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  1. Afrodude's post in [Bug] Can't edit random post. was marked as the answer   
    Finally someone gets it. 
  2. Afrodude's post in 'Flag as Spammer' - Does it block use of e-mail address? was marked as the answer   
    Nope if you remove those who you have flagged as spammers or banned them, they will not be blocked in the system unless you add their email addresses/IPS manually to the banned list.
  3. Afrodude's post in Link back to landing page? was marked as the answer   
    @jlgreer1The only way I see it is to add a Home button. Go to ACP and search for "Menu Manager", and then add item. Give it a name "Home" and link it to your home page. 
  4. Afrodude's post in upgrade account if paid was marked as the answer   
    @luca.mayo you might want to try this
  5. Afrodude's post in Primary Group Name - Removal in Posts was marked as the answer   
    @DesertIslandFruits maybe this would help 
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