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  1. Hello, I think it would be a great idea to have notifications for new content in Club components, e.g., Forums, Blogs, FIles, etc. - exactly like the PM notification. It could list the number of new content items in said component, or (easier?) perhaps just a red dot or mini explosion icon or dare I say.....admin configurable? Either way, I think it would be a great way of showing people who splash down in a Club there's new content and where it is. Just a small icon in the top right of the component's button in the Club menu. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if I'm late to the party on this and it's already been mentioned, but: I'd really, really like to be able to create file categories (which function like sub/folders) to organise Club files.
  3. Great ideas which do lots to underscore the value that forums can bring in the age of quick-fix social media. Thanks Invision! 👍
  4. Cool! I'd still really like to see notifications sent to members who have unread PMs (after x amount of msgs. accumulate, or if left unread after X amount of time - you get the idea), whether user or admin-confgured. But these are some great improvements! 👍
  5. I do back up my invoices regularly and keep them elsewhere, but when dealing with users on the website it's obviously far, far more convenient to have the information at-hand when logged in to the adminCP. Your privacy points are well-taken, although I'd assume (following Brandon) that keeping the user name in this case (for followup, customer service etc) would be a perfectly legitimate reason (especially since the address and other information is kept on the invoice when the name is deleted). But I don't claim to be an expert on GDPR.
  6. More great additions to the suite! Not to make lives difficult or to sound ungrateful, but I wonder if opening from the top/going to newest comment/going to latest comments I haven't read shouldn't be a per-thread choice? If I'm revisiting a thread I'm heavily engaged in, maybe I just want to see all the newest comments (kudos to whoever had the great idea of filtering for only unread posts!); if it's a new thread I don't know much about, maybe I want to start at the top. Would this be possible using a quick filter button by the thread title or something? Anyway, just thinking out
  7. I've noticed that if members on one's site purchase services and invoices are generated for them, if those members' accounts are deleted then the member's name disappears from not only the invoice listing, but also from the generated printable version of the invoice itself! So when you go to print an invoice or save it as PDF from the Invoice screen, all you have is an address without a name. My two cents: this is a bad idea. Could we please keep the original member name on invoices which have already been generated before the member's account was deleted, even if it doesn't link to any
  8. This is a great feature which makes it so much easier to add visual flavour to content. Thank you, Invision 🤗
  9. I plan to expand my use of Clubs ("Spaces" on my site) so that clients who need tuition or mentoring over a longer period can have a private space with multimedia galleries, a writing blog, and a versioned file storage space for essays etc. But because I also use Spaces for academic reading groups my only setback is that I really, REALLY need categories for Clubs so that I can organise things, as different classes of student use the same resources independently of each other. So, yes....great additions, and I'm looking forward to them. But hey - you wanna see me reach for a cigarett
  10. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this or not, but: I have discovered a somewhat obscure glitch when using AF and sharing Gallery items to Facebook: If you want to share a Gallery image to FB if you have AF installed, it must have a description. If you try to share an image which doesn't have a description (just title and user comments etc.) AF seems to interfere; one of the blocks' text content appears where the description should. I disabled AF and was able to share description-less images without problem.
  11. Thanks Adriano! I assume this new version effectively replaces the Auto Follow Club plugin?
  12. Thanks for that. I had always assumed the "support ticket" system was generically different and incompatible, but I'll look into it. 🙂
  13. I hadn't thought of that. My dialogues with my clients can get pretty detailed (which is where the mouse-swipe-and-quote feature of the forums really shines), and my clients often attach files, so I assumed that the Support ticket system wasn't design for that sort of robustness.
  14. Thanks for your response Daniel. Yeah, I am involved in active dialogue with all of my clients; I had originally tried your suggestion but it didn't suit my needs, and @jair101 that's an interesting idea, but yes, I'll be making multiple threads. In fact, Clubs may also offer my clients some added functions they may use to their advantage. So yes, I'll be creating Clubs for each of my clients. Is this the time to inquire about getting a categories option for clubs in a future version so different kinds of Clubs (i.e. group/client) can be organised separately? 😉
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