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  1. Awesome,,,works great. Many thanks for the update. 😁
  2. Couldn't you use a password-protected forum (or password-protected topic, which @Adriano Faria has an app for)?
  3. I've mentioned this before, but I'm hoping a future update will include a somewhat cleaner listing for different databases in the default search interface. As it stands right now, if you have several different databases e.g., one for "learning resources," one for "reviews," one for "articles," another for "entries," and if you use any of these nouns over more than one database (e.g. if you have several different DBs with "articles" on something or other), when you browse the Search in menu it can get rather messy. Moreover, for those of us who use DBs more extensively than others, there is no indication which database one is searching in! That is, if you have three different DBs which have "articles," when you browse Search in all you see are three different options called "Articles" which do not specify which DB that option points to. Might I suggest a more graceful organisational approach to this for DBs, such as something like a "Databases" flyout menu which lists all the "articles," "reviews," "entries" iterations (or whatever) along with the DB name?
  4. Yeah...not that I'm leaping to defend the ghetto that is social media, but that judge is completely out of it where social media is concerned. But wouldn't it be nice if that precedent strangled social media content to the extent that people returned to independent communities which can (theoretically) offer higher quality content?
  5. Well, with regards to "tinfoil-hatty" - ever since I saw that article with pictures of hardware such as routers en route to countries like Pakistan being opened by the NSA so they could plant bugs in them, then send them on their way - and ever since this was admitted to by the NSA - I think anything is possible. With regards to owned communities, one can only hope - but to face facts, the majority of people are lazy and like bright and shiny things and answering 10 questions which tell you what kind of Idaho Wood Spider you are, so...don't hold your breath. But I would like to see more and more owned communities decenter the social libido of the public sphere, which is clearly monopolised by...CORPORATIONS. Yes, obvious, but one should never forget what the implications are for corporations, which can only be counted on to...well, act like corporations. I was never surprised about the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco, nor am I surprised that the NSA, Five-Eyes, or [insert govt. organ here] has access to any and all data on such platforms. You have to be a true believer in 1990s-era "Internet means global democracy" naivete and euphoria to think otherwise. I can't help but wonder if these things move in some sort of dialectical rhythm (Jung called it enantiodromia)whereby things transform into their opposites (and back again)...everything gets concentrated in select corporations, there is a "revolution" of sorts where this power is dispersed and decentered, only to swing back around again...who knows? </political crank> 🙂
  6. I think it would be nice if admins were able to configure the suite to email reminders to people that they have unread PMs, e.g., if they have PMs x days/weeks old which haven't been read, then send a reminder which would be repeated X times (so a reasonable non-spamming limit could be specified). In addition, this could be limited/configured by group (or even perhaps by specific member for situations requiring more granularity). As a bonus, it would be even nicer to be able to use tokens to customise the notifications, e.g., "You have unread PMs from <member>." (lol...tried using square brackets and it doesn't show). A lot of people seem to rely pretty heavily on the PM system (including myself), so I think this would be a nice feature to have. It would obviously be preferable to have this as part of the core suite, but perhaps some ambitious third-party developer wants to think about this....
  7. @Kevin Carwile, since you're the guy for this app now: are plans still in the works to extend this app's full functionality to blogs, pages, and other Invision components? Pretty close to buyin this app but would like to know if this is planned. Thanks!
  8. Hmm...ok: I retried embedding a link on my dev site and it worked. I suppose there was something going on with the connection and fetching the embed information or something. 🤔
  9. Ok, so I just upgraded my test/development site to 4.4 and I think it's broken External Link Rich Embed. After I upgraded I noticed that a previously embedded link had broken, so I tried posting another link (from Wikipedia). The link doesn't embed, and it doesn't post as a clickable link either - it only shows up in a blue font. When I disable the plugin, the link shows up properly.
  10. I think clearing the cache helped. Not sure what I was doing before...thanks though. 🙂
  11. First of all, thank you for making such a valuable plugin available for free! 🙂 One thing I've noticed, at least when making a custom HTML block: if you create a block with a Widget Title, then decide you don't want the title to be displayed on the page and go back and delete it, the delete doesn't work - the title still shows in the widget on the page even though the Widget Title field is now blank.
  12. If it makes you feel better I'd be happy to offer you an interest free loan of up to $100,000, no credit history required. All I need is your credit card details sent to my website at http://wtfomgloleduardossalsaparlorandchainsawrepair.io.mx.co.ec.me.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by this. You can already Follow blogs, but do you mean you only want to follow poster X when they post in blog Y? You might want to consider making a custom Activity Feed; it's not as convenient, but you might be able to do it that way.
  14. I'm only laughing at your post because, yes, I (and a couple of others) have been loudly requesting categories for blogs for AGES. So far, no response whatsoever from Invision. Hellooooo, Invision?
  15. Hey @Adriano Faria, Ok, so I don't own this app but reading its description gave me an idea: what about an app which allows you to develop and send out canned EMAILS from the IP suite (e.g. its donotreply automatically-generated email address)? For instance, as a tutor I'd like to be able to send out a canned email which notifies a client they still have to pay for an upcoming session, reminders, and so forth. Not sure if anyone else has asked for this, but it might be useful to others.
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