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  1. How about the users, who are using VPN to access the board, but physically they are located in one certain country? I think, it's better to keep the option to overwrite the VPN-flag by changing the country manually. (or at least keep this option to administrators)
  2. All is good now: the version 4.2.2 is also compatible with the IPS 4.4.10. So I installed it, and the problem described above does not appear now. All is working as it should work 🙂 👍
  3. I just install your application this morning. When seeing those issues with the version 4.2.1, I decided to try the 4.2.0 version. And it worked. But 4.2.1 not 😞 If it is not convenient to you to test it on your computer, since you probably have been upgraded to the IPS 4.5, so it's ok, I will test the latest version of the application once I will be updating my board to the IPS 4.5.
  4. Hi Adriano, Version 4.2.1 is the latest for the IPS 4.4.*? This version is not as good as the previous one from April (4.2.0) 😞 - The version 4.2.1 does not hide the banned forums from the All Activity page 😞 - The version 4.2.1 does let the user read the topics from banned forums 😞 Meaning that the user is still able to see the topics on the All activity page, then click on the link there, and redirect to the topic for reading it. The version 4.2.0 does not have these problems. Please advise,
  5. Hi Adriano, I started to use your application again, and I thought, those bugs were already fixed after 4 years, but they are not 😞 Would you mind get back to those problems again, since having them on board, the application does not fully hide the certain forums from the banned member's view 😞 He still can view them (first point in my quoted post) and even read the content in them (second point) 😞
  6. Hi Adriano, On the IPS v.4.4.9 I have noticed, that users using Vivaldi browser are now shown as using Chrome browser, although, in fact they are using Vivaldi: (I personally have never used Chrome in the past 3-4 years) Could you please check, if there is something wrong there? Thanks,
  7. 🙂 You are too fast as I have expected 🙂 So, no hurry, even next month is also OK for that 😉 Thank you, Adriano.
  8. One more concern about your application, Adriano. If someone adds another user to the list of Attendees for an Event, that user won't get any notification, saying that he was just added to the list of attendees to that certain event. So users will even do not know, that someone has added them to an Event! The same happens, when the author of an Event removes an attendee from the list of Attendees. Again, no notifications come 😞 How about adding this kind of notifications? 🙂
  9. I guess, it would be better, rather than seeing an empty Tab. Also, if you will be so kind to implement the second point in my speech above, it will be easier for other members to browse a member profile, Because when seeing there a Calendar Tab, they will be sure, that there is something inside it and will open it, and see the list of the events. Currently, we'll never know, if there is anything inside that Tab, unless we click on it! 😞 😞
  10. Hi Adriano, Thank you for your work for the application. There are two things I immediately noticed: 1) the Events shown on the Member tab are shown in any cases, even if another user (who is watching the profile) doesn't have an access to the Calendar! Logically speaking, the user who is not allowed to use a specific Calendar, should not see the list of the upcoming events, which are shown on the user profile, who has that access. 2) the Member Tab is always there, even if the user doesn't have any RSPVed events! Is it possible to not show that tab on those users' profiles, who has no
  11. Adriano, I'm not able to translate the word "Country" on my community. And I think, I was never able to translate it before 😞 I'm trying to translate the words, it says, the changes saved, but after updating the page the fields are empty again 😞 Please help to check, thanks,
  12. Hi, This user didn't create any topics on our community since his registration. Because of this, the application Post Areas doesn't work for him, since it refuses the post counting for such cases: I don't think this is the correct way of working of your application, @Fosters . Please kindly take a look at this critical issue, first time it was reported several years (!) ago. I hope, it is time to fix the bugs now, thanks.
  13. I have just given the rights to see browsers to all groups including guests: the issue is still there 😞 I am using your plugin for the first day today. Installed it in the morning. I have also tried to reproduce it on my localhost, but it is a bit hard to do: even if I am using three accounts, the page refresh shows only one user on the page 😞
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