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  1. I see. Those fields are shown to admins and moderators regardless of what kind of permissions they have. Not sure why they haven't made a separate moderator permission for this. I believe you can use this plugin to control this behavior: @Adriano Faria Can this plugin be used to remove view permissions on fields set to "show to staff and profile owner"? This members needs a member group to be able to edit markers, but not be able to view these hidden profile fields.
  2. Without being able to confirm it right now, it does sound to me that they are still added as administrators? It is the profile fields that are only visible to admins they are seeing, right? I believe everyone that is given access to the ACP can see this info. Did you also go through all the other tabs in the moderator page unchecking all other privileges? There is nothing in Community Map that would override this access.
  3. No, the Administrators section is for administrators and permissions in the ACP. You should do something like this App the app tabs will appear when you go to the "Content" tab and click "Uncheck all". You should also go through all the other tabs and remove privileges they shouldn't have.
  4. That looks like the group permission page. Moderators are a bit further down in the sidebar. Lot of missing translations there that I need to fix, but I think you’ll understand what everything is.
  5. Not able to test this myself right now, but you should be able to do what you want if you set them as moderators for those groups. This is done in the “members” tab of the ACP, where the other moderator stuff is.
  6. Yes, it is save to delete it when all the markers are moved over to Community Map.
  7. Because now the other file is failing... I'll put up an update in a few minutes.
  8. The color inside the marker cluster should use the site's default text color. which in your case is light gray due to the black background. I'm fixing this now 🙂 Looks like your site has an issue fetching the javascript files needed for the day/night. It may temporarily fix itself if you disable the feature in the settings. I'm fixing this now by fetching this file from a 3rd party CDN instead. You should see a button on top of the settings page, like this It should be visible even though the API field is empty. No need to fill that out anyway, and that too will be converted from Member Map. This is technically true. But it would only cause an error if someone were to manually manipulate the URL to fetch a marker that doesn't exist. Fixing this now.
  9. As long as you don't uninstall Member Map there's always a way to recover 🙂
  10. If I remember this correctly; When upgrading from 4.4, all third party resources will be disabled. When the upgrade is done, I think part of the initial wizard (or when you go to the marketplace section) in the ACP is to couple your existing third party apps with items in the marketplace. Do NOT couple Member Map with Community Map. You should be able to ignore that. Then you purchase and install Community Map, and when you go to any of the pages for this app you will be redirected to the import tool which will take you through the process. As long as you don't uninstall Member Map your old member markers will not be deleted. But you'll have the pre-upgrade backup available should anything happen, don't you?
  11. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Who said this to you? Quite impressive of them to say that I'm responsible for errors in the database table core_item_member_map... That's their own table, one they added in 4.6. There's no way Member Map is the cause of this. Not sure why you're not able to uninstall it. Might be an issue with apps disabled before 4.5, and then still being disabled in 4.6. Sounds like something they should look into, not push you over to me. I am not responsible for their uninstaller.
  12. That looks like a caching issue. Certainly not an issue I encountered in 4.6.
  13. I submitted the 4.6 version on Friday, so I guess it's still in the approval queue. I have no idea how long it'll take, but I assume they have lots of new releases to deal with now.
  14. That is definitely something I'm going to look into. Should be an easy fix. It will come as part of the 4.6 update, which unfortunately isn't backwards compatible with 4.5. Given that I just installed 4.6 for the first time this evening it might take a few days. Looks like it's not too much involved in getting it updated. I'll first do a compatibility update, then I'll add new features later on.
  15. Hi, I've done some research. In order to use Stadia you have to register a free account. Once registered, you can whitelist your domain within your account settings. https://client.stadiamaps.com/signup/
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