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  1. Did anything ever happen with this? I'm surprised it's not an in-built option like it is with some other forum software. It would be a great addition to my workflow (and many others no doubt).
  2. @Nebthtet - we are having this exact problem as well and it's holding us back from launching a new offering as we don't want to invite members to this new club, we want to manually add them. Did you manage to figure out what the problem was? Also, for everyone - is this forum thread the only way to ask for support on this paid plugin?
  3. Hi there - we have this plugin setup and previously used it to manually add members to a club (instead of inviting them and waiting for them to accept). However, we've just tried to do it again and we seem to be missing this "Add Members" button in our setup. Ours looks like this: @InvisionHQ and others - any ideas what we've broken?
  4. Is it just me being dumb, or is there no search option in the Marketplace and the only way to find plugins is to scroll endlessly through the categories? I also tried using Google to search for "new member defaults ipboard" also comes up with nothing. @Cyboman - do you know if this plugin will change the option on all existing users to have the "View Signatures" option turned ON (at the moment, everyone is turned off) as we have ~700 users who all seem to have this option turned OFF (we believe it's supposed to be ON by default and we want it turned on for these users as well as all our new users as they sign up). Thanks!
  5. We have this same problem - @LukasGr. - did you end up finding a solution?
  6. G'day @Nathan Explosion - is there an option to turn signatures ON or OFF on a per group basis? I.e. for users in GROUP1 - they can't set a signature and for users in GROUP2 - they can set a signature.
  7. @Mark Thanks Mark... @stoo2000 Oh... ok... sorry it wasn't 100% clear to me that its still fully compatible... took to many blonde tablets this morning. Rick
  8. Hi Mark, really nice to see the OAuth feature... can you please recommend a plugin for Worpdress? We are currently using the "WordPress SSO" IPB plugin by Stuart Silvester which looks like its not compatible with 4.3 and wish to make the transition to OAuth as seamless as possible...
  9. Not sure if this is best place to ask for support re your WP SSO plugin or not.

    We send out emails to our members all the time and in them are links to posts in our private community forum.

    When a member clicks the link and they are not still logged in they are taken to the login page of our WP website (we are using your WP SSO plugin for authentication to forums)

    Once they log in however they are not redirected back to the referring URL/Link that they originally clicked on in the email.

    I asked Invision support about it and they said I should ask you as its your code doing it.

    I thought that we could fix the problem with a ModRewrite rule but that didn't work either.
    I have looked in the {QUERY_STRING} and can see the variable `ref` and it contains the referrer just Base64 encoded

    can you please help?


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