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  1. I integrated my IP.board forum into an SSO system with my site, using a custom remote comment system but I have encountered a problem with the plugin. When a user enters a link on the forum, the oembed is successfully created with links to the images correctly but when one views the comment via the site, it has a problem with the image url: Example: <div class="externalLinkRichEmbed"> <div class="ipsRichEmbed" style="max-width: 500px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); "> <div class="ipsRichEmbed_masthead ipsRichEmbed_mastheadBg ipsType_center"> &l
  2. 250 cookies this was enough to make me run away from that site. I believe that here people want to have a board full of functions, make it weigh down a lot without thinking that those applications are better as external addons to avoid having an IP.Board really heavy. Hashtags, stories, tiktak embeed does a board really need these things? I think IP.Board has many big shortcomings, but these are just the last on the list. one thing that comes to mind all of a sudden is link cleaning ie, convert a link: https://www.amazon.com/LG-OLED55CXPUA-Alexa-Built-Ultra/dp/B0829RYP8V?pf_rd_r=
  3. I believe that having the reaction in private messages is also useful for saying “I read the message and thank you” or “I don't agree”, cutting the discussion, without having to reply or anything. I had already proposed this thing too, I really hope they will be added
  4. Thank you very much I didn't find it in the marketplace. Really absurd that there is no default this possibility...
  5. To change a user's group, you must switch between administration, why not allow editing the group directly from the user's profile or through his post with the opening of a modal?
  6. haven't tried the BomAe script, but probably the problem is in the display:block of "ipsRichEmbed". if you put display: inline-block; in ipsRichEmbed, it will be enough for ckeditor to put the oembed into a div/p in order to choose its position with the text-align. Hopefully they solve this problem because anyone who uses an oembed for an article in his blog/pages the effect is really bad.
  7. .cForumRow [data-forumid="69"] { background-color: #484a51; background-image: linear-gradient(90deg, #484A51 0%, rgba(72, 74, 81, 0) 32.76%), linear-gradient(150deg, rgba(72, 74, 81, 0) 0%, #484A51 75.28%), url(https://scontent.ccdn.cloud/image/nospoiler/2d57e9c1-0e09-4fdc-9d91-c028f5cc8b97/simpson-1-maxw-1152.jpg); }
  8. when an email notification is sent to me, the oembed image ruins the email layout, Is it possible to limit its size as is done in topic?
  9. I needed to need to attach an article to a topic, only after losing half a day to put it in the middle I gave up... Can you fix this? it is clearly a bug...
  10. Very often when I open a image of marketplace or a topic image, the lightbox opens but when I click on it to see a better detail, another page opens with the image. Given that IP.Suite uses open source resources, why not integrate the light gallery? sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js This plugin allows you to open a series of images in a lightbox, create an autoplay or zoom in images without leaving the page. This plugin is also used by Xenforo and I think it's really useful.
  11. It happened to me on my site too, I was using a DotVPN VPN (Paris, France)
  12. Is it possible to choose the new author before sending the message?
  13. If I create a topic called for example: test' è òà.123 asf ..è+[] the url that IP.Board generates will be: /forum/topic/97-test-è-òà123-asf-è/ But by making a copy and pasting on social networks or telegram, the url will become: /forum/topic/97-test-%C3%A8-%C3%B2%C3%A0123-asf-%C3%A8/ not really a nice url. Is a function already available that allows you to change the accented letters in normal letters? so as to have a url: 97-test-e-oa123-asf-e I've already seen the plugin "Translit URL 1.0.2", It would be nice to have a function that does it all by itself, like Laravel's S
  14. The important thing is that it is quick to deactivate, it will be the first thing I will do in the case of adding... I don't make sense to introduce other on-screen buttons when there are already shortcuts that make your life easier. On PC we have the home button and the scrollbar, I don't think it's hard... On a smartphone, just tap on the top of the screen or quick scroll of the page. For example, on safari (smartphone) I have NEVER used the back button to return to the main page. There are gestures for this and on screen I want as few icons / buttons as possible.
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