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  1. Hello, 1. 2. Run sql-query (ACP - Support - SQL Toolbox) and show me result SELECT * FROM core_sys_conf_settings WHERE conf_key='nb_sec_gr_icons_post_groups';
  2. Hello, Thanks for the suggestions. I will consider them. Which settings?
  3. Hello, Click on Edit button, configure the widget, save the settings, close the widgets panel, reload the page.
  4. Hello, On front-end click on arrow Move the widget on sidebar area Configure it
  5. Hello, Check the widget settings
  6. Hello, Could you make a video? Or give me a link where I can see this
  7. Hello, I don't like checkboxes. 2 clicks vs. 1 click All posts = Own + Someone else's
  8. Hello, No Give me a link on your forum
  9. Hello, Just inform I'll make some tests before release
  10. I know. I mean we can check Can edit posts /answers? (excepting first post/question) setting + Can/ edit own messages or only check Can/ edit own messages I don't want split those permissions. It would be better add 2 permissions - Can edit first post/question? -- Selectbox with options Own posts / Someone else's posts / All posts - Can edit posts/answers? (excepting first post/question) -- Selectbox with options Own posts / Someone else's posts / All posts
  11. How new setting will be works with other settings? I mean Can edit first post/question? and Can edit posts/answers? (excepting first post/question) Should we respect them?
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