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  1. CPanel vs Cloud Hosting

    I'm certainly not even close to being tech guru, I am nevertheless wary of "the cloud." I have a Cpanel/WHM VPS setup and I really like having my own space...ok, yes, I know it's not really any more of "my own space" than a site on the cloud, but I like learning about how my server works as well. I'm also fortunate enough to have a great VPS provider who not only updates things for me but is also very patient with my questions and understands that I like learning what I can about what they do. Moreover, there's also the question of whether or not you want to dabble with apps outside the Invision CMS. Again, I'm not in the know re: how open cloud services are, but with my own VPS I can install and experiment with any number of apps which may fall outside the boundaries of the Invision software.
  2. Reactions +2 reputation?

    This is a great idea, and one that I hinted at long ago in some post I've drunk too much wine right now to remember. In short, I think it would be a great idea to have an option to give a given post or insight more than 1 reputation point if it reflects a somehow exceptional idea that gives some great insight as to where a given website should evolve, or at least shows that a given member is really interested in the community and wants to generate discussion or ideas.
  3. I might move back to IPS

    Been a client since 2009, never looked back. In fact, when I purchased IPS I didn't even have a crystal clear idea of what kind of site I wanted - but the evolution of the software helped generate ideas for me and helped me develop my site into a miniature geekdom which is nevertheless open to everyone. My only (very minor) gripe is that the majority of people here don't seem to know that General Chit Chat is NOT for posting how-tos or asking for technical support...
  4. For Fluid view, I was just wondering if it was possible to add another option under (or above?) the main forums list allowing users to instantly filter to all of their Followed forums threads? That might be convenient for users who don't feel like browsing to their Manage Followed Content screens and then scrolling down to Topics.
  5. More Clubs stuff!

    Indeed...Rome wasn't built in a day.
  6. I think that Announcements should be made more prominent wherever they're featured - maybe a darker, shaded box or even better, the ability to set an outline colour for Announcements so people can see them a bit more clearly? And instead of clicking the Announcement header to go to a separate screen, where the abridged Announcement is shown somewhat clumsily above the full Announcement content, what if it popped up in its own window (with the main site shaded in the background) so the user could read the announcement and then return to wherever s/he was on the site? ...and maybe, at the end of the abridged announcement, a "click more" or "read more" link?
  7. I might move back to IPS

    Welcome back to the light side of the Force, young Jedi.
  8. Modifying "You have received a message"

    @AndyF Does this also cover digest emails? If not, could you kindly show us what/how to modify those with the same message? EDIT: it obviously doesn't cover digest emails now that I look at the template list . But some help on incorporating this message into those emails would be great.
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Sorry...don't want to hijack this thread either, but: I disabled ABP on Firefox (Windows 7), tried again, and it wouldn't even finish uploading my images according to the UL meter. Maybe it would work with a different OS, although I can't imagine what difference that would make.
  10. Thinking of buying IPS

    @HiddenNinja, Welcome! Have you tried out the free demo yet? Sign up for free and get a test site where you can see how everything works - including the Manage Blocks option, which is an arrow at the left-hand side of the site screen you see when you're logged in as Admin, and which lets you drag and drop content blocks right into your page.
  11. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I just tried this site and it wouldn't work with a single image I uploaded. The main screen just spun and stopped.
  12. Modifying "You have received a message"

    Regardless of whether or not one clicks either Template Name, Apps or neither, the searches I mentioned above just don't show up. I tried yours however, and they show up just fine. At any rate, I'll submit this as a ticket and get someone to check it out.
  13. Modifying "You have received a message"

    @AndyF Thanks for this information. Although on checking this out I notice the following: Unless I'm missing something, the alphabetical ordering toggle for Template Name doesn't seem to work. If clicking the Template Name title bar is meant to toggle ascending/descending sort order, it simply doesn't do that - some related items are grouped together (which is normal), but there's no sort order at all. The Search: Template Name search field doesn't seem to work either. For example: if, to reach either of the templates you specify above, I enter "user was added" or "new private," I assume the list should filter to include all related template names. However, the search always returns an empty list. Ditto if you try wildcards, e.g. "user was added*". @Jason Back good question. In fact, I wonder if it wouldn't be useful to have a function whereby admins could send themselves test copies of altered emails (to the site admin account for example) so they could see how their changes look before making them live to the site?
  14. Need lawyer , help please

    Is it possible to appeal the ruling?
  15. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Oh you dreamer you Mid-2017 eh? I propose that for every day past June 1 that 4.2 remains unreleased that IPS pay me thirty dollars. That'll teach IPS to version-tease!