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  1. And one issue with Musicbox (which is really an IPS core issue, not an issue with Musicbox) is that every time you load a new page on your IPS site the music resets. The only way around this right now is to keep a browser window/tab open which plays the music, then open the site in a second tab/window and use that to browse the site.
  2. lol...yeah, come to think of it I do believe I added custom fields. It's been so long since I had to worry about that. But since we're on the topic, you'd think there would be native address fields (even with the option of bypassing them/not filling them out for privacy reasons).
  3. Ok, so I just created a subcategory under a main category. Admin has all permissions for both the main category and subcategory. However, I (Admin) am unable to submit anything to the subcategory from the website - when I click the Add Video button, the subcategory is listed but it's ghosted out and I can't select it. I can select it in the following screen where you type in description and main details, but for some reason not on the initial screen.
  4. Thanks for confirming @opentype. I think this is the issue: I was under the impression that the address members used for registering an account might have been used as the default billing address. My clients so far have been local and have paid me via bank transfer or cash, so they haven't yet purchased anything in the Store and thus haven't provided a billing address. So with all this in mind, I still think it's a good idea to pre-fill manually-created invoices for members who may not have purchased Store products, or perhaps allow them to provide a billing address upon registration (or mark their default address info as a Billing Address) to deal with this. Thoughts?
  5. Jim, thanks for this. As far as I know, the only address I get from my Clients is what they provide upon registration - I don't know if that is designated as the default Billing Address, Shipping Address, or both. For as long as I've been using Commerce, when I manually create an invoice this is what I see: So I stress manually, as in I create the invoice and it is not generated through the Store. At any rate, I'll submit a ticket and have this checked.
  6. Thanks for the reply Jim. I think what you're referring to is the Shipping Address; I'm referring to the Billing Address, which is always blank when you enter step 2 of the invoice creation process. In fact, it would be preferable if the Billing Address were pre-filled with the Member's default address information used upon registration, with the option to clear all fields and enter something different if the Member prefers a different Billing Address for whatever reason.
  7. This is a relatively minor but annoying thing for me when issuing invoices in Commerce: when you choose a Member for an invoice in Step 1 Customer, then move to Step 2 Settings, the Billing Address is blank. 99% of the time I need to open a new window and go to Members to access my Member's address to fill in the fields, when pre-populating the Billing Address with the Member's known address data would be much more convenient. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but hopefully it would be a small fix.
  8. I understand that, but I what I don't really get is why that stat is centered around how often someone uses Commerce to pay an invoice, which is far less useful to me (and others I'll guess) than a stat which tells me how much a Member has purchased my products or services overall - no matter who generates the invoice or how it's paid.
  9. Is there any reason why income from custom-generated invoices aren't included in the Total Spent amount in a Member's Customer View tab? I've asked this before and received no answer at all. Could we please include those invoices in that amount? They're listed under Purchases and the Invoices list...why do they not appear under Total Spent?
  10. "you can now get your hands on the beta release from the client centre."
  11. I think the ability to Copy existing Pages would be a great idea. For example, if you're making a series of Pages which are intended to have a similar structure (e.g., you want research pages on philosophers or writers and you want the same generic structure of blog/gallery feeds, widgets with text/links, etc), it would be nice to be able to copy an existing page as a template, then edit out the widgets and custom blocks as you see fit.
  12. I second this. I already use Clubs to host academic reading and research groups, but pages would go a long way toward monetising Clubs for online courses. <gratuitous promo> @Adriano Faria is also working closely with some of us on an Invision LMS platform, which may be able to make even better use of Pages in Clubs.</gratuitous promo>
  13. One thing that comes to mind off the bat is something which many websites (let alone Clubs) lack - and that is a comprehensive About page. Personally, I find it annoying when I visit a site only to find that there is no page or section which clearly describes what the site is about or what it aims to do (what community it seeks to foster, what hobby/hobbies it focuses on, etc). I take the point that Pages is a formidable app with access and knowledge requirements above most average users, but perhaps a somewhat simpler interface is possible - as mentioned, something like Articles where pages can be added to a simple menu system. But apropos of my previous point, the ability to include widgets and feeds on these pages is something that would have a lot of potential for any Club. Clubs Enhancements has a "Home Page" option, and it's useful, but if you want to sex up your Club and make it more appealing something else is needed. Not to mention that the more relevant content a Club has in pages (and elsewhere), the greater its potential visibility to search engines.
  14. I'd love to have this too, as it would allow me to get out from underneath Collabs, the author of which seems to no longer care about anything concerned with the product.
  15. @Koper74 I agree - Clubs should be expanded to include Pages and everything else required to allow clubs to be "sub-sites" from the existing site if required. Right now, Clubs forums and blogs can;'t even be included in feed widgets, which is pretty lacking IMHO.
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