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  1. I'll try to add this feature in the next release.
  2. You are the only one with this problem, it's hard or impossibile for me understand what happened because all my tries to replicate this issue fail. The only option here is that you give me full access to your board acp+ftp so I can try to debug the problem. Anyway If I find that this problem is related to your stuff I have to charge you for the support.
  3. Uhm... no, I've tested this and it also works. it seems an old bug fixed some months ago Try also to upgrade to latest version also if it's the same installed
  4. can you test Classifieds on default theme?
  5. 1. I'll try to add an option to remove button 2. you can add this with ipb menu feature I think this is a problem not related to my app it works on my board and I checked also on some customers. Like this:
  6. Fianal version 1.2.0 released 4.4.2 Needed! Fix image with LazyLoad on custom home page @Joel R @Tripp★ Added a new setting "Member can delete and move topics" @Sonya*
  7. It seems a bug. Can I log to your board to check?
  8. No, Classifieds don't have this feature.
  9. Thanks for reporting. I'm working to a maintenance release and I'll add also this fix.
  10. This is not a feature or bug. Submitting advert is possibile only for users and not for guests.
  11. have you installed the old Classifieds in the past?
  12. Few customers for this app. But If you need support I'll support it.
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