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  1. Thanks for the update @TheJackal84. I suppose it would be futile to ask if you know when IPS will approve the current 4.5.x version on its site (since it isn't yet available)?
  2. I for one would not agree with this. Renewal schemes have to be seen two ways: 1) yes, from the developer's perspective in terms of work, but 2) you have to think about what your end user is willing to pay for in terms of the functionality they get. This involves getting out of your developer mindset and thinking the way your customers think. Sure, you as the developer might think you've put a lot of work into something so it deserves a renewal fee, but as an end user there are more than a few apps which I won't buy simply because they aren't worth paying for perpetually in terms of the
  3. I can only speak for myself, but this is what I wanted to hear - just a basic update as to what's going on, given the length of time it's taken. I also understand that the holiday season will slow things up on top of that. Thanks for letting us know!
  4. @TheJackal84, as mentioned above, there seems to be a 4.5 compatible version on your website. As I have an account there (but did not buy it on your site), would it be possible for you to fix me up with download privileges there so I can get the most recent version (you can see in your records that I've already purchased the app)? I'm sure this would be useful for other members who have been waiting to update Sticky Notes as well.
  5. Yep...checked the file and it's still rated for 4.4. I assume that once it's cleared for the 4.5 version those of us who have enabled version updates will get an email?
  6. Yeah, quite honestly I'm beginning to wonder what's going on with this. @TheJackal84, do you have an update from either you or IPS as to when the 4.5.x revision of this is coming?
  7. Thanks for this, but how do I use this? Is this something I'd look up in the language settings?
  8. Thanks to everyone for their responses! It was lurking in the back of my mind that it might have to do with the language pack, which is a bit surprising, but copying my default language and changing the locale to Australia did the trick, so thanks for that. 🙂 However, this has led to another wrinkle. In the Store on my test site, prices were previously listed correctly in AUD, e.g., "AUD 35". Now, however, with the Aus-locale language set as default, the same price displays as "A$35" when I expected something more like "AUD $35." My default currency is also clearly specified as AUD.
  9. Thanks for the response @bfarber. By "locale" do you mean something definable in the adminCP, or does that mean the selected currency? If you mean the latter, I don't have USD configured at all in Commerce - only AUD. Either way though, I do find it strange that even in the adminCP view the suite reverts my back-end configuration to Imperial every time.
  10. I've been experimenting with adding physical objects to the Store, and notice that whenever I add the physical dimensions of an object (height/width/weight) I can choose cm over in., kg over lb, etc., but when products display in the website store they are always displayed using Imperial measurements. Moreover, if I return to the product in the AdminCP the suite has reverted my data back to Imperial in the product edit screen. 😶 I can't possibly be the first one to notice this, so I was wondering if this is going to be fixed at some point as a nod to those of us who have embraced the Met
  11. Have you fine folks at IPS considered a loyalty discount for we existing clients who may be considering purchasing another license?
  12. Agreed. And since BF is now something of an institution for Invision (thank you @Joel R for the indefatigable annual promos!), I think it would be really cool if, instead of inserting "Black Friday SALE" or whatever into the app title, there should be a "BF" "bang" icon (or something) in the corner of the app's tile. Something easily recognisable at first glance but which does not interfere with app details. Even better if this could be automatically added by Marketplace if an app is modified specifically for BF...?
  13. I totally get this, and have complained about this with other developers. But I also know how much life can get in the way, and after one is here for a while one gets a sense of who the serious developers are, so @TheJackal84 still gets my thumbs-up 🙂. Here's hoping your bad times are brief times!
  14. Sorry...it was just a misunderstanding. It's apparently difficult to install an app you haven't renewed. 😄
  15. Yes, he should. That said, all I have to add is that while we haven't heard from @TheJackal84 in a little while, he does have a rep for being one of the more reliable developers. I have never had issues with him, so while I do think this app should have been updated some time ago I want to see what happens.
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