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  1. Same problem try to disable email notification for approved adverts. This issue is fixed in the next release ready for 4.5 I not cover support for beta sorry.
  2. Yes, that's right. You can only change group type as admin. In open group you can't add members also if you are the admin.
  3. uhm you can try to check clubs limits in the club setting.
  4. No, it coming as I show in the screenshot above, as store and other IPS tabs.
  5. @Maxxius Are you available to testing new menu? I've made some progress but I need someone to test that everything works out for the best.
  6. Custom blocks appear only in club activity page / home page
  7. Please use only PM or only Post to contact me. I answered your private message.
  8. Apart from the blackmail of @ibaker, which frankly I don't give a damn about, I think @Maxxius's reasoning is right and I'll try to find a solution in one of the next releases. @sofos only for debugging can you try to disable email notification for approved ads and retry?
  9. I've already checked and answered. From my tests it is not a bug but a problem with the configuration of the notifications. If you want a check on your forum send me a PM with access data to your ACP. If there is interest (more people who need this change) I can try to see if I can find a solution for the next versions of the app.
  10. You're asking for something you can't do right now.
  11. @SC36DC for notification issue. It's not a bug. Practically questions are comments then if you enable notification for "someone comments on something I follow" notification for questions works.
  12. You're right, it's just a pandemic came along and blocked our world for two months. you can change color using some CSS rules on your custom.css file. No, this is not possible ATM. This has to be considered a bug. I'm about to release an update, see if I can fix this too.
  13. Classifieds currently doesn't work without an IP.commerce license and I would have to buy one just to make a demo working on BBCODE. Unfortunately IPS does not offer test licenses for developers. In one of the next major releases of the app IP.Commerce will become optional and at that point I will have no problem installing a demo.
  14. The only thing that comes to mind is to create awards that represent the past and award them to users again.
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