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  1. I had IPS add the DMARC record not long ago and it passes for my websites. They also added SPF and DKIM records and they pass as well.
  2. The information is private so you will want to start a ticket with IPS.
  3. Well... I am quite positive that those members were in the group I thought they were. There is the fact that both of them have been posting to the Private forum since their joining, as is evidenced by their postings to the private forum through the years. This is easily provable if you login and look at their postings through the years, up until the point when they could no longer access the Private sub. If they were not in the Private group, I'm not sure how they could post to the private sub. They could not post to the private forum being in the group they were found to have been in on Thursday. Other than that... I'll leave it at that. I might suggest that you indeed get a backup of the database from prior to that point in time in order to check the groups. Other than the above, at this point, I don't know if there is anything else to say in this matter.
  4. I placed them there, manually. Yes, one member did, the other was Wednesday, the day after the redis event. I will concede your contention that the two are not related. Honestly, as I said in my PM, this is not a big deal for me, it was more of a FYI for your team. I do, however, find it strange that there is no record of them being removed from a particular user group and odd that it happened in the first place.
  5. Umm... Somehow we are talking past one another. Not sure why there always seems to be a communication gap when it comes to matters regarding issues. Something changed the data. I don't believe I am mixing two things here, The two issues arose at the same time so however remote, and though you say it isn't possible, I'm not sure how, or why, but the members being removed from their user groups, and being placed into another user group, with no record of it happening ('twas not done by me or there would be a record of it), both occurred at relatively the same time. I. Do. Not. Know. I did not do it (as there would be a record of that action in the ACP). It happened when this REDISException occurred... that is all I know. Period. Hence my query here... what happened?
  6. And that is my point. It happened when this REDISException occurred. They have been in that group since 2010 or so. And as you can see, from my screenshots, there is nothing that indicates they were moved from the group that I had to move them back into. The only record is that I moved them back to the group they had been in for well over a decade. I explained all of this upthread.
  7. The problem is that Invisioneer automatically opts you into every single thing possible. The default should be opt-in, not opt-out. Took me a week to unsubscribe from everything.
  8. Sorry, I uploaded the wrong image. I edited my post while you posted. Please see the revised image. ETA: There is no setting for pruning member history as far as I can see. Additionally, I explained that with other member's accounts, I can see actions performed as far back as July of last year...
  9. Not sure I am able to locate the aspect you are referring to here. I could not find anything related to your direction, ACP -> Members -> Profiles -> Settings. I believe it to possibly be the ACP > Members > Members Settings > Profiles but again, I see nothing there that allows for pruning member history. All I see is: Regardless of the above, with other member accounts, I can see as far back as July of last year with actions taken on a member's account. As such, I would think that this would be the case with every member's account, though I could be wrong on that. I have documentation to prove everything I have stated.
  10. I am responding to the right topic. Let me try again... When the problems with the Cloud happened and I was getting the REDISException, I was emailed by two members that they could not access the forum as they had been accustomed to doing for the last 15 years. Gone were sub-forums they had had access to for the past decade-plus. I looked at their accounts in the ACP and there was no indication anything had changed. Missed by me at the time was the fact that they were now in a member group that did not allow for permissions they had for those 15 years. Upon further investigation, I discovered that somehow their member group had changed. Usually, when an admin changes a member's group, it is noted in the right sidebar of that member's account. In that sidebar, there was no indication that the member's group had changed on this past Tuesday, or at any period prior. When in fact, their group had changed this past Tuesday. I'm not sure I can explain it any better than what I have just laid out. It seems pretty easy to grasp from my perspective, but I am failable.
  11. About the time this happened, I had two members (that I know of) who had their group changed. There is no indication in their ACP account showing the grouping was changed. It is like they were in the grouping they were found to have been in, forever when that is not possible.
  12. Agreed. This was just 5 minutes ago for 5 minutes: Can't even come here to report it because this is what you get when you come here to report it: At this rate, they might want to create a sub-forum just for ICC server problems...
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