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  1. Hello, Not sure what you mean. The cover image only displays on the topic page. No demo. I hide the topic cover on mobile But you can use css to display it https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/432553-nb41-topic-cover/?do=findComment&comment=2720246
  2. Hello, You can use conditions {{if isset(\IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class']) and \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class'] == 'IPS\forums\Forum' and $forum = \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_node']}} {{ try { $category = \IPS\forums\Forum::load(12345); } catch (\OutOfRangeException $e){} }} {{if $category and $forum->isChildOf($category)}} 1 {{endif}} {{endif}} Change the 12345 on category ID
  3. Hello, It's looks like a core bug. I made a temporary fix.
  4. Hello, You should to change the postContainer and the post templates. You can send me PM the HTML
  5. Hello, No. You can use template plugin to show the counter on the records pages 1. ACP - Pages - Templates - Database Templates - Display - record 2. Add {readingtime="$record"}
  6. Hello, Thank you for report. I'll look into that.
  7. Hello, The plugin does not related with browser.
  8. Hello, Looks like Core bug. On my dev board http://localhost/dev/news/category/13-cool-news/ redirects to http://localhost/dev/football/news/category/13-cool-news/ On the applications page move News application above Football. if this does not solve the problem then try to change the FURL template.
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