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  1. liquidfractal

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    Couldn't agree more with your description of FB and your statement re: people needing something more fulfilling. But I think the challenge is reconceiving or re-presenting the medium to acommodate that desire for added depth. My fear is that, just as McDonalds restaurants deliberately style their sit-down areas so that you spend as little time as possible eating and then leave, most of the Internet has become subsumed into the quick-fix surface-play psychology which now defines so much of the quotidian (with the irony that, unlike McDs, they want people to stay as long as possible, especially on clickbait sites). Whether deliberate or not, Google enables this with their shift to privilege mobile pages in search results. Most people will simply take the word of the Google that be because, well, they want customers and money. But that won't do anything to stifle the trend.
  2. liquidfractal

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    Although I have a VPS, and every price I've seen for a managed VPS is cheaper than an analogous cloud storage account. PS #OhNoNotAnotherForumsAreDeadThread 😊
  3. liquidfractal

    Categories for clubs

    Well, if Invision won't add Categories there are always the CLubs Enhancements or Improved Clubs marketplace apps....which, as I understand it, are to be merged into one. Any information on this? I am contemplating moving away from Collabs due to the ridiculously low and flippant level of support and would love to see this additional functionality.
  4. Categories for invoices would be really handy, as being able to organise invoices by client, organisation, or [insert reason here] is a far superior and more professional approach than simply listing them as an amorphous mass. Searching functionality is good, yes, but being able to impose one's own intuitive sense of organisation to records as crucial as invoices would be a benefit.
  5. Bumping this, as I think it's kinda important for all a client's purchases to be visible at a glance.
  6. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    I just tried making a copy of an existing Form and it copied across, but without any of the fields from the old one. Is this intentional? If I can't copy across the fields as well in order to edit/rename them there doesn't seem to be much point in copying a Form. Ok, just saw that you can copy each field across to different forms, but that seems an awful lot of work to duplicate an entire Form. Perhaps an option to copy an entire form w/fields across (or at least a checkbox select/Select All option for fields in a given form)?
  7. liquidfractal

    Ummm... Microsoft

    The full name of the extension is "PrintFriendly and PDF" by PrintFriendly - that should be enough for you to find it. And I know what you mean..just when I'm getting more clients and getting read to push forward with promo I can't find settings on my site, apps are conflicting, my printer won't save the time and date when I power it on which means I have to keep hitting 1s and 2s just to get rid of the menu so I can start scanning/printing...and we've been without a BluRay player for about a year since our universal format player bit the dust (I have a lot of BD from Canada so this is an issue for me)...just no time to go shopping lol...my old legacy CreativeLabs Titanium soundcard is on its last legs only because there is one Win10 driver and no more, and I'm still running a good old-fashioned 1GB videocard... I know a couple of people who say certain planetary alignments wreak havoc with technology....I used to disbelieve that but I've worked too much with technology to trust it too much...who knows?
  8. liquidfractal

    Ummm... Microsoft

    Yeah, I use IE for email but really nothing else, and definitely no sites with multimedia code (including my own). One of the things I dislike about Edge (and with Vivaldi to a lesser extent) is the new loading process where there is no continually visible progress meter or circle icon of any kind...sometimes I don't know if the page is just taking longer than usual to load or if things have stuffed up somewhere along the line. That said, one redeeming feature about Edge is there's a really good plugin called PrintFriendly which will print pages and allow you to delete individual non-print-friendly segments before you print (although maybe it's available for other browsers). You'd probably find that once you start using another browser you'll get used to it before too long.
  9. liquidfractal

    Ummm... Microsoft

    Yeah, the only reason I stick with Windows is because I don't have the time to deal with switching an OS and worrying about app availability etc. Although every time Microsoft promotes IE and especially Edge they do make me giggle, as they are the worst browsers on the planet and Microsoft keeps trying to make the Internet over in its own image, which is at least 5 years behind the times. That, and lobotimised monkeys could give better "Customer Support," which seems to be of the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V school of documentation. For every single palpable issue I've had with Windows 10 my answers have come from somewhere other than the Microsoft Support site. Oh, that felt good...
  10. liquidfractal

    PM member directly from adminCP?

    So it does. Thank you @DawPi!
  11. Could we add an option to PM the user from their adminCP page? It saves having to view the site, find the Member profile and then click Message from there.
  12. liquidfractal

    Change Post Author - IP.Board 4.x

    I just purchased this plugin and am using it on IPS 4.3.5. Works like a charm. I do have a couple of (minor?) suggestions: Would it be possible to have an option to email/PM the new topic/post owner to let them know that authorship of whatever has been attributed to them? Would it be possible to filter for possible authors, e.g. not list authors who don't have permission to post/view the given forum or topic? It might help idiot-proof things in case an admin fat-fingers the menu and accidentally choose the wrong author. Other than that it works great...thanks!
  13. liquidfractal

    Change Post Author

    Great plugin. Does exactly what it's supposed to with easy installation and a clean, straightforward interface.
  14. liquidfractal

    Clubs Enhancements

    Could you give some more information about this? I currently have Clubs Enhancements and am wondering why you don't release one Improved/Enhanced Clubs app. I don't particularly want to pay twice for something with the same features, so will you be offering a deal for those who already own Clubs Enhancements to purchase the unified app?
  15. liquidfractal

    First impressions of IPS Forums

    Thanks, @cfish, for a thoughtful and intelligent review.