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  1. I don't think this is related to this app, but try to disable it and retry.
  2. Third way... 😂 Let me check.
  3. Ok, before age are formatted as "# posts". You will see that there will be others who preferred to keep it separate from custom fields. Maybe in the future I'll put an option to let them choose to display it as custom fields or as the number of posts. Anyway I just released the update with the fix and the suggestion in the marketplace.
  4. Thanks for reporting. Yes, I update this soon.
  5. Thanks for reporting, I'll check and get back to you.
  6. Old Club Enhancements customers have access to the new app. You have been added to the purchasers list and now you can download the app.
  7. I just tried it with and I didn't have any problems. Do you have any errors in the logs?
  8. Thanks for reporting. I update you later today.
  9. This task move Classifieds data from users table to Classifieds_memberdata table to meet the new rules of the marketplace. Can you please send me ACP access?
  10. can you send me ACP access?
  11. The newly installed app has no awards, you have to create them according to your needs from the control panel.
  12. you installed the wrong version. I've upgraded the app to the right 2.x version and now everything seems to be fine.
  13. yes, I can confirm that this is a bug. I'll release a fix asap. Right, I'm thinking I'm thinking about something different to contact seller after a deal. I'm confirming it's something that's already in my todolist.
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