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  1. For the marketplace, I would have other suggestions. Unfortunately the category of the themes is very confusing, it would be useful to divide the skins from light and dark, so as to go directly to the category concerned, even with some filters. In addition, the modders took the fashion to insert as thumbnails not the skin image but completely useless icons, further complicating the choice it would be really nice to insert mini-galleries to open in lightbox directly in the list, so as to avoid clicks and clicks in the selection... I have attached an image of examples of useless icons in the skin area, which do nothing but confuse and spend time choosing a skin...
  2. Ah, so even push notifications are useless for you? I respect your opinion, but seeing your answer you do not respect our. Have a nice day πŸ™‚
  3. If the footer has important information and an infinity scroll has been installed there is clearly a design problem. In this topic for example, what is the important information in the footer? (which cannot be reached from the homepage, of course)
  4. Hi Matt, thanks for your reply. Honestly in the footer's topic I don't find that there are useful things, only "Recently Browsing" could be useful, But it would also be easily replaceable. In the Discourse forum however, it is easy to reach the footer thanks to the navigation bar on the right, the same thing with nodebb. Perhaps the method used by nodebb avoids having large pages thanks to a particular reload of the page. Otherwise another alternative is to leave the administrators the choice whether to use pagination or infinity scroll, a bit like viewing forums: list, grid or fluid... I believe that for IP.Board the time has come to reinvent pagination. With the release of IP.Board 4.x you have introduced many ajax /jquery actions to see the actions in real time, but the pagination is still 2008 years style...
  5. Why not allow messages to be loaded with infinity scroll avoided the next page? Today I read a topic in a forum with 18 pages, each page had 25 messages, and I thought that if there was an infinity scroll the reading would have been much more pleasant and fluid, even by clicking on the quote. Something already adopted by Discourse and Flarum.
  6. It would be really useful if the administration could send users personalized notifications. With these notifications the administrators can warn users of a change in the regulation, ask the community to vote in a poll or take part in a discussion. With this system it would almost completely replace the newsletters... as well as making the notification system a little more complete
    Magnificent! Is there anything like this for login?
  7. File Name: (ITA) Traduzione "Aiuto" File Submitter: Askancy File Submitted: 21 Oct 2012 File Category: Language Packs Questa traduzione, traduce solo il modulo "HELP", attraverso l'utilizzo di un hook. Nel caso troviate errori nella traduzione, vi invito a utilizzare il tracker di InvisionITA. here to download this file
  8. Using IPB the time of IPB 1.2 and continue to use only IPB!
  9. File Name: Prorange File Submitter: Askancy File Submitted: 06 Dec 2011 File Category: Professional Skins This simple skin was released for free, since it does not have many changes to the template, if you notice errors or other topics in the report it made ​​to resolvethat Click here to download this file
  10. Big changes! the management of the HTML I was able to expand it? ie html to insert even in the subforums and the ability to add different skins for forum/section...
  11. I contacted IPB thought it was a problem with the board saying: Hello I have a big enough problem when my users try to insert an image by clicking on the button, the screen appears "dark" as if there was a glass, so far nothing unusual, insert the link they click ok .. . and remains stuck there ... This kind of glass do not want to disappear! this happens with any button ... it is very annoying because it leads to loss of writing and topic ... And they said it was a problem with the shoutbox ... The forum link is in signature
  12. I bought the issue but I can not download it why? are the user forums Askancy in soft-water
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