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  1. I presume this will be updated for 4.3 @TAMAN
  2. ucjohn

    Display Name History

    Glad to see it back for IPB 4.++ you the man @All Astronauts if I didn't point that out to you that it was just a ACP thing
  3. Hello, Browsing downloads I noticed alot of these containers aren't constrained to the main container just figured I would point this out.
  4. Happy Holidays to you and you're family my friend!

    1. Rhett


      Thank you, and you too!  I hope you have a great Holiday Season!  

  5. Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. ucjohn

    (GS) Server List

    Discord would be very hard to do as it's a totally different structure it doesn't call from IP & Port it calles from unique ID numbers and is very API friendly but for this would be pointless. Battlefield 1 should be able to but right now Hosting companies haven't heard to much if they are going to be able to provide hosting of the game to people that want to rent as of this time. But I'm sure if they do the developer will update and add it.
  7. ucjohn

    (GS) Server List

    I cannot get seem to add battlefield 4 servers... I've added everything correctly. I get error there was a problem adding your server to try again later. @naXe90
  8. ucjohn

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Website isn't really new Just website was in development and alot of our members use our Teamspeak server.. The theme was done by me.
  9. ucjohn

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Hello, Just figured I would show off our site... Always on the look out for changes etc.. The Upcoming matches box is coming down but take a gander and enjoy. http://VenomSquadGaming.com
  10. ucjohn

    [DR] Live Streams

    I will purchase it even tho I didn't know that you're old version wouldn't work with IPB 4 I jumped the gun and renewed for a full year full durp.. Then found out and I know you've been busy with your life and career hence me not personal messaging you asking for the transaction to be reveresed.
  11. ucjohn

    [DR] Live Streams

    I'll just wait for @Dylan Riggs to release a official update @sweethoney
  12. ucjohn

    IPS Community Suite 4.1.10 Available

    Having nothing but problems since the patch.. 1 Site is completely white can't see the entire site except the ACP... I'm on PHP 5.6 but revereted it back to 5.4 hoping it would fix it nope it didn't do anything...
  13. ucjohn

    Total Time Spent Online

    I did offer to fork it and fix it.. Ah it's a nice addition
  14. ucjohn

    Total Time Spent Online

    If I had the files I can look into fixing it @Adriano Faria Oh I get tons of people that think it's hilarious....
  15. ucjohn

    Total Time Spent Online

    Pretty entertaining lol.. Considering the site's been up for 1 day..