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  1. Hello, I don't know. Do you have the same issue with other custom widgets?
  2. Hello, Yes I cleaned my PM box
  3. Hello, This will require additional coding
  4. Hello, {{if request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums' and request.controller == 'topic' and isset(\IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class']) and \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_class'] == 'IPS\forums\Forum' and \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_id'] == 11}}1{{endif}}
  5. Hello, I sell the files only on marketplace. Ask IPS via ticket.
  6. Yes Show the advert if the topic_meta_data value is 1 {{if request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums' and request.controller == 'topic'}} {{$topic = \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_item_item'];}} {{if $topic and $topic->topic_meta_data == 1}} 1 {{endif}} {{endif}}
  7. That column contains 0 (topic hasn't meta data) or 1 (topic has meta data)
  8. Which field do you mean? The topic meta data (topic messages, featured comments) is stored in the core_content_meta table
  9. You can load the topic object and use the field if it available,
  10. I can not reproduce. Where did you add the code? I added in core - global - plugins - nbPinnedPostsSeparators
  11. Hello, I guess you can use conditions + css {{if request.page > 2}} <style> #nbPinnedSeparatorTop, #nbPinnedSeparatorBottom, .cNbPinnedPost { display: none; } </style> {{endif}}
  12. Hello, The plugin displays the adverts on mobile.
  13. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/421457-nb40-ads-after-x-posts/?do=findComment&comment=2689291
  14. The plugin will not display advert after those posts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looks like you want to show the advert after 5th post because 5 -> 1st page 5th post 30 -> 2nd page 5th post 55 -> 3rd page 5th post 80 -> 4th page 5th post 105 -> 5th page 5th post 130 -> 6th page 5th post 155 -> 7th page 5th post 180 -> 8th page 5th post 205 -> 9th page 5th post 230 -> 10th page 5th post If so check the Every page
  15. Hello, The plugin works differently. If you are on the 2 page the first post will be 1st not 26.
  16. Hello, I can not reproduce. 1. What url does the 404 page have? 2. Have you tried use simple text instead of html?
  17. Hello, The application adds the boxes with tags. You can still add tags manually.
  18. Hello, I'm sorry about that. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8198-nb41-enhanced-advertisements/?changelog=19306 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can disable the module
  19. Please explain which teams do you want highlight?
  20. All your teams has position zero (0) Yes. Search by nbFootballWidgetTables_circle_win
  21. Hello, Yes https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715606 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715611 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715641
  22. Hello, Thank you for the report.
  23. Thanks for clarification. I added this in TODO list.
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