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  1. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Very nice indeed - Blogs remain relevant and deserve the love you give them. Well done!
  2. Just a thought about a small cosmetic tweak which some might find appealing. On some forums (and I think a couple of 3rd-party Invision themes) I've seen a function where instead of beneath the forum title, a forum description appears in a small window when the user puts their mouse pointer over the forum name. I, for one, happen to like this quite a bit as it's a unique way of streamlining content on a forums listing page - it doesn't bombard people with text and gives a forums listing a little more dynamic flavour. Seems like a small thing, but I think it's pretty slick and would like to see it as an option someday.
  3. Notices - Supporttopic

    Any ETA on the date field and Notice colour fix?
  4. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    Yeah, I should say very nice work @Mark. Although I think emojis tend to do for human communication what Jim Jones did for kids' flavoured drinks in the 1970s, these updates won't be for me but for my users, and I admire the work you've all put into what looks to be a major update to the suite in terms of platform and social media integration.
  5. Message on Signup Screen

    Very simple, straightforward and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Great work!
  6. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    Not to mention @Kevin Carwile's Points Economy which can be used for, well, pretty much anything...
  7. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    Well, once Oprah is President I'm sure Emoji will be made the official language of the UN.
  8. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    Ok, I get the whole emoji thing....I hate it, but I get it. <opinion>Ahhhh, emoji...after centuries of developing language, we've finally reverted to pictograms and the modern equivalent of cave drawings to express thoughts.</opinion> <opinion2>Using emojis in email subject lines makes one look unprofessional and appears, well, dumb. There. My hat is now on the political arena.</opinion2>
  9. QOTW: Let's talk about music

    late comment I know, but....these days it's Godspeed You! Black Emperor (post-rock pioneers) and Low out of Minnesota, who pretty much began another quasi post-rock genre known as slowcore. @Nathan Explosion the very first show I ever saw was Metallica - opening for WASP and Armored Saint on the "Ride the Lightning" tour. The first big stadium show I ever saw was Iron Maiden on the Powerslave tour (Twisted Sister opening).
  10. 4.3: Automatic Community Moderation

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean here, but you can set this on a group level so that posts from someone in a certain group will appear highlighted in forums. In the AdminCP, check out Members / Groups / Content tab / Viewing / HIghlight replies. I don't use this so I can't remember if it only applies to forums or also to blogs.
  11. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Strange. To get around this I had set the group in question to a maximum of 50 sticky notes/day, which worked. After reading your reply I reset this to Unlimited, saved my changes to the group, and when I tried to send a SM I got the error again: EDIT: This isn't a bug after all...never mind. figured it out - the member in question belonged to a secondary group which for some reason had SN set to 0.
  12. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    A couple of things (I am running 2.1.0): I logged in to a test account in a group which has unlimited ability to send Personal Sticky Notes as per their group. When this test account clicks the "Send Sticky Note" link at the bottom of a forums post to send me a SN, it gets the following error: "You are only allowed to send 0 sticky notes per day. Please try again later." But if I set it to, say, 10 per day, it works. So the "unlimited" option needs some debugging. Also, when the test account manages to send a personal SN, they're bumped back to the main page, which is somewhat irritating - they should be returned to the page they were on when they clicked the "Send Sticky Note" link in my opinion.
  13. Fugazi, "Waiting Room"

    Just reminiscing about all the great punk rock I used to listen to years ago...(and still do, I guess lol). Forget the Bieberites, forget P Diddy, forget Mariah Carey, forget them all... Anyone who has ever heard Fugazi's studio albums knows that they were one of the most influential bands in punk rock....rock in general, I'd wager. Yes, my hat is now in the musical-political arena.
  14. IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    Guess I'm just not cool enough to sit in Starbucks (the universal Apple congregation spot) with a MacBook.....