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  1. This apps is absolutely brilliant.....love love love it & members too. I bought version 2.3.2 on TheJackal84's website and updated to 2.3.3 last week ! Looks working perfectly. I did not noticed any problems. I advice peoples to buy it & enjoy it....and encourage the developper to update it for ever.
  2. Hi again, Hope you are getting through your job... 🙂 I'm interested to pay my renewal for IPS 4.5. When would it be available please ? Thank you.
  3. Sorry, your SIGN UP is forbidden for some others countries. I used a VPN to located in US and i could login.
  4. @TheJackal84 1 ) Impossible to SIGN UP into your website to purchase. Neither by SIGN UP form with different email address or Facebook. Could you help please ? 2) About CLUB CATEGORIES APP :I would like to renew my licence for IPS 4.5. Actually, It is impossible to modify the category name with 1.0.5. It show an error by clicking on the ''EDIT Pen'' *** Will you and when would you update the last version of this APP 4.5, to buy the renewal please ? regards,
  5. Sticky note 2.3.2 for IPS4.5 is available on personnal website : https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/files/file/24-sticky-notes/
  6. @Nathan Explosion, thanks but i know this Split function. (without saying Split menu miss description filed) ---->We need a quick ''Saved action'' for groups, which move post converted to topic like split, BUT always into the same forum. It takes time for members, always searching the same forum in the list and open the way of possible error. (included a filed description)
  7. I can do with Split function but i would like a quick determined action. Always split the same post from the same topic location, converted to topic into always the same forum. Any idea of solution ?
  8. Hello @Adriano, I would like to do ''Saved actions'' to split one post included in a Topic and start it as a new topic into a specific forum. Does it exists ?
  9. Hi IPS-ter friends, 😉 How can i send message from INBOX to a full group ? Does any pluggins exists for this ? Or someone have the hability to dev this ? Thank you
    Very nice looking ! It is useful to give a quick understanding view of notifications without reading everythings. Thanks.
    Brilliant app !!!Congratulations !Work nice, lots of setting for the beginners to use max potential but i feel it will be awsome later.Thanks for your prompt support and patience.
  10. Brilliant app !!!Congratulations !Work nice, lots of setting for the beginners to use max potential but i feel it will be awsome later.Thanks for your support.
  11. Super news @DawPi, you are a hero ! 🙂 will use it now.
  12. Thank you, indeed this worked. Not super convenient though as we have tons of forums and sub-forums, I had to select each of them individually. Any chance you can fix this in v1.0.3 so the "All" checkbox would work? Please feel free to reach out through PM in case you want to run some tests on our site.
  13. Hi, Just bought the plugin yesterday and installed it on our IPB v4.4.10. Installation went well and the plugin is enabled I uploaded a small transparent png file I enabled the plugin everywhere Both GD & Imagick are installed on the server Then I created a new topic and uploaded a few pictures, none of them have the watermark. I tried with different png files with no luck 😞 Any idea? Best,
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