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  1. That's the reason why I'm still running version 1.0.1 on 4.4. I have some faint optimism that maybe even works on 4.5 (for when I upgrade), but maybe not and in that case me too will need to think of a MySQL query. It's a pity this aspect changed after version 1.0.1 of the plugin.
  2. I'm interested in some Cloud Storage just for backups. I looked at Wasabi and I think there was no way of making it delete the files automatically after a given number of days (Imagine I only want the keep the 7 latest backups for example). I know this is possible with Amazon, but I don't want to deal with Amazon. Does Backblaze allows this?
  3. Thank you for the reply @Morrigan.
  4. Apologies for bumping my own topic, but does anyone know the above? Thanks.
  5. No sure if this will solve your problem, but there are two other places you haven't mentioned that you may need to change. In System > Advanced Configuration You probably need to change the Template disk cache path (under the Server Environment tab) And you also probably need to change the full path of the Directory (under the Data Storage tab) In both cases this may be needed if the directory where your IPS installation was the old domain name and now is the new domain name instead. So, maybe it's just changing part of the path (simply repla
  6. Happy New Year everyone. I've been wondering this for a long time, and I have searched here but I haven't found any conclusive answers. I've been pondering about using Pages to commission someone to make a directory, and for that I would like to pull fields from the members' profiles. I understand that's possible. Now, I believe it would impractical to do so, if I wasn't able to create pages with widgets whose default is a random sorting of the entries every time you load the page. So, the simple question is: Can you have Pages with widgets that sort entries randomly as a d
  7. Yes, I wasn't able to a get a single positive result from that test at the Coinbase page. But my app works nonetheless. Do you have a page where you have your subscriptions for members to buy? If you do, why don't you try to buy one and see how far you get? You don't need to complete the transaction, you can cancel if you wish. But if after selecting this method of payment when you buy a subscription, you'll see that from your site, you are redirected to the Coinbase Commerce one, to a page like this: If you get this far, maybe all is fine. However, if when you buy a s
  8. @Steven Tolle I think you have not mentioned @OctoDev correctly (so he maybe won't know you are asking him a question, though I guess he follows this topic regardless of whether he's mentioned or not). I have the app and it's working correctly for me. However, I'm running IPS 4.4 and the respective version for this app. So, some things may vary for me. From what I read in this same thread, you cannot access the callback url directly with your browser. For example, if I try to visit mine, all I get is: "Not a valid callback" (yet the app is working fine for me). Now, since I don'
  9. @OctoDev, I'm happy to report that everything is working as intended. I received the first crypto payment overnight, and it approved itself. It's just the test on the Coinbase Commerce site that cannot be performed for some reason. Which is fine if all the rest works. Cheers.
  10. Hi @OctoDev, I've bought this and now I'm trying to get a positive result with the test on Coinbase, but it keeps failing. I'm using IPS 4.4, Australian Dollars as the currency, and using Cloudflare too. I haven't had a complete transaction, as nobody has chosen cryptocurrency to pay with yet (I've installed this only yesterday). However, I've gone as far as the prompt for paying, and so far, so good. If I choose a Bitcoin for example, it tells me the wallet address to copy and/or offers to scan the code. So, that's fine. My problem is getting a
  11. Thanks for this plugin @HeadStand. I've bought it just to modify one Commerce template in order to add more payment info, and it works really well. Just one question. I understand that IPS sends the emails in html and text only formats (for whoever doesn't have an html-enabled mail client). Is the text only version still sent even if we use a custom email wrapper for a template?
  12. I use a plugin on my browser (Firefox) to convert back to Jpeg when downloading. I know it exists for Chrome too. I serve .webp files on my site via Cloudflare. Only the cached versions from Cloudflare are .webp, while on my server they remain the original format they have.
  13. Actually, it works :) What I saw as <img alt="?" class="ipsEmoji" src="https://twemoji.maxcdn.com/2/72x72/3f.png"> In the database it was showing only as <span class="ipsEmoji">?</span> So the query that works is UPDATE forums_posts SET post=REPLACE( post, '<span class="ipsEmoji">?</span>', '' ); Cheers
  14. Hmm, I've tried all the options and it remains unaffected: Not sure what I'm missing. Any ideas?
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