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  1. If you want exclude it use .ipsStreamItem_time:not([data-timetype="past_hour"])
  2. Hello, Try Css selector .ipsStreamItem_time Position Insert advert before the chosen element(s)
  3. Hello, It should be work on the tutorials listing page
  4. The application adds new features. How an advert will be display depends on advert code. [hr] You can use Responsiveness
  5. Css selector #elPostFeed Position Insert advert after the chosen element(s)
  6. I think you should read the docs of advert system which you will use. I did not work with adhesion. I can help with application if you have any issues
  7. Just change the index in css selector to :eq(7) After 8th post article.cPost:eq(7) Inside 8th post div[data-role="commentContent"]:eq(7)
  8. Hello, Yes. You can use css selector to add your advert where you want
  9. CSS selector [data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="topic"] .ipsType_pageTitle
  10. Hello, Use CSS selector [data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="forums"] [data-tableid="topics"]
  11. You can uncheck the CSS selector (2nd screenshot). This setting does not linked to clicks protection.
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