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  1. Payment methods are managed by IPS.Commerce (nexus) and "manual" option means -> (check, bank wire, etc.) 1. No, you can only restrict to n° advs x day/week,month,year 2. number of ads submitted 3. No 4. You can only refer to Member Group->Classifieds->Advert Submission->Restrict to. Uhm no, but I've done this widget as custom work for a customer and I'll add this feature in the next release.
  2. It's the same if you not use suffix/prefix on your users groups. For group suffix/prefix please refer to the official documentation about group formatting, I give you only an example, and you have: "Moderator" -> "Moderator"
  3. @Giray I can't reproduce this issue, can you please check if you installed the right version of the plugin? This issue happened only in one club or for all clubs? In my dev board it works fine:
  4. Thanks for reporting, I still have to test it for 4.4.6
  5. If you not add Featured Ads you have Features widget disabled In that case the option should be hidden, I fix it in the next release. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Yes, variable $award not contain "desc" in this template.
  7. Yes, it's true. For this reason a new theme for classifieds have priority now. For a temp fix just add: @media (max-width:768px) { li[data-blocktitle="Adverts Feed"] li.ipsDataItem { display: flex; } } in the custom.css. Nothing to pay, this is something that I have to improve for all customers.
  8. Can you make the same screenshot also with the default theme? Thanks.
  9. Yes, you can see ratings also on advert view, I don't remember about listing @stoo2000
  10. I'm testing the shipment feature on some premium customers, no ETA but most of the work is done. Feedback feature is no longer on my todolist because there is already a perfectly integrated app that does its job well. I release first the shipment feature and next big update concern about a revamped graphic theme. For the "quantity" it is managed by nexus and making it work even without the enabled transactions would involve a great job that is not planned at the moment. All the app works around nexus, this is well specified in the app description. I not reply to the usual user who continue to talk badly without having the slightest idea of how much time is invested to keep up an app of this size that with the usual superficiality calls itself dead. Customers pay 20$ for 13 Releases from 2018 that involve two major IPS releases, 4.3 and 4.4: (FIX) Fix an issue with alternative Datastore and thumbs (FIX) Fixed an error on AdvertsFeed widget (FIX) FREE badge problem on search result (IMPROVEMENT) Featured Adverts block improvement (FIX) Advert count per category issue (FIX+FEATURE) Email response from seller, now you can reply to the user (FEATURE) Add VAT for packages (FEATURE) Other Adverts from the same category block (FEATURE) Add location to search results (IMPROVEMENT) New users have "Notify me when questions are made" enabled by default (FEATURE) Add a setting to hide commission info on submit form (FEATURE) Frontend delete is a soft delete now, and admin can filter deleted adverts on ACP (FIX) Category widget advert count not consider sub-cat fixed (FIX) Followed adverts without image fixed (FIX) Theme issue on Account ---> My offers fixed (FIX) a bug on new question with email notification (FIX) custom fields issue (FIX) an issue on "Approve Ads" (FIX) Header Issue on User Shop (support also lazy load) (FIX) template error on user Shop (FEATURE) Addded pin map icon to location info (FEATURE) Add IP address to the advert history table(FEATURE) Add a way to allow multiple advert renewals - Packages (COMPATIBILITY RELEASE) 4.3 (COMPATIBILITY RELEASE) 4.4 In addition to all this there is support for over 200 app owners who ask for everything, from how to install the app to how to make Classifieds an orange basket. Customers can decide for themselves if it is worth spending $ 20 / year on those kind of jobs.
  11. This one seems a core issue, I'll try to contact IPS.
  12. Sure, you can use the app widgets.
  13. Please tell me all steps to reproduce this error. If I try to create a club I've no errors.
  14. When I try to delete (from moderator control panel) more then one entry I got this error: The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Error: 2S119/1
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