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  1. Thanks, Struggling to figure out how to put that into HTML code, but will see if I can find a way.
  2. Is there a way to turn on auto follow topics as the default, rather than it being off? Mine is on here - but currently on the phone, so can't remember if it is a setting for the user or if it is defaulted that way. I can't find anything via a Google search unfortunately.
  3. Need to display different icons in my header whether someone is logged in or not. Any tips on HTML code that one could use?
  4. Are they still in business 😂
  5. Thanks! Really appreciate that
  6. This is using pretty much stock software. Nothing else affects ads or serves ads. It is Google that is saying that the cookie is removed by the software.
  7. I have been running Google ads for a long time. However recently Google are now insisting upon the cookie notice to be shown and working correctly. I have been trying to do this. However it seems that the software is dropping the cookie (_gads) even before users provide their consent. Anyone have a solution? Or suggestion?
  8. Thanks. I recall that there were various recommend php extensions in addition? or bits like database format etc?
  9. Is there a list of server requirements anywhere? had a look, but I can't find one. I am aware of the script by @Ryan Ashbrook but am looking for a physical list of PHP plugins etc. Thanks
  10. There is never a rush - we all only have 24 hours in a day 🙂
  11. Is there a copyright showing on this app and if so where. Not sure if the examples I have seen have copyright removed.
  12. .Ian

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    Both. IPS upgraded for me, then I am upgrading the apps. Some are fine, others are failing big time and some have the odd issues. Incidentally when I ticked and unticked various people, whilst the number of items being selected didn't alter, the number to confirm that I wanted to delete was much higher.
  13. .Ian

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    I am going to say 3.4.6 - it was 5 years old that is all I know! Just ran the upgrade . I'll delete from there. Thanks 🙂
  14. .Ian

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    Show twice in browse markers. So I assume I am safe to delete from the Browse Markers section?
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