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  1. Well, I just recreated my button configuration so this time around I don't see a point. But it does appear as if something at least resets the CKEditor to its default configuration not only with stated editor updates (which I understand), but with other updates. I guess I'll just keep an eye on it next update and submit a ticket if it happens again.
  2. I have no idea why CKEditor was very recently updated with IPS again, but I just realised I lost all my custom buttons and toolbar setups. I know some people here will say it's my fault for customising (not that there were many), but it eludes me why it had to be updated again so soon. [Grumbles about IPS needing an editor button managment system...] EDIT: Ok, it seems as if the CKEditor version is listed as the same in the Add Button screen....but the last update toasted my editor button configuration (not only custom buttons but also my toolbar layout) and I have no. idea. why. 😲
  3. I agree...this would make the application a lot more customisable and powerful. I also notice that when you create a Notice which is, say, fixed position on a screen that you aren't able to edit it to be a floating or transparent Notice - you have to re-create the Notice. Was this intended? It would be nice to be able to make those edits instead of copying the Notice into a new Notice.
  4. It's hard enough to find any sort of love in this world without worrying about plumbing, preference, or perception...congratulations on a happy partnership and best wishes for TrevorSpace in the future. 👍
  5. It isn't truly politically correct until it acquires its own hashtag...😋 You can even change this if you want with Kevin Carwile's Advanced path Aliasing app. There is a free version which supports IIRC up to 50 aliases, so you could use this to easily change the main URL from "forums" to "discussions."
  6. Agreed. It would be really nice to be able to specify a list of pages (or apps) exempt from advertisements. For example, if I wanted ads in forums and blogs views but not in galleries, or if I wanted website.com/VIP/home ad-free as opposed to Member homepages, etc. It also seems as if there can be only one ad in a given location. It would be nice, for example, to be able to put two ads in the sidebar and determine their order without having to mess about with custom locations in templates.
  7. My culture is academic and scholarly, so I've never had a problem with the concept of "forums"...especially since the discussions we have (when you can get academics together on a website long enough 🙄) could never be seriously carried on in Facebook groups or anything of the kind. Likewise for teaching and tutoring academic writing, critical thinking and English - the ways in which forums allow you to excerpt ("quote") and analyse specific parts of an argument or debate win the day as far as collaboration goes. Forums are key to creating meaningful exchanges which can be revisited and amplified by students and educators alike - especially when more recent functionality allows them to be appended to other content such as Articles. Not one of my students or other clients has ever had a problem with "forums."
  8. OK, I'll PM you login details - if you could take a look that would be great.
  9. I've tested this on a development site with 4.4.1 and everything seems to be working fine, but I'll leave it to you to see if there's a need for an updated version. 👍
  10. Hi @opentype, I've just installed the most recent version of SuperList on a test install of 4.4.1. I have 6 items so there's a carousel view, but as you can see there are some problems: As you can see the descriptive text spills outside the List Item boxes. I saw this issue from another user and you said it might be due to "very bad test strings" or something; I originally copy/pasted LOrem Ipsum but then replaced that with a couple of simple sentences, but no matter what I do the text still messes things up. Moreover - and it might be because of the text issue - the carousel doesn't work. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  11. Hi @HeadStand, I confess I've had Newsletters for some time but I haven't had time to tinker with it until now. 🙄 I'm trying to create a newsletter for a Club. When I add the Newsletter as a feature, I can configure everything in the tabs except when I get to the Included Content tab, there's nothing selectable there and I can't create the Newsletter as a result. The docs say that "The final tab, Included Content, lists all content that was configured in the ACP by the Administrator." Am I missing something? EDIT: sorry....missed part of the documentation so I'll check that out....sorry!
  12. If you check the Invision website (can't remember where, but off the homepage), you'll see that Invision has large clients like Sega, Lego, and others. Other sites have millions of users. Pretty sure your businesses are safe with Invision software. 😎
  13. Just FYI, I'm testing the current version of Keywords with IPB 4.4.1. So far things seem to work but I do get some theme-related errors like the following: This happens on my custom and default themes when trying to view a keyword, so keywords at present cannot be viewed (but they do appear in forums etc).
    A great app which is absolutely necessary if you want complete control over how your site is organised and how your URLs look...and if you want search engines to be nice to your site. Recommended.
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