers or answer after 2 months... I foresee a dark future for this community and I am very sorry about that.
  6. If the settings are these I think they are correct.
  7. @Michael.J Hi, congratulations on your plugin however it has a major error in "credit redemption requests" when multiple real currencies are expected in the trade. In practice it does not allow you to "choose" on which currency to redeem the user's points and therefore the user finds himself with a duplicate amount on each currency ... In this case I converted 854 user points into real credit (one-time operation), the result is that the user received 854 € plus 854 Swiss Francs ... I may be wrong so I ask you for more information. Thank you Greetings
  8. Hi, after installation I don't see any text strings, even if I enable forced translation via ACP. Thank you
  9. While this plugin introduces some wonderful features to Ip.Board, it is unfortunately limited by some hard to manage problems. Example: I can only generate invoices in real currencies, not points. This is confusing if you use multiple currencies, plus people receive an invoice by email as if they paid in Euros (for example), when they paid with their points instead, so no invoice should be sent to them. To be complete, the plugin would have to create a virtual currency ... just in this way all the problems (legal and fiscal too) would be solved. Attached is a screenshot that leaves some doubts...
  10. @TheJackal84 is it possible to allow users to pay an invoice using credits? Or allow them to convert credits into real money on account credit? Thank you Solved: I found out for myself that it is possible to add a payment method like points, it works fine thanks.
  11. Having multiple currencies (EUR and Swiss Franc CHF) where the ratio is 1 EUR = 1.2 CHF there is no possibility to enter decimals in this setting. It would be advisable to change the setting to accept decimals or to enter "Points per EUR / CHF" on a basis of x10, not x1... I think many users (like me) prefer to have an exchange rate 1 = 1 example 10 points = 10 euros. This is easier for users to understand but at the moment having multiple currencies it is not possible to manage this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you
  12. @TheJackal84 wauuuu Thank you so much now it's perfect!
  13. @SC36DC First of all, thank you for your answer, your information helped me find the page in question. However, even by activating those options I am unable to give users the possibility to increase their points by buying an item with real money. .
  14. Can someone kindly help me by indicating where is the page shown in the second screenshot. I can't find it, thank you.
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