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  1. To the extent that a button doesn't do what it says it does it is the site.
  2. When i "sign in with email" and "sign out" on this board it keeps me logged in, thus preventing me from signing into other accounts. Have use two different browsers or clear cache to fix. This is the only site on interweb that does this sooo...
  3. Glad this is still available. Thank you for keeping it updated. I have and issue where I cannot choose which group members appear in the list. I deselect a group, and members within that group still show =( (yes these are members with no secondary groups). Some features that would make this more admin friendly The ability to define default sort-order in ACP. Is there a way? The ability to choose which methods of sorting are allowed in ACP. (just title or date added would be nice for example). The ability to change the name in bread crumb from members tab to something else.
  4. thanks! would be a cool feature. do you think a dev could create a plugin for the pages mod so this was an option? like a tick box that says "make this record an external link?" ...sort of like the menu manager. edit: I PM'd a dev on this!
  5. is there a way to make grid posts link out to external links rather than pages in the database?
  6. has anyone got this working for database posts within ips' pages using supergrid? should we bother trying?
  7. I cannot download this. I bought this I thought, but there was no download option, so I bought it again and there is still no download option?
  8. I somehow feel this is an over-ambitious goal to hike company worth yet will be super awkward for your clients. Having a fully responsive mobile website (for sale) is like super basic and should be done by now right here...on the web. Like before 5...Why cant we move the mobile menu button to the left corner? It couldn't be farther away from my thumb as is. No to be rude, but who cares about an all-in-one app or will have faith in one if you cant do this on the web yet. Quick story...before I started using invision in like 2003 I used a forum all-in-one service called "aimoo forums" and it was wack. We had a game server forum under an "aimoo forums umbrella" where our user base could also explore anxiety forums and forums about knitting. It was so bad for our end users. It felt cheap and limited and was impossible to customize beyond colors and logo. Fast-forward to 2020 and I see 100s of do-it-yourself umbrella APPS like this now and just think..wow, how awkward for their users. Maybe I don't fully understand what this app store endeavor will look like, but i sense it will be similar. Also, if releasing an app slows down your marketplace-for-mods efforts that would be very unfortunate because it seems slow now and imo at the heart of IPS is simply the ability to addon/customize it.
  9. Yes that would be awesome. Another feature that would be cool - clone a raffle.
  10. is there a way to not show participants to any group but admin?
  11. Do you see ip.content as being something feasible to do (white-label or otherwise) like this? This is not an uncommon approach to forum-ish apps. I think you should set yourselves apart and do gallery and clubs! 😃
  12. Yes something should be done. I dislike having to be 'clever' to link to a post. Some of menu manager seems ill-conceived and should be further revised.
  13. Sometimes with IPS I just want the option to remove a feature that tends to confuse users and kills traffic such as sort options. The software is forcing me to make a post, download, product etc into a popularity contest with my humble user base. - "Most views, comments, purchases etc" are useless when you are selling content to a sparse audience that has already paid a premium to view the content in a step-by-step fashion. We want to show/sort content based on our needs—not user curiosity. This is also confusing the heck out of content creators uploading photos or downloads to an area where comments and/or reviews are not permitted, yet the sort option is there. If I could determine what are in these sort lists, your software would turn a corner for us. This is not a huge request, and I have been inquiring about this since you released the downloads module. Please consider! It's feels like the suite is broken everywhere because of this.
  14. I started over and same result. I PM'd you. We do not use tags, but I enabled them to test. We do not use clubs either. Not sure if this is necessary
  15. this threw an error when i attempted to create a record. It starts Error: Class '\IPS\cms\Records2' not found (0)
  16. It says 4.3. Maybe uPdate that for you customers
  17. this template rocks. When will this be 4.4.x ready? i am concerned bc 1/2 my plugins want 4.4 at this point. thanks 😃
  18. will this change a member's content post dates too?
  19. Thanks! I wanted to use this for giveaways (custom item / or voucher codes), as an incentive for return visits (gambling and last activity points), and for approved gallery uploads (which won't work with group collab (?) which sucks for us, but I get why) . I will look into the lottery and/or sports betting asap!
  20. I love this—I love the gamble for points options. I don't think people will use it much. I cannot hype this up, without explaining why its awkward. 1. When you lose points it does not say that, but rather says that you won. Its confusing and you have to do math to figure if you lost. 2. The results message (however misleading it may be) is a flash of an overlay. Its easily missed. Solution: Make losing and winning a big deal (YOU LOST X POINTS! or YOU WON X POINTS!) with a landing page we can customize (maybe from pages?) and an option to play again or return to shop. 3. There is no landing page for anything and no way to put images in the default grid display that I saw. Just FA icons. If I am going to give away a physical item (like a pair of sunglasses for example) for points I want to show them right in the grid. Solution: Allow for custom image per custom item that shows in the grid. (Like Super Grid) I think I could make custom pages and link to the games somehow as a work around, but I cannot make the win/lose message correct or exciting. And more gambling please! This could be a huge hit.
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