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  1. Ok one more - Night Mode is by default enabled to all users. Which is no good. They asking as how to disable it etc. It should be disabled by default, only giving them option to enable it. Now all users that have other theme (not used by plugin) have enable this mode and set default them and can't change to another. And we have maaany messages from them. Please fix it :)
  2. Great app! I have only 2 things: - menu is not visible on mobiles? I see it only on desktop. - it blocks switching skins. Some users are confused by that. Is there any option to make it better?
  3. We have another bug - during edition notification settings for this plugin (in notification section at ACP) it also shows errors ;/
  4. I think that everyone understand that plugins/apps can have bugs. It also called beta. But having bugs is one thing, and having so much critical issues and do nothing with it is another... Communication with users is not so good at this one.
  5. Hey. Just installed app for 4.5. We have problem with replace trophie option. It sows error at ACP. We can't use it. Please fix it. Hey, we have the same. Its over 2 weeks and nothing. Any update plz? I just bought update for this plugin and its broken ;/
  6. Hey, our users reports, that it doesn't work with new default skin on 4.5.x. Any update plz? 😛
  7. Anything plz? We still can't update forum, because we are waiting for new version of this app.
  8. Hi, we are also waiting for fix for 4.5 🙂 This version have a lot of updates, so we want to use it, but we need newsletter 🙂
  9. No problem, I don't expect from you money back etc. I like and use your plugins anyway.
  10. Hi, I have bought this one, but it doesn't work like I want ;/ I want to set it for: "Allow any links apart from the links specified"- I have few links that are always moderated even for old users. But I also want to make a rule with plugin to moderate all links when users have under 5 posts to prevent spam. Can I use it somehow like that? Or is it working only for option Allow any links.
  11. Hey, we are asking about giving trophies in the same order from months. Could you make it please? We also want to make progress bars, like in games: 10 000 / 25 000 XP 😉 To show progress for our users and motivate them to earn next level (trophies), its very cool gamification. We can make progress bars by own, but we need the 1st thing, that we are asking for - good order of trophies for every user. Now one user for the same thing can have trophie on the top of his list, and another on the bottom.
  12. Hello, what should I do when I upload ips4.php file to my FTP folder? What's next?
  13. Hi, any chance for new version with fixed urls? This one broke GA links from our client. One we have for test from you gives us db error ;/
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