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  1. @Michael.J hello, any news? Pretty slow support 🙁
  2. Updated today with Germany on the whitelist and whitelist activated, same error "Registrations are currently disabled". Did i use the right country names?
  3. Of course. Decribed problems still exist, application is worthless right now.
  4. Hi, installed at IPB latest version. I activated the Whitelist and allowed the following countries: "Show Reason" is activated. 1st Bug: So i logged out and tried to register. -> Popup "Registrations are curently disabled" appears Now i disabled the "Enable?" switch -> Popup "Registrations are curently disabled" still appears Now i disabled the whole Application -> Regsitration now possible 1st Bug: =>> "Enable?" Switch not working properly. 2nd Bug: =>> "Germany" doesn't work in the Whitelist Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello, is there a version working with 4.5.x?
  6. Am i a unwanted customer or why isn't anybody answering my questions...even after several follow ups? Or are the questions so stupid, so nobody wants to answer them 🤣
  7. Hello, can anyone answer these questions? Thank you!
  8. Hello, i have three questions: - How can i make the seller's location REQUIRED? - How can i remove the Price&Commission? I have also a category for searching for articles an price&commision info is there not useful. - Is there a german language pack? Thank you so much!
  9. Nothing new here? This is a must have
  10. This would be very nice if the contents would still be linked to this certain member. You could do that by generating a new account with the membername plus a given Suffix and transferring all content to that new Account. Therefore all account data would be gone and all content would be preserved and still linked to one certain member. Example: "mike" would be "mike_deleted" after deletion of the original account. Right now, all content of deleted members merge up in the guest account, which is not very nice. And i got a bug: After requesting a deletion, the Info boxes end up empty all the time:
  11. ... but sometimes the members tell the admins, that they kept posting until they realized that noone was listening anymore. so happening in my case.
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