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  1. liquidfractal

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    You forgot the last stage: Add 12 more teaser blog entries, then divide the lot by the square root of -1 with the constant "under development." 😉
  2. liquidfractal

    Calendar: delete single instance of repeating event?

    @Adriano Faria not even sure it's exactly a "bug" now so much as a limit in IPS functionality. Support told me that deleting only one instance of a repeating event is not possible at this time because only one database instance is created for the event. Very limiting.
  3. liquidfractal

    Feedback on Clubs

    Although I continue to use Collabs, every single atheist on this planet will witness the Rapture before you get honest to god support from Kevin beyond the "what, you aren't a developer!??" insinuations. There are piles of sugestions on ipsguru.com for several of his apps which are simply ignored, and have been for over a year.
  4. So another thing I'd personally like to see in Calendar: If you have a recurring event which is, say, every Thursday from 3-4pm, and something comes up one week which leads you to want to delete a single occurrence of that event for only one week, there's no way to do that without deleting the entire event from every week and having to re-add it. Can this be fixed/updated? I'm putting it here because I'm not sure it's classifiable as a "bug."
  5. liquidfractal

    External Links Rich Embed [Support Topic]

    Ok, so after trying out several WIkipedia pages and a couple of other sites, the plugin seems to work fine - but it simply doesn't seem to want to embed certain Wikipedia pages for some reason.
  6. liquidfractal

    External Links Rich Embed [Support Topic]

    Ok...bought the plugin, installed it, made test posts with Wikipedia links and there's no embedding - just the link. I have Foster's linkfavicon app installed; tried disabling that but I still can't get links to embed. EDIT: I tried https://www.invisioncommunity.com and that embeds fine. But I've been trying the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Wilhelm_Friedrich_Hegel and it won't embed. And just now I tried another Wikipedia link and it does embed; could it be an issue with the underscore chars or something?
  7. liquidfractal

    External Links Rich Embed [Support Topic]

    Thanks @Michael R. I think you sold me on this. 🙂
  8. liquidfractal

    External Links Rich Embed [Support Topic]

    Yeah or a demo. I'm definitely looking at your app but since Wikipedia may be one of my major embeds I'm just curious to see how it would render. Thanks! 🙂
  9. liquidfractal

    temperature conversion feature

    That's a pretty specific request, so I'm sure it's not covered in the core software. One recommendation I have is to visit some websites that do temperature conversion and see if they have snippets of code you can plug in to your own website which would allow people to perform quick conversions in a custom widget or something along those lines. It's not optimal (i.e. native to the Invision core) but would still get the job done.
  10. liquidfractal

    External Links Rich Embed [Support Topic]

    Hello, This looks like a great plugin. Is there an example of how it works with, say, Wikipedia?
  11. Hey Mark...thanks for the response. I understand what you're saying, but I have students who pay me week-by-week in cash, and they're too busy to worry about checking things out at the store and marking "Manual" - which several of them would forget to do, then ask me for help, which delays things further...you get the idea. My point is that whether or not I or they generate the invoice via the adminCP or a Manual gateway, they're still purchasing a site product for which an invoice is generated, thus it should be counted in the total purchases, no?
  12. I'm wondering if there are any plans to address this?
  13. liquidfractal

    changes summary for updated ToS?

    Yeah, something like that - even just a paraphrase of important points which then refers the reader to the actual updated ToC if they want to read the changes in their entirety. And yes a para. would work, but I'd prefer a discreet field.
  14. liquidfractal

    Change Post Author - IP.Board 4.x

    I was also wondering if this might be extended to changing blog post authors as well?
  15. liquidfractal

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    That is interesting, and I do admire any attempt to get people to read actual literature in this day and age (animated or no)....but not to come across as a complete Luddite (which I'm obviously not), but I still wonder if the medium isn't going to get in the way of the message here. We process information differently when we read a book as a physical artifact versus flipping through PDF pages, and if you're actually studying literature (as in flipping back and forth, making notes etc) then digital media are very severely limited in many ways. But hey - at least they're reading. Maybe there will be stranger crossovers yet...maybe the revolution will come the day Margaret Atwood writes the first feminist novel in the Gangnam Style saga...