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  1. It won't be if it will have an option to disable the notification in Notification Settings, like we have for mentions (Someone mentions me in a post).
  2. Hello, In ToS is a section about this and I think that's why they removed your topic. Source: https://invisionpower.com/legal/standards
  3. They can give us option to crop avatar for posts and show full avatar on user profile. Or maybe another option, to activate full dimension avatars, like in IP. Board 3.4.x. But to be able to use round avatars in Last post column in forum view.
  4. Hello, Today a member from my forum tried to change his avatar, it was OK except the part with cropping it. He cannot use his avatar at "full-size", give us the option to crop or not the avatar. Hi's photo is below.
  5. Hello, When you start upgrade from 3.4.x to 4.x it will ask you about database type, utf8mb4_unicode_ci and another one (I can't remember the name).
  6. Hello, Do you mean PHPDoc? Something like this /** * @brief Content Controller * @author <a href='http://www.invisionpower.com'>Invision Power Services, Inc.</a> * @copyright (c) 2001 - SVN_YYYY Invision Power Services, Inc. * @license http://www.invisionpower.com/legal/standards/ * @package IPS Social Suite * @since 5 Jul 2013 * @version SVN_VERSION_NUMBER */ class ... { ... }or /** * Report Item * * @return void */ function ...(...)
  7. V3.4.7. He pickup this project a d continue it.
  8. ​Hello, First thank you for using it If you want, you can take it over and support it.
  9. Hello, I reported this a week ago, they fixed it. http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/rc-3-diacritics-problem-after-converting-r3427/
  10. In Forums -> frond -> forums -> topicRow is a pice of code like that {{if $row->unread()}} <a href='{$row->url( 'getNewComment' )}' title='{lang="first_unread_post"}' data-ipsTooltip> <span class='ipsItemStatus'><i class="fa {{if in_array( $row->$idField, $iposted )}}fa-star{{else}}fa-circle{{endif}}"></i></span> </a> {{else}}You need to change the span here.
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