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  1. is IPS think about it for 4.6 or we will have a system like this with 5.0?
  2. Re-welcome and congratulations Jordan
  3. +1 Some other software has started it. Waiting for IPS also Recording and listening directly...
  4. It would be great if you integrate this feature and doing it modifiable by admins. For example: * Congratulations, you've wrote your first message/reply - created your first topic * ...you've wrote your 10th/50th/100th message * ...you've your first like - first liked answer...etc etc etc and notifiable via forum and/or e-mail... also visible on profil under like 'User achievement' tab...
  5. Feneroin

    PHP 8

    Right I have tried to upload a theme manually but it give me an error. Just let you know, when you're working on Php 8, think also upload a theme
  6. Feneroin

    Radical Tags

    Still same issue And for prouve, this is my review:
  7. Feneroin

    Radical Tags

    Hello, i want to renew but it me show full price instead πŸ™„ @Makoto ?
  8. in Admin Cp we must adding easily other social media account or app Uploading an icon/logo and link of account/app. That's all...
  9. @opentype We've same problem with my topic:
  10. When i see some friends share a topic about their site and an photo/image appear automatically but since IPS v4 we must upload a "Default Share image" and seeing always same image when we share different topics, this is just annoying Before v4, when i share a topic from my forum, there was already an image of every topic but now, no. An image from the topic is better when sharing, This gets more hits. When IPS will change it like before...? πŸ˜’
  11. 4.5.2 is been released πŸ˜‰
  12. Thanks @Matt I'm creating a new forum, so i will pay attention
  13. Hello. It's normal in 4.5 there is no button 'Cancel' when editing? I'm on Beta 11 and i want to editing a topic but something wrong is happened and want to cancel it but there is only one button, no 'cancel'. O i must click on forum title for canceling then re-enter into topic... It's annoying to click on forum or topic title for cancel editing...
  14. I like new default/core theme/design. I like new features too, waiting for a RC or final version to upgrading my forum πŸ‘πŸΌ
  15. Right. Depending my sites' istatistics, mobile user are about more than 70% and increase year by year...
  16. Hello, maybe you can add small icons instead "x replies" and "x views" like on WordPress πŸ‘‡πŸΌ and also maybe you can add a feature with an icon for showing how many times the topic is shared...
  17. But in Grid View... When you switch to normal view, they disappear... In normal forum view, i would like too see πŸ‘‡
  18. A background image per forum I will try @Askancy thanks. @Wishmasters thank you too. But if IPS do this thing in Admin Cp with just clicking and upload an image, it will be wonderful πŸ₯°
  19. I have been looked around Admin Cp but i have found anything. As like i have added the image, it will be possible to add a feature "Background per forum" with a colour or a background image/photo?
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