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Ryan Ashbrook

New: Complete Your Profile

Completing long and complex forms online is tedious. It can be off putting having to fill in a lot of information before you can join a site or service. You may find that potential members never bother to convert from a visitor.

How to convert guests into regular members is an often asked question. The simple answer is to lower the barrier to entry. Invision Community 4 already allows you to register with Facebook, Twitter, and other networks with ease.

"Complete My Profile" is a system that will lower the barrier of conversion. Guests only have to complete a very basic form to gain membership. Members are then asked to complete any custom profile fields you require.

You can also set up steps that group items together to encourage existing members to add more information to their public profile.

Members with a complete profile and user photo provide others with much more engagement and personality.

If we look at registering first. Clicking "Sign Up" will only show a simple modal form with as few fields as possible.



If you have required steps, and after any member validation flow, the complete your profile wizard is shown.



This enforces required fields and the member cannot skip them or view other pages until completed.

Of course, you may have steps that are not set to required. These are available too, but are skippable. Members can complete skipped steps later.



A dismissible progress bar shows to members that have uncompleted steps. Once dismissed, it no longer displays in the header of the site.



This same progress bar is always shown in the members' settings overview panel, in the user control panel. This will prompt members with incomplete steps.



If you set up a new required step, members have to complete the step before being able to browse again. This will ensure that all regular members have completed profiles.

Admin Control Panel
You will create new steps in the Admin Control Panel. Each step can contain multiple elements of a single group. This step can be set to required to enforce completion or suggested to allow it to be skipped.



The basic profile group contains things like user photo, birthday and cover photo. Choose any of these for this step.



The custom profile field group contains any fields you have set up already.



You can switch off this system if you feel it does not fit your needs. When disabled, you get the normal registration form.



Reducing the complexity of membership can only help convert more guests into contributing members. Enforcing required steps ensures that you capture data across your membership.

We hope you enjoy this feature and you see an increase in guest conversion with Invision Community 4.2.


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