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  1. UPDATE Classifieds 2.0 with new shipment feature will be release (with invisionHQ black friday offers) on 23 November 2019.
  2. Send me a PM with a link to your board. BTW this is something related to custom theme, but I'll try to give you a fast fix.
  3. I start working on iAwards update after Classifieds release.
  4. 1. I'm looking on this in the 2.x. 2. you just have to add an item condition like "SERVICES"
  5. I'm looking on this report but I think that will be fixed with 2.0 Thanks for reporting.
  6. You forgot to ask to be added. Now you're in!
  7. New Improved Clubs Enhancements has been released. Now, as promised, I'm working hard on version 2.0 of Classifieds that will bring many of the features that have been requested. I've no ETA but expect a lot of good things very soon.
  8. I agree with you, suggestion noted.
  9. Fixed in 1.3.2, this stupid bug haunts me. 🤯
  10. @mardiv I've uploaded a new release (1.3.1) with attachment field on block editor enabled.
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