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  1. Hello, I am looking for help as I try to set up my site before buying the annual plan. I want everyone to be able to visit the website, see the forums and read the topics, but once they click on a topic to read the post and replies, it prompts them to subscribe with a paywall to be able to read further. Example of this is here at WRX: https://forums.golfwrx.com in their "ClubWRX Members Forum". Anyone can open the forum, but as soon as you click on a thread, boom, you are hit with the paywall. On my current demo site: https://n330193.invisionservice.com I have tried to replicate this functionality but I cannot get it working as anticipated. What I have done: Created a subscriber group Created an an annual subscription When a member buys, they are upgraded to the subscriber group In "permissions" for "2024 NFL Season" board, I have "see forum" and "read topics" checked for all groups, and then have only admin and subscribers checked for "post new topics", "reply to topics" and "download attachments". When I edit the "2024 NFL Season" board, I put the custom no permission message to a test of "subscribers only, click here to subscribe" However, none of this seems to apply, as any group type from non logged in guest to admin can open any topic and read the post and replies. Can someone tell me what I am missing and how to get this to work like intended or WRX Members Forum above? Thank you
  2. Hello, I have completed all of the instructions listed on the website from the domain side to point at my forum. It says afterward to contact support. Is this the right spot to do so? If not, can someone please help me out? I am confused here on how to make this work.
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