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  1. Yes, if you remove all permissions from the pre-made members category it should remove that.
  2. No, routes are not possible to import. But you can import GPX locations.
  3. There's no widget available for this app, but you can add it as an iframe. You should be able to add this to a Pages block, select "Manual HTML". <iframe src='{url="app=communitymap&module=communitymap&controller=showmap&do=embed" seoTemplate="communitymap"}' width='100%' height='300' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0'></iframe>
  4. In Pages you are using an "Address" kind of field. The IPS framework will not get the coordinates when the address is incomplete. When you add a partial address in your profile, which is then picked up by Community Map, it will do a request to MapQuest in order to get the location. I'll see if I can do anything about this.
  5. Yes, it is on the road map. Not sure when I'll get around to add it though.
  6. The setting that determined the fields to show have been converted to a marker group setting. Edit the "Members" marker group, and you'll find the "Map popup settings" in the bottom of the first tab.
  7. @Joss Leal The error message you get indicates that guests don't have access to one of the modules in the app. The permission you checked in the application list was just for the whole application. Click the little arrow on the left hand side to reveal the modules. These have their own permissions.
  8. I haven't confirmed anything yet 🙂 Have a look at these permissions. You'll find this in the application list
  9. You should disable the "Show a list of markers in the sidebar?" setting. Unfortunately only member markers will show in that list, Pages records, calendar events, etc, will not show there (yet).
  10. Reached out to @Adriano Faria to see how we can work this out.
  11. Yes. Otherwise it has no idea where to fetch the location data from.
  12. Yes, as long as the options in the "Profile sync" tab is enabled it will behave the same as "Member Map". If this is an upgrade from Member Map, and you followed the upgrade process, those settings are converted to this application.
  13. $( '#elMyMenu' ).on( 'menuOpened', function( elemID, originalEvent, menu ) { }); $( '#elMyMenu' ).on( 'menuClosed', function( elemID, menu ) { });
  14. Late reply. Really sorry about that! I don't own a Gallery license, so I can't answer right now if that is possible. Do you know if the coordinates are easily availaible in the database? Sounds like that should be possible. You can have a profile field where they add their skills, and have that profile field show in the marker popup.
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