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  1. Is there any news? My clients always contact me to tell me that the button to change author has disappeared...
  2. I pose another conundrum, If I purchase your Steam Profile Integration resource, and you decided not to renew the license anymore, I lose the ability to install it since it disappears from the marketplace and I don't have any files locally? Sincerely the file local allows me to analyze the code and implement an IP.board resource with my site in Laravel, just like I did as Custom Links, now everything turns out more machinous. I love Evanto's method, although I hate the fact that if a Developer deletes the resource who bought it lost it, because it was the buyer's job to save
  3. So, we create maybe 5 or more, all licensed nulled and we only buy one license. And as you need support, downloads from the marketplace and updates, you switch your license from forum to forum... If I change domain several times every 6 months, take a break and think about what you really want to accomplish.
  4. You're right, I've seen now and it allows, unfortunately though it doesn't indicate if this is a video or an image, at this point it would be cute/better to have the “play” icon to indicate a media content. Yes, I know, but I never understood why a user should care about the name of the image. I think that goes to break the beauty of the design. Also if one uploads 50 images together, changing name to every single image becomes a huge job, for something that in my opinion shouldn't appear there, at least. In my opinion that be inserted just above “Taken with”, in the lightbox. Or they
  5. I honestly believe that IP.Board is one of the most complete platforms, but unfortunately its additional content (Downloads aside) needs more attention. In Gallery you can also upload videos as well as images, but in every button there is “Insert image”, wouldn't it be better to put “insert media”? (obviously where video content is allowed to load) Whenever a person uploads a video, the video doesn't have any thumbnails, I have no idea if with php you can extrapolate a frame from the video, but I sincerely believe it would take too much. Why not allow a custom thumb to be loaded? M
  6. I do not understand why, to use this function you need to require a thousand approvals (practically impossible to have), while instead IFTTT can publish (even on pages) without any of that... I already imagine that the IPS staff will say that they have integrated Zapier for systems on cloud currently. but we're talking about a paid system... Can't you integrate a system like IFTTT?
  7. I sincerely, if i would be the invision staff, I would also block the download of translations from AdminCP coming from the marketplace. I believe that this new marketplace management is a very useful thing for contributors, although, the market should be accessible as well at testinstall.
  8. Since the new IPB 4.5 Marketplace pushes the user to do everything from the admin instead of switching from InvisionCommunity, in my opinion it's really important to have additional screen elements instead of being flooded with plugins/apps and translations. It would be really useful to have a button/widget to display “My Purchases” so you have a list of everything one owns, from apps, skins and translations. It would also be useful to a wish list, to be able to monitor any offers and support of the developer and since lately they are increasingly publishing Applications with renewals it
  9. Version 1.0.5


    Italiano La traduzione offerta da InvisionITA sarà disponibile gratuitamente per sempre. Tutto il lavoro svolto dalla community Italiana di InvisionPower sarà aggiornato costantemente e non sarà mai offerto a pagamento. La traduzione attualmente presenta alcune parti non tradotte, ma grazie al tuo aiuto e a quello della nostra community, potremmo contare in una traduzione di qualità e sempre aggiornata. Questa traduzione contiene: System Pages Forum Downloads Converter Calendar Blogs Gallery Commerce Mobile App AC
  10. I asked for this as well during a private conversation with @Lindy, since there are purchases and licenses, I believe it is our interest to protect as of our accounts as possible.
  11. i think it would be really useful to have an option to report an image as spoiler/explicit content and hide content with a blur effect or other in thumbnails until you hover over (Steam style) or open content.
  12. I integrated my IP.board forum into an SSO system with my site, using a custom remote comment system but I have encountered a problem with the plugin. When a user enters a link on the forum, the oembed is successfully created with links to the images correctly but when one views the comment via the site, it has a problem with the image url: Example: <div class="externalLinkRichEmbed"> <div class="ipsRichEmbed" style="max-width: 500px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); "> <div class="ipsRichEmbed_masthead ipsRichEmbed_mastheadBg ipsType_center"> &l
  13. 250 cookies this was enough to make me run away from that site. I believe that here people want to have a board full of functions, make it weigh down a lot without thinking that those applications are better as external addons to avoid having an IP.Board really heavy. Hashtags, stories, tiktak embeed does a board really need these things? I think IP.Board has many big shortcomings, but these are just the last on the list. one thing that comes to mind all of a sudden is link cleaning ie, convert a link: https://www.amazon.com/LG-OLED55CXPUA-Alexa-Built-Ultra/dp/B0829RYP8V?pf_rd_r=
  14. I believe that having the reaction in private messages is also useful for saying “I read the message and thank you” or “I don't agree”, cutting the discussion, without having to reply or anything. I had already proposed this thing too, I really hope they will be added
  15. Thank you very much I didn't find it in the marketplace. Really absurd that there is no default this possibility...
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