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  1. Hello, what app and version do you have installed? This topic is for the old app "Club Enhancements", not supported. The new app is "Improved Clubs Enhancements":
  2. @Makoto After upgrade to 4.5: Logs: INSERT INTO `ibf_deactivation_members` ( `member_id` ) VALUES ( NULL ) IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'member_id' cannot be null (1048)
  3. 1. Yes, fix is ready 2. Let me check 3. I do not understand the meaning of this request. If 10 people find themselves on the last page they will all bump and those who will become last will do the same. bump bump in the end you come back to the same initial result. Please, I understand the anxiety, but open an MP or a post, not both. Otherwise it becomes even more difficult to follow all the requests, I replied to you in mp. These days. I think this is more of a question for IP.Commerce.
  4. Classifieds use IP.Commerce for transactions, that's why this is a question you have to ask to invision guys.
  5. Sorry, my message box has been full since the 22nd. You can now write to me.
  6. It is not necessary, but you can do it.
  7. For all support requests related to 2.0.2 please send me a PM with forum URL and a temporary admin account to access to ACP.
  8. Any ideas when it will work on 4.5.4? It only shows an empty Linux Classifieds directory when clicking on the link.

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards, Wim

  9. Hey, I want to use this plugin for my forum. But I have some feature requests that I would love if you could add, I can pay you for it.
    1. A way to set the default maximum amount of members a club can have.
    2. A way for admins to set the maximum members specific clubs can have.

    So a default club can have for example 100 members maximum, but an admin can go in and set certain clubs to have 200.

    Would you be interested in doing it either officially for your plugin, or as a separate commissioned add-on?

  10. I added Classifieds System to the Marketplace, but then it tells me it hasn't been added and I can't update it?



  11. What do you mean? check this setting: I did not understand
  12. 2.0.2 with all fixes is pending approval in the marketplace
  13. Check in "core_permission_index"
  14. Gotcha! it's a small bug, I'll send the fix to the marketplace right away. Thank you for your report.
  15. Translatable WYSIWYG Widget 1.1.0 for 4.5 is pending approval in the marketplace
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