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  1. For people who may struggle fixing the source code itself, there's a much simpler, but equally effective solution. If the member has not made any posts, then the variable $you gets passed as a SQL query. Hence inside the template you can add this little workaround: {{if !(is_numeric($you))}} <span>0</span> {{else}} <span>{expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->formatNumber( $you )"}</span> {{endif}} To edit the template go to: AdminCP -> Customization -> Edit HTML and CSS -> Templates -> jimmotoppostersplus -> jimmoTopPostersPlusR
  2. This is still present. Any fix available?
  3. Awesome material. Very useful! I have one question nevertheless. Is it possible to pass parameters to a block (PHP one)? @Rikki I tried this {block="test" params="$test2"}, but unfortunately I'm unable to use $test2 within the block's code. Cheers
  4. Hey there, @eden buganim I have downloaded the latest version and for some reason it consists of exactly the same features as version 1.0.1, no changes seem to be made. Can you confirm that the latest version is actually uploaded? It seems to be the same version as 1.0.1 because I cannot see any plugin settings nor fixes (button not appearing where unnecessary). Thanks
  5. Hello. I want to address one issue regarding this plugin. This preview post button is seeable literally everywhere where editor is involved. This is partially good, however when a moderator tries to move a topic, he can see this button for no reason. Once clicked, it displays nothing. It's not a big issue, just I'd suggest to keep it on when a user is making a topic/reply.
  6. I see this design-bug on default theme when a new collab is made an is waiting for approval. What can I do about it to fix it? Also if there are over 15-20 (can't remember exactly) members in the group, and if you click on active members and then on 2+ page in the pagination, it transfers you to a new page. Is this intentional?
  7. I purchased this theme and I've to say it was definitely worth it. You can download the leaked version of this theme, but you cannot get such a flawless support. Ehren is very mature and helpful developer. I used some applications from IPS Marketplace and unfortunately had to face several problems, however, in less than a day after contacting Ehren I received a quick response and even an offer to fix it for me. I'm pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended! In case you dislike this particular theme and you like some other theme from Ehren, then trust me, you should not hesitate and purc
  8. Hello. I have recently purchased and installed this plugin, but unfortunately I'm experiencing some problems with it. The periods of time are partially cut, in other words, I cannot fully see what is written. Instead of Month it shows it as Mo... I believe this is caused due to recent software update. It would be great if you could fix this. Image of the issue: IPS Version: 4.1.1 Thanks in advance!
    Superb and very useful plugin, especially if you are running a community where users have to follow a certain format when writing new topics. Recommending to purchase.
  9. After installing a demo of Group Collaboration and testing it there, it seems that the problem is with the actual CKEditor and not the plugin. It works in this application, but when I input something through ACP (on main board forums) it isn't working correctly. Thanks
  10. Hello. I have recently purchased this plugin and it works quite well. It is really useful and I'm grateful to @-RAW- for developing it. However, there is a slight issue with alignment when writing default topic content. What happens is the entire text gets aligned to my chosen alignment even though I select only specific sentence. To reproduce this do the following: - Input some sentences or paragraphs (no difference). - Select a specific sentence, paragraph you want to align to the center/right hand side. - Click on either of the buttons (Center/Right). I hope it can be fixed. In
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