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  1. this template rocks. When will this be 4.4.x ready? i am concerned bc 1/2 my plugins want 4.4 at this point. thanks 😃
  2. will this change a member's content post dates too?
  3. Thanks! I wanted to use this for giveaways (custom item / or voucher codes), as an incentive for return visits (gambling and last activity points), and for approved gallery uploads (which won't work with group collab (?) which sucks for us, but I get why) . I will look into the lottery and/or sports betting asap!
  4. I love this—I love the gamble for points options. I don't think people will use it much. I cannot hype this up, without explaining why its awkward. 1. When you lose points it does not say that, but rather says that you won. Its confusing and you have to do math to figure if you lost. 2. The results message (however misleading it may be) is a flash of an overlay. Its easily missed. Solution: Make losing and winning a big deal (YOU LOST X POINTS! or YOU WON X POINTS!) with a landing page we can customize (maybe from pages?) and an option to play again or return to shop. 3. There is no landing page for anything and no way to put images in the default grid display that I saw. Just FA icons. If I am going to give away a physical item (like a pair of sunglasses for example) for points I want to show them right in the grid. Solution: Allow for custom image per custom item that shows in the grid. (Like Super Grid) I think I could make custom pages and link to the games somehow as a work around, but I cannot make the win/lose message correct or exciting. And more gambling please! This could be a huge hit.
  5. also i don't want it on, but if i recount content it comes on for all collabs i turned it off for. i do not like the option at all.
  6. Yea I know. I don't want them to show. I don't want to set a president where users are allowed to upload content they do not own. It's not ok and it contradicts our ToS and it's buttons to click for no logical reason. It trips ppl up.
  7. Good points. Also, please do not make us offer any of these options. (credit, copyright, notification, tags). If I don't want these options offered I should be able to remove them. It's another roadblock for end-users--especially on mobile.
  8. Pages need custom Error Page options. Why can I create a custom message explaining to users why they cannot access a forum, but I cannot do this for a database or page within the Pages app? We have an entire E-Learning platform built with your software with no ability to up-sell or customize the error pages except to modify some words in the language file? I mean technically is a page that is blocking access correctly in regards to permissions matrix an error at all, or rather the intended result? i want to create a page within Pages and assign it to another page as the default 'Custom Permission Denied' Page. I want to tease users with content per database and give them a place to buy access.
  9. Please make this stupid easy to use and contribute to on mobile. Please make COPYRIGHT and AUTHOR optional. It's so lame that this is hard coded in! (check out instagram =P ) On mobile when i scroll to the bottom of a gallery i get shot back to top and its crazy hard to use! This happens on all androids i've tested with in firefox/chrome. @Matt
  10. can admin decide (instead of users) per group who see which profiles?
  11. Has any of the above been updated or considered?
    This is so awesome, but I don't want ppl to know now much cash other ppl have and it shows in their member card. Someone with alot of points becomes awkward and a hack target. Maybe there's a way to disable that and I missed it?
  12. In newer version it looks better on mobile, but the buttons are too small to read well. I also suggest that you allow admin to disable types of media with an on/off switch and make sure the corresponding button disappears from front end if off. Lastly adding a "Who Can See" option with group pick list would be great. If one group could use, and only certain groups could see (and not use) the 'public' media we could use it as an intensive to join or pay.
  13. Do you guys use gallery with video here at all? I want to test on mobile devices. Thanks!
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