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  1. I believe I understood that the applications were tested by IPS before being published. I have different client accounts, only one in use today with the intention of renewing the license. I made a mistake once by purchasing a few apps with the account I don't intend to renew. I hope that I will be able to transfer these applications to my user account. some developers have their site where you can directly download the application. get in touch with them or ask them to provide you with the downloadable version.
  2. the question I am wondering is how to easily transfer your member list to something like mailchimp and the like
  3. you can integrate the registration of members by subscription in a page thrive cart with or without the help of Zapier thanks
  4. Are there any articles on how to be successful with IPS having a community activated? Open a club for newcomers? How to organize a group research project on a specific theme? What are the examples of profile settings to have to facilitate collaboration between members? I am also very interested in knowing how to use IPS for everything related to online social learning, collaboration, student empowerment.
  5. Is it possible to add a limited time to join a club? also a club life and then archive it? The advantage of a time limit for registrations allows a better call to action to start a group collaboration session on a given time from a fixed date. for example a registration to join a group limited to 5 students. Registration takes place from 08/01/2020 to 08/20/2020. The duration of the session is from 01/09/2020 to 31/12/2020.
  6. Thank you for taking your time to respond. I have the LMS by @Adriano Faria I await its update including a better graphic presentation. I also hope the possibility of embedding the video, otherwise Video Slider Widget https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8860-bim-video-slider-widget/ is very good as far as IPS allows the possibility of integrating a widget just above a message where the widget would be like an integral part of the message. Wors press is not as powerful as IPS in group and member management. That's why I don't want to switch to Word press. With the
  7. is it possible to introduce levels according to the number of points receive points according to activity and participation on the blog, blog comment and other activity on the all applications thanks
  8. A member is not necessarily only a user with messages but can also be a client or also part of a real community active in a field and with the need for administrative monitoring of each member. For example if the member is a school pupil and the administrators are the teachers. Can teachers easily share information about each member for better coaching? Something better than the profile settings I imagine.
  9. I don't see anything, it brings me back to the home page. I have well if not the support provided with commerce, but my wish is to also be able to use forum for private exchanges between a moderator and a member and if it were also possible then to display this private category of forum on any page with widget it would be even better
  10. hi, In the released note it's write What does that mean ? would it be possible to create a forum in the forum categories with the option in category permissions: "can only see his discussions"? this would allow for private support between a moderator and the member using the forum section
  11. thanks for the article. I think what is needed today and even more in the future is personalized support. soon a simple contact address or a support forum will no longer be enough to stand out from the competition in certain areas. yes a support forum saves time but we should also think about other points. I am thinking in particular of online courses which are surely part of the few things that can face future economic crises and whose needs will very likely increase, not to mention if there should still be confinements (quarentaines). what we should see is how to cho
  12. I want to use certain tags only to easily classify certain resources. these tags are not useful for members and would like to make them invisible. It is a plus for me in certain classification. Like for example some widgets, impossible to put a link towards a resource to display a specific resource. I then wish to use a coded tag (01.02) and invisible to members allowing the widget to display the file or files that I want.
  13. IF I want to create a live quiz between two clubs, for example A against B. Members of each club help each other over the audio to answer questions live. How to organize this event without the members of IPB needing to give personal information (skype account, telephone number, ...)? Because there today the community to which I see stop to written discussiosn. But if we want to make the community alive, create a fun event, impossible?
  14. is it possible to have a personalized menu bar on a mobile browser for quick access to certain categories of the site? thanks
  15. it would be good to add it because it remains very interesting that the articles can be accompanied by comments. Member shop thus proves to be a beautiful application committing members to participate and making the community interactive and lively.
  16. yes I think that sometimes it is better to leave the choice to allocate points manually, because all the messages and subjects do not necessarily deserve points. is it possible to award points for blog comments?
  17. could you please improve the display of clubs and blogs? thanks
  18. thank you for your work. it looks like a very nice application. are points given automatically for a subject, or are members of groups with permissions giving them? i think having the automatic and manual possibility would be a very good option. Regarding the comments, I did not read in the description that it was possible to get points also. please add it if possible. thank you (I'm waiting 4.5 to get the app)
  19. is it possible to have an option to choose a file or several files to display in the sun widget? this will allow to display in a page files interesting to an article or specific to a page of a third party application?
  20. I find that there is no sense to cut the image (avatar) by highlighting the member's badge icon. Why is that? The badge is additional practical but not essential information on the identity of the member. The member defines himself and is quickly recognized above all by his image and not his badge. Thank you for this gamification option by the very practical badge, but see the place rather than cutting the image in half! We say in the comment that there is plenty of white space, you have enough space then I think. I think on the signature side, it would be very good.
  21. Is it possible to add the certified icon like on Twitter next to the names of the members? This icon would be recognized for members either for their experience in a field, their professional account, or even for the accuracy of certain options in the profile fields (the icon would then be next to the profile field) which was approved. ?
  22. I must say that it is a very nice improvement. and especially what is respected is that one does not feel lost on the site after such an update. it sometimes happens that we are used to the theme of a site, and when it gets a facelift, we are lost and would have preferred to stay on the old version. here you have succeeded.
  23. For specific reasons, I would like to have a frank separation between different groups. For example to have several classification of members in the taking into account of points, ... or when certain groups can only see the content of their own group, but not others ... being able to dub split a community ... without having to recreate the same site to have to have to do that. the goal is not to avoid having to buy another license to recreate a specific community, but to avoid a heavy, tedious and boring work that no one would do just to separate communities tha
  24. an application which seems to me very interesting to make the activity of the community more lively and attractive. it would be nice to make certain parameters more visible and add certain options I think. Subject of the competition: - Free - Limited (only landscapes, ...). Image source if different from author: .............. Date of shooting: ....... Location : .......... (I haven't bought it yet but it is in my projects)
  25. yes that's right, a personalized page for each member. The more personalized it is, the lighter the content will be, especially if it contains only interesting information, and without archives. it's going to your home page, I find it not too heavy despite a lot of information, it is surely the images that lighten the visual quite well. When I did tests with my home page, I was told each time, that it is heavy, too much information ... and they get lost quickly. There should be a home page with a minimum of content, and a maximum of personalized information.
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