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  1. In 4.6 the "Stop all email notifications" link will correctly stop any notification emails from being sent. In 4.5 there is a bug that allows digest-type emails to still go out when they shouldn't - but that isn't intended behavior.
  2. It will "just work" on self-hosted, but only for users who have supported browsers/devices. That's basically all of them except Safari/iOS. Apple has its own web push notification system for desktop Safari but we have decided not to support that right now, and of course iOS doesn't support web push at all. It's only tied to existing notification types for the time being, but a 'bulk' option sounds like a useful tool to me, so we might be open to that in future. You cannot make Push enabled by default because users must subscribe to them in an opt-in fashion. You can allow/disal
  3. As we approach the release of Invision Community 4.6, I wanted to take you through some improvements for using Invision Community on a mobile device. Web push notifications For some time, we've used the local browser notification API to show users notifications. There's a big drawback though: users had to have the site open in a tab for these to work. This is particularly problematic for mobile devices. In 4.6, we've added support for the WebPush API, which allows sites to push notifications to users' browsers & devices even if the site isn't open - or even if the device is
  4. jQuery is obviously not needed in 2021 - I'd love to do away with it. In reality, we have many thousands of lines of JS and the cost/benefit of rewriting everything for that reason alone isn't really there. Plus, we'd likely end up with a lot of helper methods that are essentially reimplementing some of jQuery's helper methods. We use some of the more advanced jQuery features too, so it wouldn't be as simple as updating .find to .querySelectorAll. So, the answer is: yes, I agree, but it isn't as simple as saying "let's do that". Also, in reality, if we were going to take the opportun
  5. No, our Enterprise plans are only cloud-based. We do offer some custom services outside of Enterprise plans (SSO, conversions, etc.) but those would not be considered part of our Enterprise offering.
  6. Hi Charles, Firstly, thanks for spending the time sharing your thoughts. The impression I get from your posts in this topic is you feel your way of moderating is the correct way and that our platform isn't fit for purpose if it doesn't facilitate that approach. Forgive me if I've misinterpreted, but I wanted to share our perspective: we've been powering thousands of diverse communities for nearly 20 years. A lot of those communities are in industries that would typically be considered ripe for toxicity (e.g. gaming, sports), and have many millions of posts (50+ million in some cases). Man
  7. On this site we use the system font stack, which means Windows/Mac+iOS/Android use different fonts. That can make the resulting content look slightly different across devices.
  8. You should also just be able to email support@invisionpower.com if you send from the address associated with your license 🙂
  9. We have some ideas on making blocks and pages more flexible, though they are in their early stages. As things stand right now, custom templates are your best approach, but I certainly hope we can provide something more intuitive and robust in future.
  10. The fix for disabling email notifications I mentioned will be in our next release, but I don't know when that will be. We are continuing to discuss the other issues brought up here, particularly separating some of the notification types.
  11. We investigated this and it turned out to be a bug whereby daily/weekly digests were not disabled when the link was clicked. The fix will be in the next release 🙂
  12. I have logged an internal report for investigation because if that is what is happening, it isn't intended. The link should stop all emails without any further action.
  13. There's a link at the bottom of the notification settings page to disable all email notifications 🙂
  14. Google has strict guidelines about how their logo shows on social sign in buttons, so we're following those guidelines - in the past some customers received automated warnings that they were not compliant.
  15. font-display: swap won't really give any benefit to that particular font since it's used for icons - there would be no system font it can use temporarily. We can certainly experiment with font-display: block and see if that would improve how lighthouse sees the page though.
  16. I'm not familiar with how MathJAX works, but it sounds to me like you'd need a plugin that listens for our Javascript events to reinitialize content when the page updates.
  17. You're likely thinking of Section 230, which makes users responsible for posted content, not the sites that host it. Understandably, removing that protection would be a significant problem for most small, independent communities.
  18. Some browsers block all cookies unless you allow otherwise. I'm not sure if Opera is one of them, but your user may need to adjust their settings on your site. I think typically you click the padlock in the address bar and allow cookies or similar.
  19. Unless I'm misunderstanding your report, the email address you see is that of the user that is checking out - i.e., their own email address.
  20. While TestFlight (and Android) allow you to submit feedback, honestly the best way is to submit a ticket in the usual way. Thank you!
  21. CSS is flexible enough to allow you to do that without needing unique classnames. For example: .ipsType_richText a { color: red; }
  22. It's under Customization -> Appearance -> Icons & Logos. As for push notifications, I'm not sure what our plans are on that.
  23. We already have PWA support, though that doesn't include push notifications yet.
  24. We are a way off of offering a white label service still - we plan to get the main app stable and add more functionality first. We'll post an announcement when we're ready to accept some interested sites 🙂
  25. Oh that's right, this is what you'd need: @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { body { zoom: 0.8; } }
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