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  1. That's the pagination bar - though on the first page pagination doesn't show.
  2. If you're working in templates there's also a {truncate} plugin that'll do it for you. Just do {truncate="$content" length="200"}.
  3. I don't think that'd be feasible because the app stores aren't going to pass on referrer info to the app to know which community you tapped from. Maybe some way of quickly adding a community would be a compromise? A 4 digit code or a QR code maybe?
  4. If your Apple dev account expires, the login method will continue to work, but you'll no longer be able to manage your keys and services (e.g. to change your callback URL).
  5. Any theme settings that are "color" fields will automatically be turned into CSS variables for you. If your theme setting has the key "test_color" (like in your screenshot), the CSS variable will be named --theme-test_color. No need to create the CSS variables yourself 🙂
  6. Both background and font color are available as theme settings - look for the "section title" settings on the Text tab (technically you can overwrite the CSS variables as shown above, but it isn't necessary and may be confusing later).
  7. That'll be fixed when we next update 👍
  8. Our menu has more options than most since we've added our website nav, but regardless, that's intended - it's not frequently used and doesn't need to be prominent.
  9. You could, but then you can do that now too. We wouldn't be able to use any pro icons in the base software.
  10. As a side note, I reached out to FA to find out if the Pro license would be an option for us. The bad news is it wouldn't, because anyone who edits/exports themes would be defined as a 'creator' and need a seat on the license. We could use the free version, but the benefits over FA4 are not particularly big, afaik.
  11. icomoon has been removed in 4.5 and jQuery has been upgraded to the 3.x series 🎉
  12. The reason is essentially that it'd be a big undertaking for us to update to FA5 for relatively little benefit for most customers. Some people (like yourself) would obviously have more need for it, but on the whole the cost/benefit of upgrading is minimal. They do have a migration script but again I'm not convinced it's worthwhile to include that on every site.
  13. I'm afraid I won't be able to dig up the example because it was a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure I remember someone building a timeline very similar to that using our Pages app and some custom templates. You'd just need a database with a date field and a content field, and then build some custom templates to display it as a timeline 🙂 If you have HTML/CSS skills it should be doable, or a third-party designer could do it without much trouble I expect.
  14. Nice suggestions. I don't think the concept of replying directly to a post works so neatly on forums (well, Invision Community in particular) because our conversations aren't threaded. Instead you quote one or more posts - but your reply is still part of a linear conversation. That said, you're definitely right that having to go to the bottom of the page is a bit old fashioned and cumbersome. I think it could be made easier - for example, one idea would be to have a floating reply button or even reply box, available on a topic page at all times, so you can start working on your reply wher
  15. It's not really duplication - it's an indicator of why the post has been highlighted. Simply showing a lot of reactions doesn't provide any indication why the post is green; simply showing the user's group under their photo doesn't indicate why the post is yellow. The status badges are a much clearer indication of why a particular post has lit up. We've always had an indicator for popular posts, but the group name one is new (previously the post was just highlighted with no explanation). You could, I suppose, argue that that is duplication. Initially, we had toyed with making that badge s
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