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  1. Please send me a PM with a link to your community and an AdminCP login so I can take a look.
  2. If you're having trouble please feel free to send me a PM with an admin login and I'll take a look. That said, I think Darth Vortex might be right - looking in the page source it doesn't seem like the plugin may be enabled after all which would explain why infite scrolling isn't working. Unfortunately I don't have a sample site available online to share.
  3. It looks like @Core4D has publicly shared his site URL in another topic and still has the plugin installed. I don't believe much content is available to guests so you won't see the infinite scrolling behavior and such but you can get an idea of the layout at least: https://www.core4d.com/ipb/gallery/ Unfortunately I don't have an example online myself.
  4. 1. Only via normal database backups. Backing up and restoring the specific database tables for this application would accomplish the purpose - there is no UI to back up and restore campaigns through the AdminCP or anything like that presently. 2. Not presently - the system is designed to "drip" content to a user after a certain action has been taken, so in this case for something like "user posts", wait 3 days, then email them and ask them to come back. What if they posted the day after Christmas? The campaign would register but do nothing until the following year. It's a feature that could potentially be added if there's enough demand, but it's not exactly what the software was explicitly intended to do. It might be better for something like that to add users to a mailing list and send everyone on the mailing list an email at Christmas, rather than individually add users to a drip campaign that will have to process every user individually at Christmas. It would be a lot more overhead to handle it through this route than something like a bulk mail/mailing list approach for a holiday or similar event. 3. Presently it is not possible to filter by container.
  5. How would you have this work? As soon as a user contributes to a competition put them on the campaign? Or add all contributors for a competition when it closes? Really the only way to do this would be to loop through all users. We could add optional discard filters (like, don't include anyone whose last visit was over 6 months ago or something), but really the only way to do this would be to loop over all matching users and apply the campaign. A flag could be set so that the user is only added to a given campaign once, so eventually over time the number of users to loop through would be whittled down in that case. I'll toy with some ideas.
  6. At this time, triggers have to be something that "happens", rather than something that "doesn't happen". In order to do what you are suggesting, the application would (likely) have to constantly loop through all users trying to determine if they haven't posted over a period of time, and then initiate the campaign if so. This would be quite taxing on a moderately-sized site, let alone a large site. There could be clever ways around this, but they'd have their own drawbacks.
  7. Yes, personal conversations are supported.
  8. Set up a step and configure it how you like to either send the email or send a PM. Set up another step to do the other action and choose to do it immediately rather than to wait a period of time for "Wait Period". I'm not seeing why this wouldn't accomplish your goal unless I'm misunderstanding?
  9. I've found that if I'm logged into certain VPNs you get what you are seeing there. Instagram tends to block many public IP addresses (i.e. VPNs and proxies). If you're logged in to a VPN or proxy, try logging off of it to see if the issue persists.
  10. If it doesn't, I would be willing to make it work on 4.4.x - but that said, I believe it will.
  11. I haven't tested, but it should work on 4.4.x. If it didn't, I would be happy to correct any issues. It allows you to paste a Facebook or Instagram URL and for it to embed in posts automatically.
  12. This plugin allows you to paste Instagram and/or Facebook links and have them embed automatically in your community. This functionality used to work out of the box, however Facebook (who also own Instagram) made changes on their end that makes this more complicated now. I don't believe so, however I'll follow up with you in your PM.
  13. Go ahead and send me a PM with ACP and FTP access and I’ll check it out to see what’s wrong. Thanks.
  14. Do you have a Facebook developer account set up? Are you being required to set up Facebook login, which is where OAuth redirect URIs come into play? You could try setting (siteurl)/oauth/token/index.php for the redirect URI.
  15. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/oembed Requirements a Facebook Developer account, which you can create at developers.facebook.com a registered Facebook app the oEmbed Product added to the app an Access Token The Facebook app must be in Live Mode Make sure you’ve followed the requirements on Facebook’s end. You need the developer app, but he oembed product added to it, and the app must be in “live mode”. If you’ve checked all this and it’s still not working, please let me know what error you are getting if any. Also, check the System Logs in the AdminCP and let me know if any errors are being registered when you try to paste an appropriate Facebook or Instagram link.
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