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  1. I'm beginning to use the Invoice feature in a more meaningful way, and find it disappointing that site owners are unable to set their own invoice code numbers. Yes, there is the PO number, but what I don't understand is why it's editable by customers/clients? What would be the point of that if you want to assign invoice codes for your own records? If there is some other reason why customers/clients are able to edit the notes and PO number, I'd love to hear it because frankly it doesn't make sense to me that I, as site owner, cannot set an internal invoice code/ID which cannot be touched by the customer (not to mention notes). Am I missing something?
  2. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    I suppose I could, but for me the point is that they make the one-time acceptance of the terms. A checkbox can be unchecked, and it doesn't make sense to send through a form with the acceptance of the terms unchecked.
  3. liquidfractal

    css errors on mobile

    You might want to submit a support ticket to get this checked out if you think it's a bug.
  4. liquidfractal

    yeah, Calendar...

    Ok, so maybe Calendar isn't the sexist module and topic of conversation, but I think it needs some lovin' and I have some good (I hope) ideas to improve it: the ability to add custom blocks to individual Calendar pages: right now, if you add, say, a custom text block to a Calendar, it shows up on every calendar viewed. I have a Tutor Availability Calendar and I want an information block stating that it's a rough guide only, all dates and times are in Melbourne, Australia timezone, etc. etc. Well and good, but this block appears on every calendar page (including Clubs Calendars! ) when it ideally should only be viewable when users are viewing the Tutor Availability Calendar (and not, say, the Community Calendar). Not even with Kevin Carwile's mighty Advanced Path Aliases app might I do this thing, ye gods... How about the ability to post an event across multiple calendars at once? I've said this before, but how about the ability to prune events in a given time period, e.g. the month of April, from March 14-April 7, etc? the ability to drag and drop events (individual or events over several days) to different times to copy/move them would also be pretty sweet. When you click Create Event, if the default start time is supposed to be 12am of the day you're on, then I'm not sure the app syncs with the server time. Example: I'm on Melbourne Australia time, which right now is 25 May 2018 7:20am. I click Create Event, and the default time is 24 May 12am (although, fun fact: when you click the Start date field to get the little pop-up calendar, that calendar does show the current day (25) according to my server time, which is set to Melbourne). Not a really big deal, but thought I'd point it out.
  5. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    Also wondering why there isn't an ability to make radio buttons REQUIRED? Ideally, I want a single radio button for accepting site terms of service, which is required to click in order to move forward (not a YES/NO pair). But there's no way to make it required.
  6. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    You da man, @TAMAN - thanks!
  7. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    And would it be possible to hide the "Show Forms" button on a permissions basis? It can look rather clumsy and unprofessional when it's exposed to guests and you want to direct them to forms only off of certain pages.
  8. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    Would is also be possible to add a "Time of Day" field to allow people who fill out a form to specify a time or time range, e.g. 10:30am, 1:30pm-3pm etc?
  9. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Ok, so I am hoping again there is some custom CSS I can use to change the appearance of the user Settings panel and/or the Fluid Forum view. Right now I have customised the ipsMenu background and background hover options, which works for the main page menu, but since the same attribute is used for user Settings panel: and the Fluid Forums view panel: I need to customise - if I had to choose one I need to customise the Fluid Forums view to suit the rest of the page. In fact, the coliour scheme of the original IPS theme would be perfect in that specific case. thanks in advance for your help!
  10. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Hi @TAMAN, One small thing I did notice: the issue I had before with Firefox regarding the slider shading extending into the menu seems to have returned. The original issue was here: I have the same issue again, and as before only with Firefox.
  11. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    The only thing I did notice was that the front menu main bar's colour changed as well as the option hover colour (which is now red), but that's not really a big issue. Other than that all good...thanks!
  12. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Thanks for the patch @TAMAN - worked fine. And for some reason the background issue worked itself out even though it didn't when I cleared the cache and CTRL-F5ed myself into oblivion (had disabled the background picker from the start). But hey - if it 'aint broke don't fix it. Just let me clarify - I wasn't directing that at you personally; I was more expressing the fact that I felt cursed because everything seemed to glitch up (and yes, as you say shT happens!) right when I was preparing the site for research groups and a few clients and everything happened at exactly the wrong time. Just exasperated at that moment, that's all. I continue to appreciate the fine work you do on the theme, and apologies for any misunderstanding of what I said.
  13. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Ok I just upgraded to 4.2.2 and a bunch of things are broken. I followed EXACTLY the directions to upgrade without losing customisations: I deleted the two CSS files indicated and then Uploaded a New Version. - can't set background image, even with your Background Picker - there used to be an option where menu options were condensed into a "MORE" option at the right the use could click. Now I get this: and I have to rearrange the entire menu to get rid of these spilled-out options. As I mentioned before, teh Fluid View forums view has NOT been fixed (You can also see the terrrible top menu situation) And the previous option (below) has NOT been solved: It's getting so that I'm afraid to update this theme because something ALWAYS breaks.
  14. liquidfractal

    Custom FURLs for Clubs features please?

    @Joel R @AlexWright thanks for the reminder. I had actually looked into using just that a little while ago, but found myself wanting some documentation on it. Now that I've had some time to tinker, I'm good on everything except the auto-fURL generating rules. This said - and not to diss Kevin's great apps - native functionality is theoretically better than 3rd-party in my opinion. But hey - this works.
  15. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    I'm really liking the Forms application so far, but a couple of observations/suggestions: Could there be an option to include the field description just above the title? In the following example: the address description ("Your address") is much too far below the field. Being able to include this just above the title instead would make more sense. Right now, the presentation of fields in the Forms is rather linear. Would it be possible to make more use of the on-screen real estate and, for example, allow more than one column for a list of checkbox options? So if you have a list of checkbox options that looks like X X X X X X X You could instead have something like: X X X X X X X X X X X X ? Thanks!