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  1. As I am 16 years old, I cannot bring up some interesting old stories as you do, but maybe you like mine, too. I started in 2011 with my first own computer, some 300€ faeces from Acer I got from MediaMarkt. The first programming skills I got were VisualBasic (things like a program that asks you things like What's your favourite colour, how old are you, etc.), a little bit later I started with HTML & CSS to build my first website for a Minecraft server I built up with friends. I kept that computer for a long time, its still here in the mouse, but 2014 I got a MacBook from a friend and started to dive in into mobile app development. 2014 was the year apple pushed iOS 8, the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and of course Swift, which was the first serious programming language I've learned and experienced. After 1,5 years of learning, I've worked on my first serious app which was FrostyFashion, a thing I built up with two friends - a graphics design guy and another cool guy who has great experience with server-side programming and built up a great beackend for the app. It gathered your location and told you what to wear based on public weather data. You could also save in what you were the last days (including photos that were synced to all your iCloud-enabled devices) and based on that it made a 50 / 50 recommendation on the weather data and what you've worn before. This app got around 300 users - only 20 of them from Germany - but many from New Zealand (don't ask me why, I don't know). Later on, we pushed a v2 of this with groups and a party option to discuss what to wear on parties and festivals and so on based on polls and opinions - and of course: the weather and what you've worn the days before. In 2016, I've applied for a WWDC scholarship with that app and got accepted, made my first trip to America and got to know many cool people, learned very much about the Apple ecosystem, platform and how the people work there. That year I purchased a MacBook Pro which I financed with my first job offering by a small startup here in Stuttgart, I built an app for their shop based on Ionic. This is how I started. When finishing school next year in July, I want to do something with programming or at least computers, but I am not sure which specific thing interests me the most.
  2. That's what I think, too!
  3. How do you plan to improve your speed? I can recommend CloudFlare for this!
  4. The site seems really interesting to me, I just registred up and will take a look into your site again in a few weeks. Great concept! I really like the simple and easy design of the project. What do you want to improve on your site concerning the speed?
  5. Looks pretty neat the new TP-Link CI. Do you have the press contacts from them and maybe publish reviews about their products? I can provide you the German press contacts if you want, or you maybe just look at their polish website (I don't speak Polish so I can't help you with that lol ^^)! Pretty excited on what I can build with IPS 4!
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