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  1. @Ilya Hoilik hello It's compatible with 4.6 or not? Thanks
  2. Feneroin

    Radical Tags

    It's working fine on my forum using 4.6
  3. Thanks @SeNioR- I can choose Php 7.4 and 8 also. And mysql is 5.5.68 MariaDb. I think, there willn't be a problem
  4. I've been searched the forum but i haven't found the list...
  5. You can add the bugs here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4bugtrack/alpha-and-beta-reports/
  6. It'll be a MAAAAJOOOOR version...v5...in my opinion 😉
  7. in your Google Search Console panel, you can do it easily
  8. I don't think it's Ips. https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/
  9. Thanks @opentype Before v4.5 or v4, facebook was attached automatically an image of topic... However i've seen your plug-in, a question. The image must be attached on topic? Generally i use the image of web. So it'll not work?
  10. 😒 Before, it was taking first topic image and it was better. Now default image and it's not interesting to see same image with different topics on social accounts. We're loosing the hits. .
  11. With 4.6, if we post a link on twitter, it can share first image of topic...or not?
  12. Just a little suggestion about 'Who's Online' For example: Who is Online: 3 Members, 0 Anonymous, 20 Guests If there is no anonymous user, system must hide it automatically like: Who is Online: 3 Members, 20 Guests or if there are only guests on forum: Who is Online: 20 Guests It'll be a little better, right?
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