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  1. Hello, any updates on the issues?
  2. Is your new plugin compatible with the Member's Country? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7807-members-country/
  3. 😞 I saw that I explained not correctly in my speech above. I meant the problem with merging concurrent posts, not flood control, sorry for confusing. So the problem exists with merging concurrent posts done by one users! The posts are not merged within 5 minutes, when Linked accounts are enabled.
  4. Hi Adriano, There is a bug I found on my board, which is probably caused by your application. It is related to "flood control". The users, who don't have any linked accounts, but have an access to the application, are not controlled by the global settings "Flood control" here: Meaning that any comments the same user posts in one topic one after another, within these 5 minutes, will not be merging into one post! 😞 regardless any global or group settings related to that Flood control. Once "Linked accounts" are disabled, the "Flood control" works as expected, merging the concurrent post of one user into one post within five minutes (According to the Global settings). Please help to check, what is going wrong there. If any additional information is needed, let me know. First time I saw this issue was on IPS 4.3.6, then I updated IPS to 4.4.4, updated your application to, and the issue is still here 😞 Thanks,
  5. Hello, 1) Currently it is Not possible to edit user report messages in the reports: As we can see, there are no buttons for quoting or editing on the user reports. It is OK for no quoting, but how edit those reports at least for administrators? Sometimes users are writing reports with bad, vulgar, dirty and rough (swear) words, and there is no way to edit them, to remove such words from the user report comment 😞 2) When someone reporting something wants to mention a specific person to take care of his report (for example), he does it in a standard way using @ button . example @alexxis But this mentioned person do NOT get any notifications saying that the reported guy mentioned him! 😮 At the same time, mentions are working properly in the Moderator comments. Is that possible to fix the proper work of mentions in the Report messages? Is that possible to add an Edit button at least to Administrators, so the Report messages will be editable as well? Hopefully IPS engineers will find these two ideas worth to be added in the future releases 🙂 Thanks,
  6. Hi Adriano, I noticed pretty long time ago, that linked accounts continue to be linked even if their passwords have been changed by account owner or other users, who has access to it. For example: Bill and Marc both have an access to another account called "Steam", they have linked to it, but one day Marc changed the password of the "Steam" account, but Bill still has the ability to sign in to "Steam" account by its old password just because he has linked to it earlier. The only way to let Bill unlink to "Steam" is to do it through the ACP, if he doesn't want to do it by himself; password changing doesn't help 😟 How about to automatically unlink those linked accounts, whose passwords have been changed? Let the users link them again, if they know new passwords to them!
  7. Hi @Fosters, would you mind find some time and try to resolve the bugs above, reported almost two (2!) years ago? Having these bugs the application cannot be considered as working properly. 😞 You might want to increase the price for this addon, or even add a year/half year renewal price, but please do not leave unsupported those 18 guys, who believed in your module and purchased it 😞
  8. Hi Adriano, Would you please add a condition for the linkedAccountsGlobalLink template, that will NOT show that link and Icon in the UserBar, when a user has not linked any accounts yet? Most of the users on my board do not use and will not use linked accounts, but some of them will. And those "some" are still able to link accounts in their Account Settings, so that Icon in the UserBar is not useful for those, who have not any accounts to link. That's why I raise this request for you. 🙂 Of course I know about group settings, but sometimes it's not convenient to create a special group for those users, how have linked accounts...
  9. Hi @Mike John, Is that possible to see the list of the members, who have chosen a certain team? According to the pictures, I'm afraid, not 😞 Do you consider to realize this feature? (By clicking on a number next to the team name for example) I believe, it is very interesting for other guys to find out, who are the fans of their favorite teams besides themselves 🙂
  10. Hi @Adriano Faria I just noticed, that the "Country" tab in the account settings responsible for the Flags Display, is not shown anymore there 😞 It only shows there when I select this group in the plugin settings for "Groups allowed to change/omit the country". If the group is not selected there, the menu on the picture below is not available: But! If I go to this menu using the direct link: https://www.myforum.ru/forum/settings/?area=country , I will be able to access it. So I summarize the problem above in two sentences: 1) "View member flags" button is available only when going to the direct link, the menu "Country" is not shown in the account settings. 2) When a user is in one of the selected groups in the plugin settings "Groups allowed to change/omit the country", this user will have the "country" menu available in his account settings! Please help to check, thanks!
  11. Hi @Nathan Explosion, your plugin will collapse the pinned topics on all forums categories? or only in those places, where we have manually clicked on the collapsing button?
  12. I did my further investigation and I want to point out some cases and issues to @Fosters ' attention: a) the activity stream shows a bookmark title (if any provided) rather than an item name (like @MIXOH described in his second point. Just an adding of the line "$containerType = $container::$title;" doesn't help); b) is it possible to put all the application settings in one place? If a big community has lots of groups, it becomes annoying to change them one by one for activating the bookmarks. Also, for me it was hard to find the place, where you input the "simple mode" activation 🙂 Why not to let all the settings editable in one separate place? c) when adding a bookmark, we see the bookmark adding time, but there is no time for the message posting, and even no author of the bookmarked content shown! Would you mind implement this please? d) If the simple mode is activated, the bookmarks are added in the Private status only. How about adding a setting to choose the status of the bookmarks, when they are added in the simple mode? e) How about letting members choose by themselves, if they want to use simple mode or enhanced mode? f) if the group setting does not allow that group's members to add private bookmarks, in the simple mode they are still added in the private status 😞 g) If a group doesn't have an access to the Application "Bookmarks" (no permissions given through the Application settings on the Applications' page here "&controller=applications&do=permissions&id=125&subnode=1"), users in this group are still getting notifications, when their content is being bookmarked (by Public bookmarks)! 😞 I believe, it should not work in this way. h) Private bookmarks are automatically added to the existing bookmark category, even if I don't choose that category when adding those private bookmarks 😞 That's why now I see 7 bookmarks inside my category, but it shows the number "4" (three of them are private, and I didn't choose that category for them when adding them) here "/bookmarks/bookmark_cat/?category_id=1" I find your application very useful and important to my community (otherwise I won't purchase it 🙂 ) , but it needs some improvement for sure...
  13. Hello, Why my own private bookmarks are shown in other member's profile nodes (tabs)? Is this a normal behavior? If yes, what is the reason to do this? Those users, even with no content at all shouldn't have this tab with the bookmarks, which are no related to them at all. In my opinion, since the bookmarks are private, I should see them only in my own profile tab.
  14. Hi @Adriano Faria ! When clicking on a member name in the log list, we are redirecting to the "controller=members&do=edit" page, which I think is not a correct link, since we usually do not need to edit those settings when checking the login logs 🙂 I believe, it's time to change it just to a user's view page in the ACP like this: "&controller=members&do=view" ("view" sounds to be more correct rather than "edit"). Many thanks for your useful application!
  15. 😞 😞 I just was considering purchasing this plugin... Are there any technical problems with the file, @Adriano Faria? I hope, it is impossible to buy it temporarily only?
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