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  1. hi guys, is there any option to hide '' add to cart'' button for guest user. i think this button should visible only to members. and also instead of reviews is there commenting option on products page
  2. hi guys since i updated 4.3.3 version i couldnt get the option sharing facebook. it was working fine now im not getting any option. login facebook is fine everything is working fine but not getting sharing immediately option .. anybody knows anything abt it please tell me thanks.
  3. publish action are no more required i think. coz its default now. just need to update details for user_posts which details are available here. but manage page and publish pages details im also looking those instructions for promoting
  4. My fb app was working before i just upgraded to version 3.0 now only my developer facebook id is not attaching with my forum account . rest ids are fine. user can login user can attach the prob is only with developer id attachment sign in to facebook. i even created new app just now working fine but same prob. @Josiah Wallingford and the details which u r looking for im also looking for tht details dont know wht to write and which option have to choose.
  5. new error at facebook app. cant attach the id of devlper but rest of the ids even my id or any other user id can attach or create id . but only devolper facebook app id not connecting. anyone knows why ? how to fix this. ??
  6. hi eveyone, can anyone please guide me in these options step by step for facebook such as details and which option i have to choose. coz there r no help topic or details available here there are others for registration but not for manage and publish pages options. publish pages and manage pages for facebook
  7. Is there any details or guidance how to add manage pages and publish pages. what to put details and which option i have to choose . if anyone setup these share with us. manage pages and publish pages details.
  8. this is nice addition for promoting users by different ways. is it possible to add default award option in group promoting settings and also a pm notification or email for user when reach to next level. ?
    At last got the solution of long quoting attachments. 1 of the besttttttt plugin for articles based forum specially. thanks alot
  9. this is something really time saving way. great addition .
  10. yeah im thinking too but i thought i could get help from the community coz IPS team is mostly busy in 4.2 and its also only on home landing page popup problem. lets see if anyone can help else will have to lil disturb to IPS team member hope someone will solve this issue here before i open ticket
  11. ohhhh u again... u always ready for help thanks yes alot of time.. i cleaned cache , disable all plugins , apps still same prob. only on home page ... and also i reupload cheditor , restore toolbar everything. even used support option too.
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