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  1. Some examples for spam not processed by now. spam_examples_01.zip
  2. You should be carefull with deleting once active customers. In Germany we have to archive ALL data of the customer for 10 years. If you don't -> your looking for trouble! A timer would be fine to solve some problem like that. The profile is locked, invisible to others and tagged. So after 10 years a cron job deletes it.Something like that maybe.
  3. Thanks, that did it. I had an old version, don't know, when i got that.
  4. Reported content often needs some discussions with the one who reported and the one who posted the content. Now we have to use private messages or mail and tell the other moderators about it. If we had two more fields like the comments, one for the reporter and one for the author, we could have the discussions there and at hand, if any moderator needs them. It should be possible to use something like the support part of the suite.
  5. It seems to work fine, but I have some problems with vietnamese content. Would be fine, to block those too. You can have an example, if you like. Block content with external links for users with less than X posts would make it nearly perfect. Thanks.
  6. What happend to the settings page? Your pictures show much more options, have i missed something? By the way, it would be fine to have a delete option, which preserves the username.
  7. So your plugin is not available anymore?
  8. There is a ... record image field ... 😎 I will have a look thanks!
  9. I would like to know, how SuperBlock fetches it's pictures from threads in the forum and from articles? It works fine with a feed from the forum, but not with one from a database on 4.4. Thanks
    Just what my members wanted!
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