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  1. It's matter @Morrigan whenever you don't want to mix between new articles and old ones, so you will need to keep the original published date.
  2. I know about it, and I meant the original time stamp of the topic.
  3. This is an amazing option we have with Pages, yet it does need some new feature that will make admins work whenever they decide to use Pages easier. First suggestion, we need a "Copy forum to database" option. It is really hard whenever you decide you want to make a new database for new project that already has been using forum has 500 topics more or less, and then move them one by one. Second suggestion, whenever you copy topic to database it has all options, but the time stamp. It's really would be great if you guys add this.
  4. I have been using @kRSB's group mention plugin, and it's a great plugin to use.
  5. @luca.mayo you might want to try this
  6. @Adriano Faria a new request please whenever you have time. On a huge communities you might have 2 to 5 pages banned members from a topic, and it would be nice if you add a search capability on the banned members list to search banned members on that list. It will be a a great feature, and will be very useful for whoever has a huge list of banned members. Thanks Maybe under the View Banned Members bold title.
  7. Wouldn't happen so soon. Invision's CKeditor 4 license hasn't expired yet, and having it updated to version 5 will need time to code. Maybe in version IPS 5 we will have CKeditor 5.
  8. I can't see this option anywhere. I have been looking for a week. I see it now. It is a record setting not a database.
  9. Oh you are right @CoffeeCake. @hpcrazy as @CoffeeCake pointed out in the last option you must select all values from 00 to 59 in order to make it work.
  10. @CoffeeCake the option says Minutes then select a value or multi values. It should be working fine.
  11. Cool @hpcrazy just press add, and wait to see that warning has been removed from your ACP.
  12. Yes. It can be left empty, but don't forget to get that command from your ACP. It must be copied from your ACP only.
  13. @hpcrazy this is good. In the title type down any name ex "My forum cron job" Command to run in here you must copy this from you ACP When to run must be changed to every minute.
  14. @hpcrazy do you've full access to your server?
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