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  1. Hi, You can do that by giving the member a warning and checking the "Suspend from accessing the site" box.
  2. Not impossible to break it in the middle either. You just have to make sure you are on an empty line when you hit enter in order to break out if it. In this case I had to hit enter twice, then move the cursor up one line (to get to the empty line) then hit enter again.
  3. There's a setting for this in the forum settings.
  4. No, the unlock topic feature will only unlock it, not unhide if it's hidden.
  5. What he's saying is that one week is quite a long while to cache something without a "cache buster" in the request URL. The cache buster is the string of random characters you see in the CSS and JS requests, and it is used to detect changes to the file. When a file changes, the cache buster changes, and it will thus look like a new file to those who have cached it. The manifest file does not have that added to the URL, and with a week of cache time any changes to the manifest may take up to week to take effect.
  6. It's in the local storage. Key is "moderation.topic-<topicID>". In Chrome you'll find the local storage in DevTools > Application > Local Storage (sidebar). EDIT: But this is just a temp fix. There should have been a way to wipe the selection in the moderation menu.
  7. If only we could download it 😞 Ticket 1041335
  8. 🙂 https://www.paypal.me/MartinAronsen The members are imported in a daily task. So it may take up to 24 hours before members start showing up. This will process 50 members per time, so don't expect to see everyone on the map immediately.
  9. You have the most recent version of it? You don't have to do anything, it should appear automatically.
  10. Pressing any of these links will do that.
  11. Re-released to the marketplace 🙂 Those 4 people who downloaded the file I attached here may want to update to the marketplace version. It's almost the same, but fixes two things related to Calendar and Pages markers, and I added some more info in the settings description for the profile field selector.
  12. Make sure you uploaded the correct one. The file is named the same as the one I released this morning. And it worked for @fix3r.
  13. Looks like I discovered a bug when I restored to the old version on the Marketplace, so I'm not able to upload the fixed version yet. Uploading it here for now @broni
  14. @fix3r @broni Could you replace applications/membermap/extensions/core/FrontNavigation/membermap.php with the content of this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MartinAronsen/membermap/develop/extensions/core/FrontNavigation/membermap.php Cant believe I didn’t get that error on my installs. And I’m not at home, so I can’t properly fix it yet.
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