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  1. Just a little suggestion about 'Who's Online' For example: Who is Online: 3 Members, 0 Anonymous, 20 Guests If there is no anonymous user, system must hide it automatically like: Who is Online: 3 Members, 20 Guests or if there are only guests on forum: Who is Online: 20 Guests It'll be a little better, right?
  2. As we're on 4.6 now on this board and it's not a really MAJOR MAJOR update, i think end of May or in June lately
  3. @Chris Anderson I don't think therr will be beta version for 4.6 They'll release then if there is a problem, will fix with 4.6.1 and so... They said also 'will be released in a few weeks'
  4. Normally yes...and easily modifiable i think
  5. weeks...Jordan has said so in my opinion at the end of May maybe or i think it'll be released in June... Yes
  6. Wonderful! As i've previously suggested, better than it! And @Jordan Invision your video is very well. No, you! No, video! Oh no, both is super 🤭😅
  7. Ah you explain my situation. Thanks for infos. My images are with url pasting..
  8. There is a setting in Admin Cp? Because the topic i've quoted on my forum has an image also...
  9. I've an idea, i would like to see an image when i paste a topic link as i have attached on image below: It'll be very useful if we can see a little image on topic preview, maybe at right as i've marked on image... Thanks
  10. is IPS think about it for 4.6 or we will have a system like this with 5.0?
  11. Re-welcome and congratulations Jordan
  12. +1 Some other software has started it. Waiting for IPS also Recording and listening directly...
  13. It would be great if you integrate this feature and doing it modifiable by admins. For example: * Congratulations, you've wrote your first message/reply - created your first topic * ...you've wrote your 10th/50th/100th message * ...you've your first like - first liked answer...etc etc etc and notifiable via forum and/or e-mail... also visible on profil under like 'User achievement' tab...
  14. Feneroin

    PHP 8

    Right I have tried to upload a theme manually but it give me an error. Just let you know, when you're working on Php 8, think also upload a theme
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