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  1. Of course. But it looks very familiar for me.
  2. Great news! It can replace plugin trophies and medals 🙂
  3. wegorz23


    Could you add please open rate parameter? Its easy - total opened/total sent in %. But it will make stats better :)
  4. This plugin is great! But I have few comments: - I think that preview for Message Template is absolutely needed. Now I must change something and logout and try to reach limit to see how it looks. - now message for user is on whole site and lock everything. I think that popup in facebook (or others) style will be better - to keep content in background, but show users popup to login. I agree. The app is very good, but aggressive for me in this way. It will be better if it cuts next post on same page, or shows popup on the top to log in, but now it hides everything.
  5. Of course. You have it on PM. It works fine, when I have only 2 trophies, and 2 replaces 1. When I have 3 and I set 2 to replace 1 it also works, but how to set it that 3 replace 2 and 1?
  6. How this trophies replacement works? I have trophies for 5, 10 and 15 years on forum. And set that one for 10 replace for 5, and one for 15 also replace (I have tried to set it to 5 and 10), but it is not working. I still see one for 10 and 15 years on profile. I should see only for 15 years.
  7. I have enabled it for some groups, made some translations, and... it disappeared at user main menu. Where is it? How to fix it now please?
  8. Its working, but now I have 2 plugins - one for 4.5 and one for older skins. Can someone marge it plz and make plugin working for both? 🙂
  9. Yes I know, I dont expext it, but it was working fine on this skin before. It looks like that after update to 4.5. I just want to have some tip to our dev where to search it to fix.
  10. Another bug - it shows error when trying to merg two users.
  11. Ok, we have one more issue. Plugin on our skin from IPS 4.4 looks like that: I know this skin is from 4.4, and plugin looks good on default one one from IPS on 4.5. But how can we fix it? My developer have look at it, and don't see where can be some templates or sth from it. Please help.
  12. It shows Error: 2S136/D if it helps somehow.
  13. Im on 4.5.4 but in 4.5.2 was the same.
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