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  1. I don't understand, do you want to give users the ability to close an ad after it has expired?
  2. Not yet, You will be informed as soon as there is any news.
  3. InvisionHQ


    There is an option where you decide whether an award can be given more than once.
  4. Send me a PM with an url to test. @Maxxius (1,3) I suggest you hide the user menu from the settings and use only the main menu that is now implemented in the app. (2) Classifieds is based on IP.Downloads and uses nodes. I don't know if there is another way to do what you are asking. But if you notice, this is also how the marketplace itself works.
  5. InvisionHQ


    Yes, I was thinking about that. But first I have to make the app autonomous from Rules.
  6. If you ask support for Classifieds it is clear that you will get this answer. However, could you tell me if you use SMTP to send emails from your forum? Do other forum email work (not only test email)?
  7. The mail sending system is directly related to IPS. I advise you to check the email settings and use SMTP or an external mailing service.
  8. 2.2.1 is pending approval in the marketplace with: FIXED upgrade from 1.3.1 to 2.2.x (duplicate column) @NZyan FIXED long titles display issue (css) @leonovich_J FIXED classifieds submenu active items bug @numis ADDED a new setting has been added to make buyer selection mandatory(or not) when completing an ad @leonovich_J
  9. can you send me the 1.3.1 version installed in your forum?
  10. if you have a backup of classifieds tables try to remove cl_a_EUR column
  11. No but you can create a forum in the ACP and one as Topics in the group.
  12. For a temp fix add this to custom.css [data-pageapp="classifieds"] .ipsColumn.ipsColumn_fluid h2 { overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; }
  13. please send me a link so I can check.
  14. This happens because your licence has expired.
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