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  1. There is never a rush - we all only have 24 hours in a day 🙂
  2. Latest version, however I seemed to have lost the main content box and all I see is the poll options on all forums. Any suggestions? Default theme.
  3. Is there a copyright showing on this app and if so where. Not sure if the examples I have seen have copyright removed.
  4. Did you get to the cause? I am also getting this issue in the default theme within the globaltemplate.
  5. No idea, but google does 🙂
  6. Probably Google ads and yes it is built in to the suite.
  7. .Ian

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    Both. IPS upgraded for me, then I am upgrading the apps. Some are fine, others are failing big time and some have the odd issues. Incidentally when I ticked and unticked various people, whilst the number of items being selected didn't alter, the number to confirm that I wanted to delete was much higher.
  8. .Ian

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    I am going to say 3.4.6 - it was 5 years old that is all I know! Just ran the upgrade . I'll delete from there. Thanks 🙂
  9. .Ian

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    Show twice in browse markers. So I assume I am safe to delete from the Browse Markers section?
  10. .Ian

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    Just upgraded to the latest version. All looks fine, except all the pins are doubled. I have two of each slightly apart. Any suggestions?
  11. Regarding old licences..... A couple of questions Is it correct that renewals are now compulsory for any purchases (if you want to use V4.x) or if you wish to not renew and therefore not use them you must purchase them again if you change your mind? What about old community suite renewals? How do they work? What about premium support - if this is not renewed is this lost for ever and has to be repurchased?
  12. Thanks! However the key etc., is still the same. I'm going to find someone to upgrade me to V4 once the new version is released.
  13. Hi all My MySQl drive died yesterday - quickly replaced and the backup restored. However - I am now getting an error every minute from /public_html/interface/task.php all c7ad8f0793eecb3470b it is a plain text email, saying connection to the database has failed. But that could be a red herring as the site appears to be running. Essentially it looked like the task.php file is not running correctly. I've turned off cron for now, but if anyone has any thoughts that would be appreciated. I appreciate that this site is still on the old software and that is no longer supported by IPS.
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