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  1. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    Uhm, I think you have some customisations on classifieds theme/css because I didn't find this issue on latest advert feed version.
  2. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    Yes, this is an easy fix.
  3. InvisionHQ

    Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    Bug confirmed, thx for reporting.
  4. InvisionHQ

    Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    can you send me a PM with your board url?
  5. InvisionHQ

    [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    yes it works.
  6. InvisionHQ

    Clubs Enhancements

    I'm working on some new features on Classifieds and iAwards atm, but I'm open to suggestions for Clubs Enhancements. The first thing I will do and that I can anticipate, will be to convert the plugin into an app.
  7. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    Classifieds are 4.3 ready.
  8. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    For now you have only shown how to write reviews with superficiality. You don't know how commerce works. I've no reports about this issue but I'll look on it now. Check Notification setting on your ACP, because default notification for accepted and rejected offers are sent by mail. me? or you do not understand what are the "credits" in Commerce account? It would not be better to ask before to play Holy Inquisition?
  9. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    Yes, I read the nice review.
  10. Yes, I confirm, you can integrate moods on your Plugin. Regards.
  11. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    can you make a screenshot of ACP->Extra Fields->Address? have you checked "include field in topics"?
  12. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    click also on icon on the right to set new expire date.
  13. InvisionHQ

    Classifieds System

    From ACP
  14. InvisionHQ

    Clubs Enhancements

    Are you sure that this is an issue related to Club Enhancement? can you tell me a step by step procedure to replicate this issue? Thanks.
  15. InvisionHQ


    It works on my side. If you want that I take a look send me a PM with ACP access.