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  1. I have started with phpBB, then trying vB but not happy and i was lost in their Admin Panel. Tried WBB too, not easy to use also. So i have switched finally to IPB 2.1.6, then i'm all time happy. I have referred my friends for switched to IPB and they have switched too. Easy to use Admin Panel. Great support. And sorry for my bad english. But IPB is best CMS/Forum system! So 4.5 is for when? 😁
  2. +1 I wait a sale for purchasing something...
  3. No. It's outdate in my opinion, since loooongtemps i don't share a thing via email...
  4. Me too but i'm not a active client at the moment, so there must be in 'Client Lounge' i can't access for now. I will renew at start of next month so in a week 🙂 Ok thanks
  5. Hello i wonder if the next major release will be 4.5 or v5? The features? Release dates(betas)(February 2020) ?
  6. I'm Turkish user of IPB since v2.1.6. Used phpBB and vB befor but when i have tried to IPB, i said "waow, this is a quality forum, this forum has a good future!" So Thanks for this good product and i will also purchase PAGES also in March ?
  7. Just compare free and paids themes. You will see difference. Here best themes for IPS: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/
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