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  1. Hi. I added this to the feature list for the next update. It should have behaved like the forums does, where you can click the icon on the category listing. I'll have to see why it's not doing that. The safest way to make it as read would be to mark your entire community as read. Given the number of downloads and active users this app have, I'm fairly certain the rights to it will be given to someone else. You answered the first one on your next post. The limit is there since the marker in the "Member Markers" category is used other places on the site, such as the m
  2. This brings back memories to when I made an app that did this back in 2010.
  3. Hi Jeff, The list on the right hand side will only show your members, grouped by the member group they belong in. The Ride Operators marker you use as an example is what would be named a "custom marker", or a "non-member marker", these do not show up on that list. The reason you don't see category for Registered guests when you go do Browse Markers is because all markers that are "member markers" is placed inside the Members category. A member can only have one "member marker", and having all those located in the same category is the easiest way (from a programming point of view) to
  4. Sweden announced earlier that they're going to go for the "herd immunity" strategy. A strategy UK also planned to go for, but backed out of yesterday Haven't seen any updates to this. Last I've seen is that they're asking those over 70 to self-isolate. We'll just have to wait and see how that works out for them.
  5. It's about two weeks since the virus hit Europe, and you're already comparing this with a whole year's total death count? As of now the German numbers are: 2750 infected and 5 deaths. At this rate the number of infected will double every other day.
  6. We have vaccines for the seasonal flu. A non-experimental vaccine for COVID-19 will probably not be available this year. I believe the lack of a vaccine is the reason for the higher death rate, and how fast this is spreading. As of Monday all schools and kindergartens in Norway are closed. Wonder how that will affect the rest of the country with the amount of parents that have to stay home to take care of their children. And pretty much everyone that can work from home have been told to do so.
  7. Hi, Those settings are not related to this application. You should post your question in the "peer to peer support forum" instead. If you're looking for the settings for Member Map, those are located here, and you'll need a MapQuest API key, not a Google key.
  8. Any comments on this, @Matt?
  9. I think you should change that wording to reflect what the "normal" way of opening a topic is. I assume you mean "First post", but using the word "normally" can be something else for someone. If a community have made some template changes or used a plugin to change the normal behavior, the "normal" way for that community isn't the same as yours. Hope you've changed this in the record feed too. Clicking the name of an article and to then be taken to the last comment is the least normal thing to do.
  10. Will this allow the member to use the same password as they had before? Kind of defeats the purpose if they can.
  11. The change was a silent patch in, and not part of the release. Probably why it's not mentioned anywhere.
  12. It should only throw a E_DEPRECATED error now, which can be suppressed in php.ini. Based on the path in your error stack I'm going to assume you have access to that. error_reporting = E_COMPILE_ERROR|E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR|E_ERROR|E_CORE_ERROR PHP will only die on errors after you change error_reporting to this. The other option is to go back to PHP 7.3.
  13. As far as I can see, it does not. I see that the code in Content\Controller is looking for the "page" param, but that does not exist in the request. In the JS (ips.ui.pageAction.js) you're trying to get this using "ips.utils.url.getParam( 'page' )", but since you've changed the page param to "/page/X" that function is not able to find it. But there is one named "ips.utils.url.getPageNumber" that you should use instead. An alternative fallback would be to look at the pagination element. $( 'ul[data-ipspagination] li.ipsPagination_active a' ).data( 'page' );
  14. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/recreating-the-release-notes-section/making-it-interactive-with-javascript-r148/ It's a change to the javascript used there.
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