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  1. So I just recaived a badge here, and in my profle I can see this: "47 points until your next rank" and I will be not able to know how many points do I have in total and how i earned it? It is confusing (I am talking about my opinion as user of this forum). I am thinking (as a user) that there should be place wher I can click to check my history, my "future" ranks etc.
  2. And one more question - is this system 100% active on this forum or you hide some part of this achievements system here for tests?
  3. Hmmm so is there any place where user can check his own points and points history? I don't see anything more than info in dropdown menu "22 points until your next rank"? Or this "points" is other name for "reputation"?
  4. Great news, this will be one of the best function in the system! What will happen if we use it on our forums? Can we recount all posts and reactions to this new point system or all users have to start from 0?
  5. DamonT


    But it would be extremely useful feature when quizzes are made by forum staff (and we want to use it for something "bigger" than just funny quizzes). Current feedback option is nice but it is quite simple. It could be optional 😉
  6. DamonT


    You mean a feedback for one right answer and another to multiple right answers? Maybe different feedback text and levels (%) per quiz?
  7. DamonT


    It would be amazing 🙂
  8. DamonT


    BTW @Adriano Faria do you have any plans for such features (even as paid addons)? Widget/notice: list of quizzes that the currently logged in user has not completed yet. Different feedback text per quiz (with full editor).
  9. DamonT


    Can't you just made a "one right answer" quiz with two answers (true/false)?
  10. Maybe we should ask why there is no such option. Is there any reason?
  11. Maybe I described it in wrong way. Moderators can not see post in the stream when this "user" complete the registration. They can see those posts on homepage and category view, but not in streams. So it looks like that posts that has been published via BFR are exlcluded from streams. @bfarber ok, I can do it later, but im 99,9% sure that this is not a case of my forum (I tested it on fresh install).
  12. Right now we can merge all posts in the topic as we want (even from different users), but there is no option to merge anything with first post. It would be really nice to have such option in the future.
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