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  1. @InvisionHQ, hello How do you find the ideas I wrote you in my message above? Is that possible to implement them?
  2. @InvisionHQ some more improvements needed please, if you don't mind 1) please add a link to a user, when clicking on the avatar or a member name on the ACP statistics page: The current link is surely incorrect: 2) Please do not let the users to redirect to the board main page after they voted. Why not to let them stay on the same page when finishing voting? ("app=motm&module=archive&controller=arch", 'front', 'motm') 3) The most important request: please increase the number of users shown on the ACP statistics page from the current 5 users to 30-50 (the best is to let administrators to decide by themselves how many users to show), because mostly users will vote for more than 5 users, so how to see the rest of the users who have been voted? how to find out, how many votes they got? I am talking about this page: https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/monthly_2016_01/56a6655fb1bd1_Schermata2016-01-25alle19.08.01.png.9f230bd83570618f690730d158bb08ef.png Thank you!
  3. Oh God, sorry, I totally forgot about custom.css! 😞 Yes, this way works perfect, so of course there is no need to implement any settings for it! Thank you very much!
  4. Yes, I was awaiting this answer. But all the Administrators will be still able to see that very seldom button in profiles, and if there are several Administrators, it could become annoying to them 😞 I personally also do not want to see that button, so I need to remove the data from the template manually. 😞
  5. Hi Adriano, Could you please consider to add a setting to NOT show the button in the member's profile, so the only way to ban members will be through Admin Panel? Since this feature is usually used pretty seldom, so there is no use to see that button in member profiles every time we visit users. I understand, that this button in profiles can be useful for some boards, so a separate setting for it will be fine to have 🙂 I am talking about this button:
  6. Hi Martin, Having this feature, is that possible to disable this integration, in case I don't want flags to be changed automatically, once a user updated his Marker on the map?
  7. It shows, it is there, but here are the results after using that button: And of course no changes after those errors 😞
  8. Hi @newbie LAC, I've found an issue on my board (tested as on the live one, as on the test one), where it is not possible to move a topic with the setting "Leave a link to the new location?" selected (between forums with the enabled settings "Topic description" and "Topic description link") 😞 This error appears in this case: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/D And the moved topic will stay on its original forum. And no logs written in the System logs... Please help to check, By the way, what is the usage of the nbtdesc_forums_temp and nbtdesc_topics_temp tables? And how to enable topic description feature on ALL forums without using MySQL query? If dealing with big communities, it is pretty annoying to enable the feature on all forums one by one 🙂 😞
  9. Hi @newbie LAC In your latest versions you have moved the data into a separate database table. Before I could return pinned posts by the php command return $content->nbpinned; How can i return those posts now? Also, before we had a setting to unpin all the posts, this setting has been removed, how to unpin all posts then? Also, before we could pin all the first posts with the setting "Pin first post ", but since this setting has been changed to Pin entered pids (post number), how can we pin all the first posts of the already existing topics? (I was updating from the 1.0.12, and the update stuck for a minute or so: I was thinking that there was a connection issue with the marketplace, so I have updated the page. - as the result - I have lost some data, because that time the data was transferring from forums_posts table to a new specific table. I didn't know that you have moved the data to another table in the latest versions of your plugin 😞 😞 So I'd suggest to mention such a case in the "Previous changes" menu (e.g. "The data moved to a new table"), so the people will be more careful when updating. Thank you.)
  10. Also, currently it is not possible to change the Notification's sender in the Application settings。 It is always the user number 1, which is not convenient 😞 'author' => \IPS\Member::load( 1 ), Will be fine, if we could change it in the settings.
  11. @InvisionHQ please help to fix this Statistics view in the ACP:
  12. Adriano, When Member's country was a plugin, on its latest versions, the flag was also shown in the ACP, while viewing a member's profile, here exactly: Currently it is not shown there anymore 😞 Do you consider adding it to that place back again? I really miss it there...
  13. I wasn't talking about the same user. Imagine: John is visiting the main forum called "A Test forum" like on your picture above. So, he will be counted as "1 viewing". If at the same time, Mark starts to browse in its subforum ""Second forum" , will Mark be counted as the second person viewing the "A test forum" forum?
  14. The plugin won't count users reading topics, I understand this, but how about users in the subforums? will they be counted on the main page? For example, if the forum called "Test forum" has two subforums inside it - "Second forum" and "Third forum", and there are some users browsing inside them (not inside topics), - will they be counted on the main page, right on the "Test forum"?
  15. In 4.4.9 I don't see that line in that specific file as discussed earlier before: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/447477-pm-search-time/?do=findComment&comment=2779835 In 4.5.3 cannot find it either.
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