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  1. 4.4 and CLASSIFIEDS If you want to start the test with Classifieds 1.3 beta (compatible with IPB4.4) please send me a PM or just ask on bbcode.it if you want to join to betatester group P.S. I suggest to make the test not on live forum.
  2. You can't, but I noted your request. Thanks.
  3. I'm busy with 4.4 upgrades I'll try to look into this request after this.
  4. Uhm... no, you can try to manage this process with comments but the app is a classic classifieds. ADVERT -> OFFER / OFFERS
  5. Improved Clubs features will be added to Clubs Enhancements in the next release after 4.4.
  6. I've the time to check today and for me it's not a bug. This plugin inject sessions in the DB (members and guests). An example: 1. Putting 10 as max fake guests in the plugin 2. 10 guests sessions will be added in the DB 3. Then put this limit (max fake guests) to 5 4. Plugin doesn't add other sessions, simply wait for the sessions expiration and add new sessions only when the guests online go down the setting max fake guests. The plugin doesn't delete any session then you need to wait natural session expiration.
  7. It works as intended, "ADD MEMBERS" is available only for Private or Open club, it not works for closed.
  8. Send me a PM with url and acp access.
  9. I release a working version for 4.4 after the final release. BTW Who have a test board with 4.4 can report issues here.
  10. Sorry for the delay @Anabolic Architect. A new 2.3.9 released now with a fix.
  11. I've just released a security fix on iAwards, I advise everyone to update the app as soon as possible. (thanks to @newbie LAC to reporting this vulnerability)
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