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  1. Reached out to @Adriano Faria to see how we can work this out.
  2. Yes. Otherwise it has no idea where to fetch the location data from.
  3. Yes, as long as the options in the "Profile sync" tab is enabled it will behave the same as "Member Map". If this is an upgrade from Member Map, and you followed the upgrade process, those settings are converted to this application.
  4. Late reply. Really sorry about that! I don't own a Gallery license, so I can't answer right now if that is possible. Do you know if the coordinates are easily availaible in the database? Sounds like that should be possible. You can have a profile field where they add their skills, and have that profile field show in the marker popup.
  5. It is not easily doable out of the box. In addition to adding the map tiles, you'd also have to rip out all calls to the API. Having that around, and possibly adding "real" coordinates to such a map may not be great. Think this is better as a custom app.
  6. What is the process of having the map show? Is there a specific page that needs to be built?

    I'm not finding the documentation for setting it up and having the map shown once the settings are configured. 

  7. If you have Member Map installed when you've installed Community Map it will transfer the API key from Member Map to Community Map as part if the conversion process.
  8. I'll add that as a group setting. How do you suggest this should be? Not being a designer, I couldn't come up with a good way to do this. Using the upload field is the correct way to show an image. It will show as above if the uploaded file is an image, and as an attachment link if it's not.
  9. Sorry about that. Clicking the notification from RocketStang's post must have caused me to miss yours. I believe that during the IPS 4.5 onboarding process, you've selected that "Community Map" from the Marketplace is "Member Map". Those are not the same app, and the only way to fix this is to submit a support ticket to IPS. They can go in an "un-couple" that connection. After that you should be able to install Community Map.
  10. I just released a patched to fix this issue.
  11. I would say it's a suite issue, but I can't be sure as I'm unable to reproduce this myself. The blocks are outside of the scope of the application. I can't control what's shown or where it shows. Could be an issue with the theme too.
  12. Think this is better left off to be dealt with by the spam service. If they changed that to strip the dots and plus signs and all other things that providers typically ignore, and then add a score on that stripped email address.
  13. v1.1.0 have been submitted, and here's a list of what you can expect in that version Custom fields You're finally able to add your own fields to the markers. These can be all the kinds of fields you're used to in both profiles and in Pages databases. There is a group setting to define the fields that is available for the group There is also a group setting where you choose the fields that's visible in the marker popup. This replaces the global setting where you could select member profile fields. This will also replace the "pri
  14. Currently no. I have it on the road map for when I re-do the sidebar marker list. I answered this the last time you asked me these questions. You can not add the markers on behalf of the member. They would either do it manually, or have it imported if you have the info available in a profile field. Due to all the privacy laws hanging around us these days, I'm not going to add anything that would automatically add them based on their IP. Thanks. This issue will be fixed in the next release.
  15. Yes. contact me in a PM if you want me to help you construct a query that'll automatically populate that field for you.
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