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  1. I'm Turkish user of IPB since v2.1.6. Used phpBB and vB befor but when i have tried to IPB, i said "waow, this is a quality forum, this forum has a good future!" So Thanks for this good product and i will also purchase PAGES also in March ?
  2. Just compare free and paids themes. You will see difference. Here best themes for IPS: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/
  3. Yes. I will do it with 4.1.16 So no problem wit *.19 ?
  4. And you will see first beta of IPS 5 in early 2020
  5. Beta 7! Released! There will be a RC or after betas, directly final version?
  6. June-July-August are the months of summer ?
  7. Here in France / Strasbourg, today was 38grade Celcius...
  8. and we will be soon on 2nd month of summer ?
  9. 7 Beta 2 RC and 10th will be FINAL version
  10. Spring March-April-May Summer June-July-August Autumn September-October-November Winter December-January-February
  11. We need to use Google Translate? And Php 7.2 or...?
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