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  1. Martin A.

    Member Map

    If you want to add support for it, the repo is accepting pull requests. https://github.com/MartinAronsen/membermap
  2. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Send me the URL to your site, as well as login credentials for a test account in a private message, and I'll have a look.
  3. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Sorry for the delay guys. I believe I have found the issue with the task. If there were 0 locations found in the current batch it was processing, the task would turn itself off, as well as turn the "Import markers" setting off. I have changed this now to not turn it off until all members have been processed. After updating, go into Member Map settings and re-enable the import option, then run the task manually, and report back what you got back from it. It should now say "Synchronised X out of Y member locations", where Y should be a much greater number than what you had in the past. If should also keep going even if X is 0, as long as Y is greater than 0. Did you select a result in the dropdown first? Behind the scenes there are hidden input field for the coordinates, and those aren't populated until you select an item in the autocomplete result. For those having issues with the queue, where it kept on running; I haven't been able to reproduce this error myself. This queue isn't intended to be used before you have close to 4000 markers, as that's when I started getting "out of memory" issues. I have now hardcoded this to not run at all if you have less than 1000 markers. There is a calculation done when deciding to use the queue or do it instantly ( Total memory limit - Memory already used < ( Total markers * 0.01(MB) ) + 10MB ). If the amount of memory we assume we're going to use is greater than what we have left, the queue is used. These numbers may not have been available on shared hosting or CIC, and that might be the reason why a member with less than 50 markers is set to use the queue. I'll push the update to the marketplace in a bit, but I'll wait a few days before I trigger the ACP update notification.
  4. Martin A.

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    I found this.
  5. Martin A.

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    wow such forum how ajax very community much member
  6. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Post a link to your site here, or send me a personal message.
  7. Martin A.

    Member Map

    @Pablo BJB and @nylyon, try the version I just uploaded.
  8. Martin A.

    Member Map

    If it's fixed now I'm not going to look further into this. In order to do so I would need to know the content of the "Message" field in the log entry as well, as that contains the actual error message too. How many markers do you have, btw? It shouldn't use the queue unless your server is low on memory (PHP's 'memory_limit') or you have more than 4000 markers.
  9. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Will if successfully build the cache when you run it manually? Can you have a look in the system log in the ACP to see if you find anything that related to this?
  10. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Oh, so you upgraded the whole software from 3.4.6 yesterday? Or you upgraded/installed Member Map and it took the marker data from a 3.4.6 database/table? That can explain any weirdness.
  11. Martin A.

    Member Map

    That's weird. I see that it appears as if all markers were added 12 hours ago too, is that correct? Have you done any imports or anything? What version did you upgrade from? Yes, you can delete the duplicated markers from that section.
  12. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Are the markers duplicated in the database too? Click Browse Markers, and have a look. If they're not this is a cache issue. Rebuild both server and browser cache.
  13. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Thanks for letting me know. I've uploaded a repacked version, as the first one was compressed in the TAR format (but named .zip),
  14. Martin A.

    Member Map

    v3.5.2 have been uploaded fix the issue with merging members.
  15. Martin A.

    Member Map

    Add the following to your custom.css body[data-pageapp="membermap"] .leaflet-top.leaflet-right { display: none; }