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  1. Thanks Adriano! I assume this new version effectively replaces the Auto Follow Club plugin?
  2. Thanks for that. I had always assumed the "support ticket" system was generically different and incompatible, but I'll look into it. 🙂
  3. I hadn't thought of that. My dialogues with my clients can get pretty detailed (which is where the mouse-swipe-and-quote feature of the forums really shines), and my clients often attach files, so I assumed that the Support ticket system wasn't design for that sort of robustness.
  4. Thanks for your response Daniel. Yeah, I am involved in active dialogue with all of my clients; I had originally tried your suggestion but it didn't suit my needs, and @jair101 that's an interesting idea, but yes, I'll be making multiple threads. In fact, Clubs may also offer my clients some added functions they may use to their advantage. So yes, I'll be creating Clubs for each of my clients. Is this the time to inquire about getting a categories option for clubs in a future version so different kinds of Clubs (i.e. group/client) can be organised separately? 😉
  5. I want to vent my frustrations at the problems I see in the Invision platform with creating operational private forums. I currently have a forums category where each client has a "private" forum where they and I can interact in detail on projects. At first, these forums were password-protected so that only the client and myself could access the forum. The big problem with password-protected forums, however, is that new reply notification, while enabled, is non-functional - even if you set new reply notification on a thread in a private forum, notifications will not be sent. After some time attempting to troubleshoot this, I submitted a support ticket asking whether this was intentional or an oversight, and was told that it was indeed intentional. I asked why, and the answer Support gave me was something along the lines of: if the password were changed, then people would get notifications for a forum they couldn't access (I'd include the quote I got from Support anonymously, but the new Support system seems to have toasted my past ticket submissions 🤔). This makes no sense to me - a responsible admin would, well, you know, tell the new password to those who needed to know it! The only way out of all this seems to be to create each client as a separate Member group, then order forum permissions around that, which is time-consuming and cumbersome. Soooo, I currently have a forums category with permissions set for the client group only - this is not a perfect solution, as clients can freely browse other client forums, which I really do not want just on principle. Unless I'm missing something, I think this is a serious design flaw which IMHO was justified using rather dubious logic. Thoughts? Just thinking out loud, but would it be possible to create an app which would allow for fully-enabled and completely private forums without creating each client as a member group?
  6. Dig it, baby....dig it. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3urGzLnJiC/ (I hear his #1 request is "Ace of Spades" 😁)
  7. LOL yeah got that at last...thank you! 😀
  8. OK, but I have no option to download - only the $30 purchase button. Am I missing something?
  9. So wait a second...since I have Clubs Enhancements do I have to apply for a discount or something? I don't have a download option - only purchase. NVM....read the original message. 😄 Will PM you.
  10. I've been wrestling for a little while now with the lack of granularity in the existing notifications system. For those of us who run businesses online, it would be nice to set weekly digests for general forum-related matters, but be able to have instant notifications for groups of, say, paying clients or students who have questions and issues they post in private forums which need to be addressed sooner (or right away) rather than later. E.g., it would be nice to set weekly digests for everyone but instant notifications for new content from member group X. I understand this could get unwieldy if one tries to create new notification schemes for every group, but hopefully I'm getting the point across, e.g. that some of us have priority groups who have paid to have a more direct line to my/our services. 😁
  11. This is a great idea and I'm interested, but since my site is academic/educational I'm wondering if there is a choice as to what games are on the platform? I mean I'm sure there's choice, but I'm more inclined to have word and brain games on my site instead of arcade games.
  12. @Rikki made a dark theme for the core suite some time ago if I'm not mistaken. Not sure if it's been recently updated though.
  13. Awesome,,,works great. Many thanks for the update. 😁
  14. Couldn't you use a password-protected forum (or password-protected topic, which @Adriano Faria has an app for)?
  15. I've mentioned this before, but I'm hoping a future update will include a somewhat cleaner listing for different databases in the default search interface. As it stands right now, if you have several different databases e.g., one for "learning resources," one for "reviews," one for "articles," another for "entries," and if you use any of these nouns over more than one database (e.g. if you have several different DBs with "articles" on something or other), when you browse the Search in menu it can get rather messy. Moreover, for those of us who use DBs more extensively than others, there is no indication which database one is searching in! That is, if you have three different DBs which have "articles," when you browse Search in all you see are three different options called "Articles" which do not specify which DB that option points to. Might I suggest a more graceful organisational approach to this for DBs, such as something like a "Databases" flyout menu which lists all the "articles," "reviews," "entries" iterations (or whatever) along with the DB name?
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