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  1. Hey, what about our question? Could you answer please?
  2. Oh sorry, few ppl are using this account and I see its marked as read. Now you got answer 🙂
  3. And one more thing - in Archives order by date is not working. It show only 1 newsletter after clicking it. Rest of it are gone ;/
  4. I confirm. After fix it works fine, but what about stats? 🙂 Its still not working 😞
  5. Thank you. Sending is working again, but stats are not working 😞 We have 0 clicks and opens, but there was opens for sure.
  6. Hi, we still want to make our progress bars. For example to show 450/500 posts and motivate to next level/trophie. We can make it, but need to fix position of trophies on profile. For now every trophie on different user can have diffrent position. For example one user can have trophie for posts at 1st place of list, and other one can have it on 2nd. So please fix it - even not for our progress bars. It will make list cleaner and much orderly.
  7. Ok, and what about Post Before Register? This one is not working in clubs, as far as I remember. It should! Like in normal topics. On this moment there is no any call to action. Guest see the topic, but nothing more.
  8. Cant wait 🙂 we have biiiig collection of clubs, and want to improve it. Our users loves it. You can check it here: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/ As I said - we have brand clubs with logos and local clubs by location 🙂 This is great news for us. Hope to see new stuff soon 😉 About this default mapbox position - its not showing all markers. It should center position, that all of them should be visible.
  9. Ok, it could be bright like that, but also you should add dark mode for ACP and front-end by default. I mean option to switch after dark from normal to dark mode (time based) - many sites haves it.
  10. Great. But please make sth with Map on clubs. Now on editing or adding club there is localisation which is default Poland for us. But when you save it it will put marker in wrong place. The same situation for other country. To make it proper we must put some City. To easy fix it you need to del Poland (or other country) and left all fields empty for the club. 2nd thing is map. Now we cant zoom it, set default position etc. So it don't look nice on start. We have 2 kinds of clubs - local clubs and companies clubs. It will be perfect to display map only for local one page: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/category/2-kluby-lokalne-terytorialne/
  11. We have DB error when trying to send newsletter after upgrade to newest version 😞
  12. Hey, any progress? We are still waiting for this fix 😞
  13. Thank you. We will test it. Basic statistics are cool for right now. But as you said - it will be even cooler, if you ad some statystics (by %), some charts to see the progress (or regress) etc.
  14. Hey, yes the issues is solved. We are not sure it is something with server, but anyway it works now.
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