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  1. I've 2 fields as Select box. Can I filter the elements of the second selectbox according to the selection of the first select box? Example: Listbox field 1: - ALFA ROMEO - AUDI - OPEL Listbox field 2: (If selected ALFAROMEO): - - GIULIA - - MITO (If selected AUDI): - - A3 - - A4 (If selected OPEL): - - ZAFIRA - - MERIVA I'm crazy to do this with Ip.Board, I've tried all the plugins, but I can not create them in boxes with the fields. Please help me, thank you.
  2. I bought it by i cannot download from marketplace, i receive error: File not found! Thanks
  3. Its possible to create custom fields when a users create a support requests? Original Ip.Board custom fields are really limited. Thanks you
  4. Hello, i want to buy this plugin. Its possible with this plugin to create custom fields when users creating a support request? Thanks
  5. Hello, i want to buy this plugin. Its possible with this plugin to create custom fields when users creating a support request? Thanks
  6. i've moved all my storage path to a subdomain, why the images used in your plugin stay in the older path? can you fix this? all other plugins have changed the path without problem and they have updated the url of images to the new path Thanks
  7. in html validator i'm getting error on a double class declared by your plugin: <ul class='slider_12' class='sliderContainer'> How can i solve this?
  8. Please don't forget in the next update to enable "alt" code in images to improve seo performance, thanks
  9. i've many errors in log, IPS supports tells me that the problem is your plugin, can i send you in PM my ACP access to fix it? thanks
  10. Is there a way to set ALT attributes to image? Can you insert ALT attributes in your plugin and copy the content from the TITLE attributes? Or give us a way to insert ALT attributes manually? I need this to improve SEO, when i test it, SEO is reduced from your plugin, becouse the image are all without the ALT attribute Thanks Great plugin!!!!
  11. we can add custom string in ACP > languages and then write articles with %string_variable% it is better to add the possibility to insert different content for how many languages are installed in the board, mod very simply to do...
  12. I'm creating a page in Ip.page, how it is possible to create text with H1 and H2 tag for text? to improve SEO performance you must use these tags
  13. If I am not mistaken IPS does not respect the rules of google HREF for multilanguage: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/189077?hl=it
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