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  1. Very often when I open a image of marketplace or a topic image, the lightbox opens but when I click on it to see a better detail, another page opens with the image. Given that IP.Suite uses open source resources, why not integrate the light gallery? sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js This plugin allows you to open a series of images in a lightbox, create an autoplay or zoom in images without leaving the page. This plugin is also used by Xenforo and I think it's really useful.
  2. It happened to me on my site too, I was using a DotVPN VPN (Paris, France)
  3. Is it possible to choose the new author before sending the message?
  4. If I create a topic called for example: test' è òà.123 asf ..è+[] the url that IP.Board generates will be: /forum/topic/97-test-è-òà123-asf-è/ But by making a copy and pasting on social networks or telegram, the url will become: /forum/topic/97-test-%C3%A8-%C3%B2%C3%A0123-asf-%C3%A8/ not really a nice url. Is a function already available that allows you to change the accented letters in normal letters? so as to have a url: 97-test-e-oa123-asf-e I've already seen the plugin "Translit URL 1.0.2", It would be nice to have a function that does it all by itself, like Laravel's Str::slug.
  5. The important thing is that it is quick to deactivate, it will be the first thing I will do in the case of adding... I don't make sense to introduce other on-screen buttons when there are already shortcuts that make your life easier. On PC we have the home button and the scrollbar, I don't think it's hard... On a smartphone, just tap on the top of the screen or quick scroll of the page. For example, on safari (smartphone) I have NEVER used the back button to return to the main page. There are gestures for this and on screen I want as few icons / buttons as possible.
  6. Ban, flag and user validation. That was an example screenshot of users who didn't even validate their email. Even just being able to manage the removal of the ban, it's really slow and could be speeded up with a checkbox with ActionItems. But I have other spam members with verified accounts that I would like to delete but every time I delete one I get sent to the main list.
  7. I find myself having to manage some spam members, only that the procedure is slow, because every action I take is diverted to the user's page. It would be useful to have a checkbox with an actionItems. as already happens in the management of forum threads. In this way it is possible to have a live manage them to signal users spammers and ban without having continuous redirects
  8. I honestly don't like to take users out of the community, already with the arrival of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Telegram, the life of the forums is increasingly difficult. However, the implementation of Telegram with IPS could be useful to notify users in the case of new messages, using it as a sort of push notification, perhaps via an IPS bot.
  9. I believe that eliminating the Email field is a very wrong thing, risks endangering the privacy of users by obliging them with the phone number in addition to breaking ips. If you really want to delete the mail field from the registration, you can hide it and insert a random mail (rand@domain.ext) But how will you do with user and spammer validation?
  10. I believe it is possible to block the increase in reputation for private messages.
  11. Why not extend the reactions even in private messages? Reactions are useful in private messages with multiple users or at the end of a conversation
  12. For the marketplace, I would have other suggestions. Unfortunately the category of the themes is very confusing, it would be useful to divide the skins from light and dark, so as to go directly to the category concerned, even with some filters. In addition, the modders took the fashion to insert as thumbnails not the skin image but completely useless icons, further complicating the choice it would be really nice to insert mini-galleries to open in lightbox directly in the list, so as to avoid clicks and clicks in the selection... I have attached an image of examples of useless icons in the skin area, which do nothing but confuse and spend time choosing a skin...
  13. Ah, so even push notifications are useless for you? I respect your opinion, but seeing your answer you do not respect our. Have a nice day 🙂
  14. If the footer has important information and an infinity scroll has been installed there is clearly a design problem. In this topic for example, what is the important information in the footer? (which cannot be reached from the homepage, of course)
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