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  1. You never described an issue with easycron. And how can you disable an app you can’t install?
  2. All I can suggest then is to re-download the .tar, and try that again. Or contact IPS support, as this is not related to this app. The archive is not corrupt.
  3. Use the support page in the ACP, then click the "System Check" button on the top right. That should let you know if any of your file/folder permissions are incorrect.
  4. That would not be possible with this map. Looks like you need an app, or just an open web page, that the bus driver has to keep updating his position, and a map page that periodically updates to show the last known location for all buses and their routes. Would need a custom app for that. All you did was upload the .tar file you downloaded from the marketplace, right? Are you able to install other apps? Have you verified the directory permissions as stated in the error?
  5. 1: Only FontAwesome 4.7 is supported by the Invision Community Suite. Docs are here: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/ fa-plane-arrival is sadly not available in that version. 2: That is imported from a task that runs once a day. You can either locate the list of tasks, then run the one that belongs to "Member Map" manually, or wait till tomorrow 🙂
  6. I'll add that to the to-do list for the next version. You can add a new marker group for airfields. Then on the public side, you go to "Manage Groups", then select the airfield group. From there you can add your airfields. If the list of airfields is an export from Google Maps, your can use that file to import into this new group as well.
  7. Hi, This could be done sort of easily if you add a new "Address" field to your database. I could then expand on the existing Calendar feature to also look up articles that are geolocated. Let me know if this is doable for you.
  8. Hi, I'll look into this, but won't make any promises right now. Can already be done by editing the permissions for each marker group.
  9. Fixed this in 3.6.1 🙂 It will only affect new markers though. Hi, I've added a setting for this in 3.6.1
  10. Makes sense for you to disable the app in this case. The think you got in the error is something that was removed in IPS 4.3, so I guess you're upgrading from a version before that.
  11. Is your server hosted in Russia, by any chance? The API should return back in the users preferred language. For most users this will be their native language, followed by english and/or other languages the user have selected in their browser. The marker in the top screenshot looks like one created from the profile synchronization feature, and that API request is then generated by the server. As long as you're not uninstalling the application you should be fine. But you should of course take a backup before you proceed with your upgrade.
  12. IPS version? Browser? Anything in the console?
  13. What @iacas wrote above is correct. The days of zipped downloads is over, and you’ll see others devs do the same with their apps and plugins in the future. @Daniel F have asked us to stop doing that unless we have a good reason, as it apparently led to confusion to some clients that tried to upload the .zip/.rar to the ACP.
  14. I think the best solution here to even get a remotely accurate result is only rely on the city or state. There is no way to consolidate all those fields and use that as the input. Unless you have a need to keep all those fields separate, I would look into changing it over to an "address" field type.
  15. I just uploaded a patch now that should fix that issue.
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