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  1. You could provide info that "Post Before Registering" was successfully finished (someone submitted content and register account to publish it).
  2. It would be great to have some stats connected with "post before registering" option. For example: some counter or simple notification when someone decides to register and publish post. Is there any chance for such option in this addon? It is currently unknown if this option is effective.
  3. Or maybe something like "Exclude users with more reputations than X"?. It will be more flexible 😉
  4. @Fosters one more issue - is your plugin works if the spammer write "normal post" and later edit it to post some chinese spam? It looks like not... Am i right? This is the way to bypass this plugin?
  5. @Fosters is there any estimate time of the update with topics name filtering too? I have thousands of SPAM posts (from last 3 days) which baypassed your plugin 😞
  6. @Fosters is there any option to filter content by topic name too? Some spammers can bypass this plugin by using forbidden characters only in topic name.
  7. There should be also easy option to completely disable post/message content in emails. There could be alternative email template for this option. In my opinion there is more benefits of "no content notifications". For example if someone edit post: there are two version of post content, old one in emails and new on forum. It could be confusing. Whats more some users try to send their reply by writing email instead of posting it on forum.
  8. I don't know if this is good idea. For example if you set 50% and content of post would be "OK" then you will get 1 letter in email notification like "O" 😉
  9. Yes, there should be some option to limit content to X characters or even to 0 😉
  10. Great news! It would be nice to have built-in option to trim post content in notification emails. Firstly, it would be better for community, because if someone have to click link to read the content there is much bigger chance that he will reply in this topic (because he is reading post on forum not in mail). What's more, currently the mail with notification about really long post look awful (especially when there is some program listing in post content ex. on forum for programmers).
  11. This text "Continue reading.." in other line so it looks strange now, it would be much better with "...".
  12. Hi, on this screenshoot: There is "..." on the end of truncated content in email. But in my case there is no "...". There is just truncated content. How can I add this "..." on the end of message? @Fosters, can you give me some advice?
  13. "This file is not currently available for purchase." Is there any new version somewhere?
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