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  1. Following up on this subject; Are there any developers here who would be interested in creating a bulk editing system as described above for Commerce? Ideally when entering a product category in ACP the admin will see a list of the products as is currently the case, but the price field will also be seen and can be adjusted without having to enter the product item (thinking kind of the same way that editing languages works).
  2. Thanks. I will look into that. No other way of updating prices in Commerce though?
  3. If I am posting this in the wrong place please move it. Here's my conundrum: I want to use Commerce to build an eCommerce website for a customer that will contain a fairly large family of physical products to sell. My problem is that once the products are created in the system, there doesn't seem to be an easy way of bulk editing them. My client will need to update pricing on a regular basis given that our local currency fluctuates a lot and the products they sell will need to be edited to reflect those changes on probably a monthly basis. Right now it seems that you have to go into each product and manually adjust the price there, one at a time. If there are hundreds of products this becomes way too time consuming. Ideally we would like to be able to upload a table of prices and SKU's and/or other product information and have the system read these prices off this master control table. Is there an existing solution to doing this in Commerce? Oh yes, one other thing; Is it possible to assign the ability to do this to a user other than an Admin? I don't want to give full admin power to a person who is in essence a data capturer responsible for updating product info.
  4. I don't see the available clubs as a parameter in the bulk email filters, but this is definitely something that I think is needed. Is it on the development roadmap?
  5. I got the patch and it works. But... I see that you can only select one member group at a time, so you can't do exclusion searching based on groups, which is a bit problematic.
  6. And we're all better now!
  7. It was a very peculiar problem, unique to one domain on the same server where the same SMTP settings were working for other domains.
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    Copyright - Removal Of Content

    Short answer: Just accede to the request and carry on being better. Long answer: Having last year gone through this exact situation I must advise that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) comes into play here. I was issued a notice by a disgruntled member who had over 15k posts on my forum made over a 9 year period, to remove said posts as per her rights in this DMCA act. I checked it out and being neither American nor interested enough to even bother giving her the satisfaction of a fight, I simply removed all her posts and photographs from public view and also changed the account details so that she couldn't log in again. The experience reinforced in me a valuable lesson I learned a long time ago about running a forum: people who claim to be your friend online will curry favour with you until your tolerance of their breaking the rules no longer suits them. Then they will stab you in the back.
  10. I'd like to report that while I am still experiencing a little tenderness from my root canal upgrade to 4.3.3 (and now 4.3.4), my system is almost back to normal, barring one anomaly that is still under an open ticket. That's the one about not being able to cull members who haven't logged in for the past 3 years that was supposed to be fixed in the 4.3.4 upgrade. My member filter system doesn't seem to be working at all anymore. Hopefully a simple fix form @Matt will resolve it. Anyway, I would like to publicly thank @Lindy and his team for their tenacity in helping to resolve the most critical issue for me, which was the SMTP business for bulk emails. Turns out that when you have 4 different service providers all investigating the same issue, you should insist on those people being senior enough to know what they are talking about and also astute enough to know the difference between smtp.elasticemail.com and smtp.elasticmail.com (the latter being incorrect). If there are other members who post-4.3 upgrade are looking for a bulk email "pay-as-you-go" solution that doesn't empty your pockets quite as fast as SendGrid, go check out www.elasticemail.com. I have been using them for a couple of years and they are working for me and one of my other clients. You get 5000 emails per day for free and additionals are only 0.09c per 1000. Onwards and upwards!
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    Behemoth Theme

    It's a very nice theme. A couple of things can probably be improved, such as the nomenclature of the front end colours that you can modify in the theme settings. It's not always obvious what they are in reference to, so maybe a few small screen grabs would help in that regard. The other thing I would like to see is the news ticker moved to the same line as the notifications and login sections, perhaps with an option to float it either side of those. Right now it leaves a big empty space on that line which could be used for the news ticker. But it's a great theme and the support is good too.
  12. Taman's theme was purchased post upgrade. Prior to installing it I was using the standard themes with only colour and very few CSS changes. @opentype's home page template was the only modification I used prior. Monetisation? I have ONE subscribing member who has been with me for many years. He chips in $5 a month. Adverts? There is one advert on the entire site, in the sidebar and it is only there because the company concerned sends me free stuff. European laws do not apply to me. I am free to run a website according to my own countries laws.
  13. But not enough to provide more than one API option? To answer your question, the only time you will find me on these forums is when I am looking for something that I need help with and for which support is not available, such as template mods. If I can offer you a suggestion on how to better handle the kind of chaos removing stuff from your ecosystem always causes, it would be to try to understand that people have built entire businesses on your software and when you come along and kick over the chessboard it's going to make us very angry. Don't take a defensive / accusatory tone with us when we point out that you have screwed up either. This brings me back to why I don't always update my software: it is like root canal. A very unpleasant experience! Moving from 3.4 to 4.0 was just way too dramatic, so that is why having learned my lesson, I am extremely loath to continue "upgrading" your software. It's just not worth it. The added features don't bring in new people. In many cases they turn them away because the website they have come to love over many years suddenly looks and feels completely different. A lot of the time there are also issues with sessions being broken and old cached pages not looking right, which then translates into a LOT of support work for the admins. As I said before, focus on making minor improvements instead of these dramatic changes. Understand that if you listen to the vocal minority (on here) all the time you are eventually going to lose the silent majority. As Americans you should already know what happens when you do that...
  14. @opentype I think you are totally out of line here. It was never my intent to accuse anybody of malfeasance but rather put forward a legitimate questioning of the rationale (or lack thereof) as far as removing this SparkPost API is concerned. It's fairly obvious that IPS have not done themselves or many of their customers any favours with this kind of unilateral move. But here you are in this thread, defending what some of us feel is indefensible. You are not bringing anything constructive to the discussion, instead you're dropping innuendo and telling us we're doing things wrong. We're not. By the way, it's now day 7 since my upgrade and still my bulk mailing system is not working. Support are telling me that the SMTP issue is not their problem, but rather one that has to do with the mailing service. I find that difficult to swallow since there are two SMTP services I have tried now and both report the same error - connection refused. It's not the host, because the host reports to me that they are not blocking the connection, the remailer is. So SMTP is NOT an option for whatever reason. This leaves us with literally only one choice, SendGrid, which as I have repeatedly pointed out in this conversation is not a feasible solution for me. So if IPS can bluntly tell me that the problem is not theirs, why did this become such an issue for them w.r.t. those customers for whom the SparkPost API didn't work? Why weren't those customers given the same "door in your face" treatment i am getting now? Is there a double standard at play here?
  15. So if we can have a SendGrid API why can't we have a SparkPost API alongside it with the disclaimer that neither will be supported by IPS? But as a courtesy to you I will answer your question about why I want to send out more email. My forum has stagnated in recent years because of various factors in the "legacy issues" I referred to earlier. We moved in a different direction and that was not well received by many members. I have had to deal with losing a vibrant forum over the past few years, but I am now in a re-building phase. I am not monetising the forum and in order to re-build it I need to reach out to those members who haven't abandoned the site on a more regular basis. This is also why I want to delete members who haven't logged in for the past 3 years. My project of regeneration was set to kick off officially on 1 July which was when the culling of old accounts would happen. From there I had a plan to post weekly email updates to the remaining members to draw them back to the site to consume new content because let's be honest, there are many other places on the net that have been developed in the 13 years I have been running my site. The SparkPost API being taken away and the subsequent failure of the bulk email system to reach them (or Elasticemail) via SMTP has effectively rendered that plan void. So yes, I am feeling a bit dramatic about this. And yes, I feel that the explanation given by IPS as to why the API was removed is not justifiable or warranted. I think they are being disingenuous. SendGrid is not a solution for me. While I am in the rebuilding phase I need a longer free tier of bulk email and since I am financing my own project I have no room for the additional expense.