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  1. It would be nice to have some tools do show us outdated phrases.... I also have some old ones because i translate since 4.0 alpha.... There are no issues, but some cleanup should be good for all of us 🙂
  2. Thanks, but this did not work. Please keep in mind: I don't have knowledge about that Webdesign-Stuff. What Fileds are requiered and there do i have to add this code. Sorry for such dumb questions - it's not that simple and documented like SuperReviews. Thank you.
  3. I'm so excited about SuperReviews that I got SuperDirectory today. After the docs for SuperReviews were very detailed, I get stuck at SuperDirectory. I do not know how to create the "Website" button for the web address. I have created a field with a URL, but that looks ugly. Something has to be entered in DisplayOptions here. I also saw in the demo that you included an address field with a Google Maps map. Is there any information on how to get to the fields with the arrows - I did not find anything in the documentation. Thank you very much.
  4. Just checked it and found no errorss, but unsitalled and reinstalled everything and it's working now. Is there a way to leave a filed blank in restaurants-tests, we don'T eat a desert, so we can not rate it. Can a add a value, that is not impacting the overallscore? Thank you
  5. I installed SuperReviws yesterday and very happy. I use Mode 2, but i think there is something wrong with Quotes, jave a look; The Title is in quotes and the quote in the gallery? Happens on moblie and Desktop. What can be wrong, all versions are up2date.
  6. I want to add the link https://www.vbulletin.org to my Directory, but resoinse is Ivalid URL. Why does this happen ? Thanks 🙂
  7. Screenshotmachine did not work at all for me.... i switched to urlbox.io and everything works fine. So: Screenshotmachine: Not working for me urlbox.io: Works fine If i could help testing things with Screenshotmachine, let me know...
  8. Thanks a lot @Adriano Faria Finally, i don't get that working... I changed to urlbox and evertyhing works fine since the first minute i switched, hmmm...
  9. I also switched to screenshotmachine because thumbshots is shutting down. I am using the free plan and all thumbs are showing unsupported. Did all tips: Switched off local save, edited the links, rebuild the thumbs (via ACP -> Tools and the frontentend -> Rebuild Thumb) Nothing worked. Is "Customer Key" the right key to add in the ACP? LD-Version is 5.2.3. Thank you.
  10. Any chance you can add IP.Pages so we can edit the Postdate of Databaseentries... Or is there an plugin to do this for databaseentries 🙂 ? Thanks.
  11. Hi @Adriano Faria i also have some trouble with the providers (No, it's NOT your App, switching providers and using the rebuild-tool did the trick, but new links are also not showing an image until running the tool again) That said, i would love to test the new version with the new providers, if this is possible. Thank you.
  12. Do i run in problems if i buy this theme now and install it on 4.2 Beta 4 ? All my sites are running 4.2. Is there a pre-release for your customers who bought the theme and upgraded to 4.2 (4.2 has a lot of early upgraders this time) ? Thank you.
  13. Not yet, but i am pretty sure we got that sorted soon
  14. Like mentioned in our PM, i bought the app and also would like to test it on 4.2 (Don't have access to the quizzesarea on your forums yet)
  15. Yep, thats what my passwordmanager had on file, but no luck: The Display Name or Email Address you entered does not belong to any account. Make sure that it is typed correctly. (Tried by the passwordmanager and typed it manually...)
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