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  1. newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    Hello, Add your image in archive and attach it here or in PM.
  2. newbie LAC

    (NB42) Topic Moderators

    Hello, Confirmed as a bug
  3. newbie LAC

    (NB43) Filter By Tags

    Hello, If you on the forum page (example https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/431-ips-marketplace-topics/) you will only see the tags from that forum.
  4. newbie LAC

    (NB40) Custom profile fields per forum

    Hello, I don't have permissions to view that page Could you give me acp access?
  5. newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    Yes. You can do it for evary team. This may be a problem for multi language forums.
  6. newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    4 input fields or 4 select boxes with players names?
  7. newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    These are only ideas. For example I don't know what do you mean "clean sheet table wiget"
  8. newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    Hello, I don't remember those things. Please give me a link on a post where you read about that.
  9. My code for images Use Bad Word Filter to replace the middle finger or use jquery to remove it $("span.ipsEmoji:contains('\u{1F595}')").remove();
  10. newbie LAC

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Hello, I'll fix it for next release.
  11. newbie LAC

    (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Hello, Confirmed as a bug
  12. newbie LAC

    (NB40) Mentions

    As soon as it is done For acp changes you can see Administrator logs
  13. newbie LAC

    (NB40) Mentions

    Hello, No. I can add this as setting for next release. What do you mean?
  14. newbie LAC

    (NB40) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    Hello, Yes. I can tell in PM what to change