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  1. Hi, I have a little problem with the RSS / Atom feed article import system. It matters everything except the image of the items. In the article: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-rss-feed-improvements-r1171/ can see the line I unfortunately do not have the previous setting. thanks a lot for your help
  2. Do you do this work @InvisionHQ? Or tell me how to remove the old version, to install yours please? thank you very much Best regards Bob
  3. Hello, I bought the classified version for my 3.4 forum. I will want to take the new version without losing the ads of the members. I buy the version Classifieds System 1.1 I try the SQL command but I have an error delete from core_applications where app_directory = ‘classifieds’ Unknown column '‘classifieds’' in 'where clause' delete from ibf_core_applications where app_directory = ‘classifieds’ Table 'db499361909.ibf_core_applications' doesn't exist Can you help me please ? thank you very much Best regards Bob
    Hello, Super add;) bravo On the other hand and compatible 4.2? Thank you
  4. Hello, Thank you very much for this quick update now there is no more problem;) P.S: Ah if there is a small problem in the user online: I have just seen that there is also a small problem of style when sharing a link to a blog:
  5. Hello, Thank you for the update however I still have a problem of shifting on an iPhone 7, the first problem comes from the hook Recent topics on the forum: Then when I remove the block I have much less Shift but always a little. thanks a lot for your help
  6. Hello, Great theme bravo !! On the other hand I have a small problem, on the iPhone when one is active the footer can be shifted one can right, the site and not blocked on the movement (left right) by cons when you disable the footer its perfect . As if there is something in the footer too wide. Thank you for your help
  7. Hello, Do you have an approximate car date otherwise I will try to create it myself
    Really a great application that works perfectly! Congratulations! I recommend it !!
  8. Hi everybody, The version for BF4 on IPB4 comes out when? If the version is still in test I can also test it for you Thank you
    It is a great application and in addition the developer is very professional! If you have a problem they will answer you very quickly and with great efficiency I recommend this application to everyone! Amazing !!
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