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deliver content easily with maximum automation and minimum member effort

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Could IPS one day make it possible to automate the forum as much as possible.

For example, send to a specific member chosen (according to his group) or on a given date, or an action (reading a post, clicking on a button).

transmet to him A text + a PDF file + a video + a link, this by email or in a private conversation on telegram for example.

Telegram seems to be arriving soon on ZAPIER if that helps.

We have arrived at a period where it is necessary to avoid efforts towards members as much as possible, such as having to go to the forum, search, connect, download...

You have to try to present everything to him simply in front of him.

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On 5/22/2022 at 5:27 PM, annadaa said:



this application seems to be able to answer in part.

it would be nice if we could use it with conditions.

If a member receives this badge, send this email, or post this message in the telegram chat..

It does have certain conditions already, mostly based on demand/requests. It would be possible to add another condition "When member receives a badge" if there is enough support for adding it.

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