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  1. Some troubles on file approval, if you need Classifieds because yuo upgrade a live board to 4.5 and now you need help then I can send you by PM. But I suggest to wait for IPS4.5 final.
  2. I upload new release yesterday. Waiting IPS approval.
  3. I don't know why this happened. I'm talking to IPS. It should all be resolved soon.
  4. - sadly no ETA for this feature, all effort now on 4.5 release. - you can commission me an import script. But I'll have to take a look and then I'll have to quote it to you separately. - Classifieds for 4.5 beta will be released today - Classifieds for 4.5 beta will be released today
  5. I don't think any developer offers support for betas and at the same time IPS suggests not to install betas on live sites. I'll see if I can release a beta version too. But it is still a bad practice
  6. Same problem try to disable email notification for approved adverts. This issue is fixed in the next release ready for 4.5 I not cover support for beta sorry.
  7. Yes, that's right. You can only change group type as admin. In open group you can't add members also if you are the admin.
  8. uhm you can try to check clubs limits in the club setting.
  9. No, it coming as I show in the screenshot above, as store and other IPS tabs.
  10. @Maxxius Are you available to testing new menu? I've made some progress but I need someone to test that everything works out for the best.
  11. Custom blocks appear only in club activity page / home page
  12. Please use only PM or only Post to contact me. I answered your private message.
  13. Apart from the blackmail of @ibaker, which frankly I don't give a damn about, I think @Maxxius's reasoning is right and I'll try to find a solution in one of the next releases. @sofos only for debugging can you try to disable email notification for approved ads and retry?
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