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  1. Thank you, Daniel. I've submitted a new version that only addresses this issue.
  2. Yes. Member Map was never a paid app, so you haven’t bought that before 🙂
  3. I want to blame this on either Ezoic or CloudFlare RocketLoader. The Javascript console is full over errors that cause this. If I enabled Adblock on your site I were able to search for a location in the text field and submit it that way, but the geolocation was still not working. RocketLoader is known for causing issues with IPS. No, there's only one map. I had someone else write that description for me, and looks like he overdid it on that one. I should be "unlimited groups with unlimited markers". I'll look into adding custom fields.
  4. As of right now it will only show those records on the main map. There is currently no way to embed just a portion of the map somewhere else, but that is of course something I can look in to.
  5. No, that was not the intention. The only translated string it converted is the title of the marker groups. If you have the old Member Map translation stored as an XML you can come pretty far by replacing "membermap" with "communitymap", although I do not guarantee that this works perfectly.
  6. Yes, this turns out to be matter of cache being deleted after Member Map was uninstalled, and wasn't re-generated the first time he views the map.
  7. Thank you to those who've already purchased this 🙂 And I'm glad your upgrades went smoothly! I made a new support topic for Community Map. I'd appreciate it if everything related to the new app is posted there 🙂 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458615-community-map/
  8. This is the support topic for
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Community Map (formerly known as Member Map) is an application that allows your users to put their exact or approximate location onto an interactive map. Create unlimited markers and map out the world! Community Map is the same as Member Map, but updated for 4.5 compatibility. Highlights Create unlimited marker groups with unlimited markers for member meet-ups, exhibits, landmarks, highlights, shops, or other geographic listings. Maps can overlap in a global map. Administrator can control what member groups are allowed to post to map Import markers from Googl
  10. Days or a week. I've re-structured the main javascript code, so that needs a bit of testing. Unfortunately none of you can beta test this, as I think that would make it impossible for you to purchase it once it's released.
  11. That is correct. I have thought about making this a paid app many times before, both for the 4.4 and 4.3 version. And the price I'm placing on this now is the same I planned to put on it back then. (It is also the same price Michael (InvisionModding) had on his Tutorials app 10 years ago in the 3.x series, so I would say it's about time the overall prices increase in this market) Having this generate a bit of income will of course increase the motivation of keeping this updated and adding new features a great lot. The first version of this will not come with many new features, mainly just
  12. Sorry to say this guys, but Member Map will not be upgraded to 4.5. It saddens me a great lot, but technical difficulties made it impossible to do so. But fear not! Community Map will rise from its ashes! As of the 4.5 version this will come with a price tag of $40, and an annual renewal fee of $10. This rebranding had to be done as the new ACP Marketplace would not allow those of you who've already upgraded to 4.5 to match and purchase the new application if you already have an app with the same app key installed. I know, technical boring stuff. But this is what the staff tol
  13. We've held off on the version upgrade because yes, compatible apps are desired but also because  the core software still seems to be going through some evolution as almost all major version changes do .  We'd like both situations to resolve themselves.

    However at some point because we are a cloud account we will have to migrate to the latest version regardless of app status to retain our service agreement.

    Completely understand this is down on your priority list   We would not be opposed to paying a reasonable fee for a version that was 4.5 compatible.  Also understand it would take more than one user to make a difference. 😀

    In any event, its a nice app that our members appreciate.  Hope that at some point even if we must move on that it would make a reappearance in the future.  

    Thanks !

  14. No ETA yet. There are some IRL stuff at the moment that's more important. You really should make sure all the apps and plugins that are vital to your site is compatible before you do the upgrade to a new major version.
  15. Hey Martin! Our members really love the Member Map plug in, but we just updated our site to 4.5.1 (beta 2) and we lost access to the Member Map plug in.
    Do you there's a way you can update the Member Map to work with the most recent update?
    Or do you have an ETA for when that might be created?


    1. Martin A.

      Martin A.

      Hi, please refer to the support topic 🙂 



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