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  1. If it doesn't, I would be willing to make it work on 4.4.x - but that said, I believe it will.
  2. This plugin allows you to paste Instagram and/or Facebook links and have them embed automatically in your community. This functionality used to work out of the box, however Facebook (who also own Instagram) made changes on their end that makes this more complicated now. I don't believe so, however I'll follow up with you in your PM.
  3. Go ahead and send me a PM with ACP and FTP access and I’ll check it out to see what’s wrong. Thanks.
  4. Do you have a Facebook developer account set up? Are you being required to set up Facebook login, which is where OAuth redirect URIs come into play? You could try setting (siteurl)/oauth/token/index.php for the redirect URI.
  5. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/oembed Requirements a Facebook Developer account, which you can create at developers.facebook.com a registered Facebook app the oEmbed Product added to the app an Access Token The Facebook app must be in Live Mode Make sure you’ve followed the requirements on Facebook’s end. You need the developer app, but he oembed product added to it, and the app must be in “live mode”. If you’ve checked all this and it’s still not working, please let me know what error you are getting if any. Also, check th
  6. This is the support topic for the Instagram and Facebook oEmbed plugin.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Invision Community dropped support for Facebook and Instagram oembeds in a recent maintenance release due to changes on Facebook's end. This plugin brings that support back! To use this plugin you will need to Create a Facebook developer account if you haven't already (if your site supports Facebook logins, you already have one). Add the Oembed product. Supply the App ID and App Secret in the plugin settings. That's it! Better yet, any existing Facebook or Instagram oembeds will automatically be restored once you start using the new plugin. For full details, see
  8. Oh that doesn't look right at all... Send me a PM with an admin login for your site so I can take a closer look. 🙂
  9. I'm not really clear....this is how the plugin behaves already. Different proportions, but contained within a row. I fear I'm missing something but I can't pinpoint what.
  10. Would I be correct to summarize your feedback as you would like the homepage implementation I have, but you want all images to be forced to specific proportions/cropped, rather than displaying at their natural proportions?
  11. I am under the assumption you're stating that you want all images to be equal in size and dimension? If so, that's not what this plugin intended to accomplish I'm afraid. Instead, the plugin aims to give you a masonry-style layout where images fill the available space but display in different sizes. The "View categories" link should show the "old style" gallery, which is the list of categories as the home page. I'm not clear what you are asking for there specifically?
  12. I'll consider it based on demand/user-feedback.
  13. Invision Community supports basic email tracking statistics out of the box. For more enhanced email tracking, yes you can use Sendgrid as your email provider. The drip campaigns application will use whatever email sending service is configured in your settings, including Sendgrid. In short - I would recommend Sendgrid for your particular use case.
  14. If you did not associate the application during the initial onboarding process, your only option after the fact outside of contacting Invision for help resolving that issue would be to uninstall and reinstall the application which would indeed remove the data (campaigns) you have stored. I would recommend reaching out to Invision for assistance if you didn't get the application linked up initially. Unfortunately the issue you are facing isn't really specific to this application, but rather your general marketplace syncing which Invision would need to assist you with.
  15. The version support update is pending approval, however the current version works on 4.5.
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