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  1. liquidfractal

    IPS Merch?

    Ditto....since 2008 - just made the 10 year badge of honour. 😎 The key, of course, is not to make mousepads or anything else in white...you need to use the classic site blue along with the logo. Don't forget USB sticks - always a solid product in this day and age. But hey - if that's too pedestrian, might I suggest IPS staff bobbleheads, action figures, Pez dispensers? For our more..umm..."socially disinclined" colleagues, perhaps some IPS brand tasers? I should be working for IPS...geez...
  2. liquidfractal

    Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Ahh ok....so it's an uninstall-reinstall. Having this at the top of the app page would have been very useful!
  3. liquidfractal

    Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Just a point of clarification: my adminCP says 1.0.7 was recently released but there is no mention of that version in either the changelog or the header for this file in the Marketplace. I'm also wondering why this is a .tar file when Advanced Footer is a plugin? Have I missed something?
  4. liquidfractal

    Editor and things I don't like

    Yep, this is likely your problem. Vivaldi (and to a certain extent Opera) can be very quirky regarding some functions (and some 3rd-party themes) in the Invision suite. Only IE is worse IMHO.
  5. liquidfractal

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Oh, and one other thing - I assume that existing Commerce tools like coupons can also apply to subscription purchases and renewals?
  6. liquidfractal

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Once again, thanks to the folks at Invision for a great (and for me, extremely timely!) addition to the suite! I assume this can be handled in the Translate function for my language easily enough, but: can I change the wording in the user badges from "subscriber" to something like "client"?
  7. liquidfractal

    Inconsistent theme HTML

    And you know, even though in general I think IPS support is great, that's the thing when you have a large third-party developer community - you are responsible to them, because after all they are making money while helping you make money by 1) showing how popular the suite is, and 2) extending functionality (some of which should arguably be in the core package) so that you can go on with other innovations. It's a symbiosis which should never be ignored. I don't want to harp on this forever, but here's hoping that the renewed conversation in this thread will grab someone's attention.
  8. liquidfractal

    Inconsistent theme HTML

    On the plus side, I see this happen very rarely. But there were those at IPS who said they would look at this as a priority issue, and while I understand they can't do everything at once a certain amount of responses or "hey, we're on it - no ETA, but we're working on it!" on such a crucial issue would be preferred.
  9. liquidfractal

    Inconsistent theme HTML

    I wouldn't count on it. Such a massive issue would have been mentioned by now for 4.3. It's caused me to move away from certain third-party themes, not because of flaws on their part but because IPS seems unwilling to address what is by all accounts a critical flaw in their coding from a cosmetic point of view. This seems to be one of those instances where IPS's non-commitment to fixing an issue is costing third-party developers money.
  10. liquidfractal

    Media Uploader (Support Topic)

    I was going to ask about whether or not there are screenshots to illustrate how PDFs are embedded in posts? I logged into ipsdev and uploaded a sample PDF file but was unable to embed it.
  11. liquidfractal

    Back to Top button

    I use @guyroch's EZ Scroll Top plugin, which works just fine on every browser on my Android phone:
  12. I am inclined to agree about (existing) search. When I'd search for a file in the Marketplace I've purchased and downloaded, in the search results (not activity streams mind you) the actual file is always at the bottom of the list - comments and reviews are at the top, which is the opposite from how it should be IMHO. Regarding the upcoming changes to search, I admit ambivalence in my personal case: on the one hand I'm glad they're addressing it by allowing Elasticsearch; on the other hand I was hoping for a more robust native solution instead of third-partying it out. I understand the logic behind it, but my site is small and while it could benefit greatly from Elasticsearch, there don't seem to be any free ES options out there. And while I know I can install it on my server, right now I'm too iffy about my linux knowledge to confidently install something unless I know how to uninstall it. But perhaps that's just on me to learn as an admin.
  13. liquidfractal

    Pages SuperHelp support topic

    I have SuperHelp 1.1.0 as per Plugin Details in AdminCP. I just downloaded SuperHelp 1.2.0 and followed the PDF update instructions, and SuperHelp still shows as version 1.1.0 in the AdminCP Plugin Details window. Could you please fix this, as it causes confusion when updating and can be irritating given the time it takes to update the templates (especially for those of us who have several of your packages)? I have reported this before (24 Nov 2017, above).
  14. liquidfractal

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Yep - just go to my homepage: https://www.liquidfractal.org
  15. liquidfractal

    4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles

    Why didn't you do this this and this and also that and don't forget the other thing and [insert other stuff which should really be in the feedback section] OH. MY. SEXY. Nice work Invision, you rather smug horde of 4.3 teases....