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  1. Classifieds System

    After some hours of investigation I discover that someone create rules on custom.css file to hide some categories from the list. Definitely not a problem with classifieds.
  2. Classifieds System

    Support on BBcode.it This topic only for info request.
  3. Classifieds System

    what Classified version do you have installed?
  4. Classifieds System

    yes, you can setup a fixed price in the package options. No, but it requires a code edit. Assistance on BBcode.it. I use this topic only for info request.
  5. Classifieds System

    1. I've other requests like this and "special terms & conditions" will be added in the next release of the app. Now there are an option to add guidelines by category: 2. When you submit a new advert you have 3 fields: PM and Email doesn't show any personal information, "Other" is a text field and this is always visible. If you want to hide this field you need a custom work. 3. It's the same, If you want to hide this field you need a custom work. 4. Transaction fee is for the selling not for the advert creation.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale

    invisionHQ Black Friday SALE -*- up to 75% OFF -*- until November 30
  7. Classifieds System

    I release a fix for this issue: Option doesn't work If I try to hide EXPIRED adverts from category (ACP settings) Check on BBCODE.IT
  8. iAwards

    This is something that you can't do without a custom work.
  9. iAwards

    Ah ok, now I understand what you meant. This is the list of what we have in the rules extension: Condition: 1. Has Award Actions: 1. Give Award 2. Remove Award.
  10. iAwards

    You are making a mistake, iAwards not supports any EVENTS, CONDITIONS and ACTIONS. It's all related to Rules app. If you prefer I can also answer: ALL EVENTS, CONDITIONS and ACTIONS of rules app.
  11. iAwards

    This is a "Rules" question, you can have more info in Rules topic.
  12. Classifieds System

    You can't, this is not an upgrade of the old app. For this task you need a custom work.
  13. iAwards

    you must create Award in ACP
  14. Classifieds System

    Classifieds have an hook on class_core_front_forms (Messenger Popup) But this is the first time that I see this error, no one reported before. Have you a step by step description to replicate this issue?
  15. Traffic Generator - IP.Board 4.x

    Tested now on 4.2.5 and it works. I remember ALL to read the file description before buy in the marketplace: Warning Note: This item cannot be used on IPS Hosting.