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  1. Hi, i love IPS.Connect and ran a master and connected three slaves to it... generally, everything is working fine... But you don't have much control over the masters and slaves. If you change a URL (complete or eg from http:// to https://) you will break your IPS.Connect Network. For now, i learned i have to check the core_ipsconnect_slaves-table. You are not able to see what slaves are connected in the ACP... It would be great to see, which slaves are connected to the master and have to option to remove or change them... The data is in the database (like i mentioned: core_ipsconnect_slaves), so i think you could grab it from there. This would help customers debugging and configurating IPS.Connect and keep some supporttickets away from your Helpdesk. That said, thanks to @Mark H and @bfarber for your quick and professional help in the supportticket.
  2. XF 1.5 to IPS 4

    Hi and welcome to IPS. I just converted a XenForo 1.5 to IPS without any issue.Forums, Topics, Posts,Members.... Everything so far https://invisioncommunity.com/services/migrate Yes, RessourceManager will be migrated to IP.Download. Nö problem. The files will be copied in the filestructure of IPS4. I don't know about likes, it wasn't used in XenForo on that site, perhaps someone else can answer this. All the best...
  3. Renew license $25

    Yes, if you renew, you are able to download the most recent versions of your bought apps (at the time of this posting (stable) and 4.2 Beta 5a)
  4. Self hosting license help.

    That depends on what you want to do. if you have another CMS or static pages, you MAY still use them. Same for Downloads - if you just have files on the server and want useres to download them directly, you may do this without IP.Downloads. That said, i would definitly recommend using IP.Pages . it's a fantastic app with many option - and it integrates very well in the Suite ("Look and Feel"). Just creating pages is easy - you are able to do this in an WYSIWYG-Editior or using HTML (So it should be easy to migrate your existing pages). IP.Pages can do a lot more thing then just pages - Articles-System, Database, etc. For Downloads: If you just use a small amount of downloads, you MAY also use the Attachment-Features of the Forums-App. So you have the control, who can download the files. If you host more files or want full controll or features, i would recommend IP.Downloads. You may start with the apps of your chouce and add (Buy) another app at anytime. You may also create a demo to see features "live" and play around: https://invisioncommunity.com/demo
  5. IPS Support

    @Marc S and @Daniel F: Thanks for this information. I recently got an answer from @Matt telling me, that this is not a bug - it's a (yet) "missing feature" (i really thought i have done this before - but, hm, getting old ) Like i told before, this was no drama with the responsetime, because the topic did not break my site or something like this - i just wanted to know whats going on and now, everything is fine. Thanks again... @#ESY @CP: 100% Agree
  6. IPS Support

    I never had problems with support-responses, but i now have a ticket "escalated" (i did not request to escalte it - i am not in hurry with this ) but got no response since Tuesday... Hm, opend it on saturday (yes, i know, weekend, holiday, etc - no problem) But would be nice to know whats going on (if it's an error because of using the beta, i am fine... If i know it Perhaps someone can have a look: #982171). Thanks in advanced.
  7. New IPS community URL

    Lol i started cursing Android because autologin did not work and i had to do it manually.... Now i know why had no problems so far, but i love to hear about beta 5
  8. Multilingual Article Site / Forum

    Hi, i know the option from Woltlab and your question sounds like you ask for that features here. Quick answer is: The features they included are no included in IPS at this time. That said, to do something similar in IPS, you can: 1. Set up english and eg. german forums (not using the option for forum-names - use differnt forums), one for english, one for german. Now, you have two forums there you can add conent in the forums based on the forum. 2. To let users give the choice which content they want to see, you could use the usergroups and allow users to "auto-join" them, so if a user want english content, he has to join the english group. If he wants german, he needs to join the german group or both to see all content. This is similar Woltlab is working, you just have to setup things in a differnt way. 3. There is no such languageoption, right. For Pages, you may go the same way like in forums (But you will not have one Page with two languages (translation), you have 2 pages, One for each language )- for articles, i have to recheck how this could work.
  9. Thanks for testing 4.2

    It is :
  10. what's your dream IPB feature?

    Videos in the gallery
  11. New installation is a nightmare!

    I did a new install a few weeks ago with 4.19.x and last with the the 4.2.0 alphas... Well, it didn't take that long.A minute for the databasequeries - or less? Updates take a few seconds. I am on mariadb 10.1.x '
  12. ACP Languages

    Yes, this is really a problem. I translated IPS4 since the early previewversions and take old stuff with me since that days. Would be nice to have an option to clean things up... Sometimes i did some cleanup deleting stuff directly form the XML of the languagefile... But thats a pain....
  13. Hi, this subject has been occupying me for a while, but i got no final answers yet, so i will make this topic public. In 2015 (around the final release of 4.0) i uploaded my translationpack for IPS 4... This contained the IPS-Logo (The "V") and a german flag in the picture in the marketplace... I received a message from IPS, (from @Rhett ) requesting to remove the logo because of copyright, etc.Off course, i respected this and removed the logo. I replied and he told me, every "unofficial" / 3rd Party was requested to remove the logo... Ok, i was fine with this.... Today, 2 years later, 90% of the stuff still uses the logo and... Hm, nothing happend... I am fine removing it, because this are the rules - but it's not fair seeing others doing what they want and not following the rules... (So, why should i ?! I offer my work for free and it takes a lot of time translating stuff....) Please tell me, whats the status of this ... Thank you.
  14. Not Feeling 4.2

    To be honest, i wait for a topic about IP.Pages ... nothing yet, but i am pretty sure there is something (great) in the pipeline....
  15. IPB Arcade

    IPB.Arcade seems to release no version for IPS4 and i don't know any other dev working on an Arcade - UNFORTUNATELY ! Too bad DragonyByte does not create addons for IPS, i really like their arcadesystem