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  1. So, in 4.6 I will be able to choose a default image?
  2. I have searched the community and not found this specific query addressed previously. If I have somehow missed it or if this is better served in a different forum (maybe the feature suggestions sub(?)), my apologies. Anyhoo... When you, either "Promote" a thread to Twitter or merely drop a link of a thread into a Tweet, the default image provided by the software is thus: Within the ACP there are settings to set default hashtags as well as a Bitly link compression. Why is there not an option to include a default image(?). I am specifically referring to the clipart typewritten page image on the left hand side of the dividing line. This is not very eye-catching on Twitter. What I would like to be able to do is to include an image of my choosing such as the site logo or some such other. Until Invision incorporates this, what should be a standard option in my opinion, is there a template edit or some other way of implementing this workaround so that a desired image displays as the default instead of the supplied clipart? Thank you for reading.
  3. @newbie LAC I see by your signature that you are in the hospital. I hope all is as well as can be expected. I want to thank you for this mod, you have made a lot of peoples lives easier, mine included. When you get around to it and are able, I have a question regarding the "Pages" application. I utilize that app on my site and would love to be able to add an advert to published articles every 3 paragraphs or something close to it. Any guidance you might be able to provide here would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards.
  4. I have found that copying and pasting html into a title does indeed work. It also breaks the page. This ability somewhat mystifies me in that while I can restrict a user group's html posting abilities, they still are able to post html they have copied from another site.
  5. Just circling back here and wanting to give some love to @Adlago after the fix was validated by Google Analytics. This fix does solve the CLS issue we were/are experiencing. Thank you sir!
  6. Just wanted to give Nathan a little bit of love here and tell anyone that may need this, that it does indeed work.
  7. Duly noted. Thank you again sir.
  8. Just a minor follow up here @Nathan Explosion. I don't see where the crawler has logged in (no IP associated with the account). Should a "submit" parameter be included as well? Something like: _processLogin = elSignIn_submit TYIA
  9. Thank you, Sir. Much appreciated. I shall afix the parameters to what you have above.
  10. Thank you for the response, Nathan. I don't know that I am having a login issue outside of having the wrong login parameter. I initially thought it would be POST but didn't understand why, for both POST and GET that they want an 'equals' parameter for both. When choosing, "Plain HTTP", the 'equals' goes away so I thought it must be that. What is the purpose of the 'equals' for the password and username and should the respective parameters be the same for both sides of the equations?
  11. Could really use some help here.
  12. What would be the login method? GET, POST or Plain HTTP? TYIA
  13. I don't know about you @Apfelstrudel but my Console Errors began showing up after this last patch,
  14. Apologies for the delay in responding @Adlago. Thank you much for the explanation. Will attempt to implement later this week. One last question if you don't mind.. Is there a reason why this would not work by simply inserting it into the CSS "Custom" template?
  15. Thank you, @Adlago I read your thread but like the last user there, I am unsure where exactly to place this code. Would it be: core> front> global> global template or might it work in the "custom css" ?
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