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  1. Hello, I don't know. Do you have the same issue with other custom widgets?
  2. Hello, Yes I cleaned my PM box
  3. Hello, This will require additional coding
  4. Hello, {{if request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums' and request.controller == 'topic' and isset(\IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class']) and \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class'] == 'IPS\forums\Forum' and \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_id'] == 11}}1{{endif}}
  5. Hello, I sell the files only on marketplace. Ask IPS via ticket.
  6. Yes Show the advert if the topic_meta_data value is 1 {{if request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums' and request.controller == 'topic'}} {{$topic = \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_item_item'];}} {{if $topic and $topic->topic_meta_data == 1}} 1 {{endif}} {{endif}}
  7. That column contains 0 (topic hasn't meta data) or 1 (topic has meta data)
  8. Which field do you mean? The topic meta data (topic messages, featured comments) is stored in the core_content_meta table
  9. You can load the topic object and use the field if it available,
  10. I can not reproduce. Where did you add the code? I added in core - global - plugins - nbPinnedPostsSeparators
  11. Hello, I guess you can use conditions + css {{if request.page > 2}} <style> #nbPinnedSeparatorTop, #nbPinnedSeparatorBottom, .cNbPinnedPost { display: none; } </style> {{endif}}
  12. Hello, The plugin displays the adverts on mobile.
  13. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/421457-nb40-ads-after-x-posts/?do=findComment&comment=2689291
  14. The plugin will not display advert after those posts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looks like you want to show the advert after 5th post because 5 -> 1st page 5th post 30 -> 2nd page 5th post 55 -> 3rd page 5th post 80 -> 4th page 5th post 105 -> 5th page 5th post 130 -> 6th page 5th post 155 -> 7th page 5th post 180 -> 8th page 5th post 205 -> 9th page 5th post 230 -> 10th page 5th post If so check the Every page
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