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  1. Okay, thanks @Marc Stridgen. That's what I thought. Cheers.
  2. Hi @Marc Stridgen, can I PM you a couple of examples?
  3. On my site there seem to be quite a difference between the maximum amount of visitors to members' profiles displayed in the latest visitors block. While some show up to 11, others only show up to 5, and of course I'm only comparing profiles for members I know must have received more visits than either amount. So, I'm trying to work out the reason behind this difference, if there's some setting somewhere that determines the max. number of visitors shown for each profile. At this point I tend to believe that only members who signed up before a certain date, show up to 11 visitors, while those who signed up after show up to 5. I know that would odd but it's the only explanation I've found so far. Any ideas?
  4. @sean182011 not sure if I understand correctly. Yes you can achieve that with permissions but you'll also need to approve all registrations manually. You can select that under Settings > Login & Registration So, they won't become a member until you approve their accounts. But is it that what you want to achieve? Basically nobody becoming a member until manually approved? Or even after being approved, still not being able to see more than a guest? I still don't have that quite clear after reading your post. For the latter, the most practical solution would be giving your default member group (generally group #3) limited permissions. So, when they move from "guests" to "members" they only see what you want them to see, and only after that they begin moving to other usergroups with more permissions, either manually by you moving one by one or by promotion rules (which is generally a better way). Mind you, this solution is better applied when you are creating your site, so from the beginning the member group (which you can give any name really) serves that purpose. The way around if your forum already exists and you have members already would be, before implementing the above, to mass move all your members to a higher usergroup. You start by copying the "members" group and then moving members to the newly created group that you can call whatever you want too. Anyway, if I misunderstood, please let me know.
  5. @Adam Chernoff, you may want to take a look at these third party apps: https://www.invisioneer.org/files/file/23-dp45-guest-view-limits/ https://www.invisioneer.org/files/file/24-dp45-groups-view-limits/ Particularly if you want to have a teaser system to allow guests or members of some usergroups to have a limited access to topics, rather than all or nothing.
  6. These three should be fine, as I have them and had no problem with them. The Classifieds app needs to be updated though. I opened a ticket on bbcode.it and now I'm waiting, as the scanner did lock that app. Luckily I was able to perform the IPS upgrade to 4.7.15 without interruptions (it simply locked that app after the upgrade was completed), and being this on my test installation, it's not a major problem. But I'll wait for that app to be updated before upgrading my live site to the lastest version.
  7. So, is this a case that if upgrading IPS to 4.7.15, one needs to upgrade third party apps before? (I mean to avoid being stuck half way an upgrade?)
  8. Thanks Wicked, but I believe that in that case you should have come across the scanner before. Version 4.7.3 was the last version that worked with PHP 7.4 and it came with the scanner to help you prepare for the PHP 8-compatible versions. I asked because if you were upgrading from something older than 4.7.3, you could have simply switched back your PHP to 7.4, uninstall the files, and then change back to PHP 8 after the upgrade. Now, it worries me that it seems that the scanner on 4.7.15 seems to be detecting potential problems not detected by immediately earlier versions. I'm saying this based on this topic and others commenting about having trouble with the upgrade due to third party apps that now they cannot uninstall, etc.
  9. @Wicked007, may I ask from what version you are upgrading from? Is this the first time you upgrade to a version with the PHP8 scanner?
  10. As others say, it would be good to find out the reason, particularly if it happens that often. But if you have access to your database, see this other thread for a one by one case solution.
  11. If you are looking for a replacement for this plugin in particular, Adriano has made an app that imports the existing topic descriptions you may have and that were created with Newbie LAC's plugin (and previous plugins too for that matter) The discussion topic can still be found here: And I guess now you can get it directly from his site.
  12. Yes, that's what I've always done. The problem begins if you have a paywall (like I do), and different areas, some visible by guests, others only to members, etc. and you want to follow these Google instructions. I thought there maybe was a way of editing templates to incorporate Google's instructions. Cheers.
  13. Thanks @Dll, that's useful to know. Does anyone know how to implement that on an IPS community?
  14. @DawPi, maybe a silly question but do we need to use the same registration details to sign up on invisionize.pl? Or it doesn't matter for as long as we provide the correct licence key?
  15. Also, by using Nathan's plugin linked above (which has a lot of flexibility per type of content too).
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