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  1. I can take a look, but I want to wait 4.3 release first.
  2. iAwards

    I'm working on this feature now. Stay tuned.
  3. iAwards

    To make a fast review of this issue can be useful if you send me a PM with board URL and ACP access.
  4. iAwards

    It works on my side. Have you some kind of customizations on iAwards theme?
  5. iAwards

    What do you mean with create shortcut?
  6. can you try to use upload field instead drag&drop or copy/paste?
  7. @No' Let me check.
  8. Little thing should be fixed

    Check on default theme first
  9. Classifieds System

    There are a setting in ACP->Classifieds->Settings->views
  10. iAwards

    Only a cache issue.
  11. Classifieds System

    No, at the moment this feature is not available. You can have the same view inside the single category, in 4.x you only have a "Front Page" where you can add: - what's news widgets - random widgets - Expiring soon widget - Featured widgets - Category widgets Like the IPS marketplace.
  12. Classifieds System

    You have no issue with bots or competitors, email is stored in the DB and not visible to users / guests. BTW I will try to take a look at these requests but hardly before 4.3
  13. iAwards

    v1.2.0 released: What's New in Version 1.2.0 Added a check to awards page for permission "view" @Cyboman Fixed Hover popup bug @Cyboman @iacas Added an option to enable/disable guest permission to view awarded member list @Cyboman Category awards count now exclude disabled awards @Cyboman Fixed "no reason" bug for Rules app integration Fixed a bug with "Clone Award" that not reset awards count Minor fix Please make some test and report me any problems, I did not have much time to test.
  14. iAwards

    "Hover box" issue fixed too. @iacas @Cyboman
  15. iAwards

    "no reason" bug for Rules integration fixed. I upload a new release of the app on the marketplace today or tomorrow.