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  1. This deserves a bump. I'd love to see a native Categories functionality for Clubs. The very fact that they can be used for so many different things begs for this functionality! All respect to thejackal's work (I have purchased several of his apps and am happy with them), IMO this is essential to have baked in to the native framework without having to pay a subscription/renewal fee (especially since according to one of thejackal's own posts the new framework seems to be creating issues for the third-party creation of categories).
  2. So this file is not currently available for purchase. Is there an issue with it according to IPS? Can you provide an update as to whether or not there will be an update for this app? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I'll check it out. And for some reason I need that line in my custom.css in order to remove the commas on my test install (which is a fresh 4.5.3), but the line works so no issues there. 👍
  4. Did you try forcing a fresh page reload (CTRL+F5) and/or clearing your browser's cache(s)? Apart from making sure your browsers are completely up-to-date that's about all I can offer.
  5. @marco2306I'm having the same problem after a clean install on 4.5.3. Try using Firefox - I can click the pencil and edit the ticker with Firefox, but not with any other browser it seems (I've tried Edge, Chrome, and Brave as well, the most recent browser versions on two different computers).
  6. Oh, I meant this fix (above): This got rid of the commas in the list, but online users are still displaying twice.
  7. Hey @Adriano Faria, I'm running this plugin on 4.5.3. I implemented the code fix you suggested to me a while back (above) to get rid of the comma, but for some reason online users display twice:
  8. OK, so I was told by a developer that IPS plans to discontinue custom button management for CKEditor. 😞 I know there's a rationale behind this from the IPS side of things, but this poses a problem for myself and, I suspect, several other uses here who operate more "writerly" sites - sites that realise they aren't WordPress but would still like functionality to format text and sections in an article, blog post, even a forums post beyond the barebones CKEditor configuration. So my question/plea is: if what I'm hearing is accurate, could IPS please please consider a viable and flexible
  9. Hi Adriano...any news on an updated version for 4.5.x?
  10. Hello, I think it would be a great idea to have notifications for new content in Club components, e.g., Forums, Blogs, FIles, etc. - exactly like the PM notification. It could list the number of new content items in said component, or (easier?) perhaps just a red dot or mini explosion icon or dare I say.....admin configurable? Either way, I think it would be a great way of showing people who splash down in a Club there's new content and where it is. Just a small icon in the top right of the component's button in the Club menu. Thanks!
  11. I don't know if I'm late to the party on this and it's already been mentioned, but: I'd really, really like to be able to create file categories (which function like sub/folders) to organise Club files.
  12. Great ideas which do lots to underscore the value that forums can bring in the age of quick-fix social media. Thanks Invision! 👍
  13. Cool! I'd still really like to see notifications sent to members who have unread PMs (after x amount of msgs. accumulate, or if left unread after X amount of time - you get the idea), whether user or admin-confgured. But these are some great improvements! 👍
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