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  1. Yes, I second this suggestion. The url needs to change. We used to be able to do this in 3.4.x when templates made sense, but now we appear to be SOL when it comes to logical customisations.
  2. I too would like this to follow the logical means of taking the person clicking the link in a feed to the most recent message they haven't read. How is it that the same block when positioned in the sidebar does this, but when moved to the body of the page doesn't? It doesn't make any sense.
  3. Pages SuperGrid support

    I just bought and installed the templates - they are cool. However, I see that it is displaying the teaser paragraph for each article as an overlay on the article image. That is unwanted - how can I turn it off? I don't see any option for this. Update - nevermind, I turned those fields off in the display section of the database.
  4. (R41) AdBlock Detector

    It works on my site, thank you very much. I also would like to be able to block access completely if the ad blocker is active.
  5. My members hate the new Invision 4 compared to the way I had my site running with 3.4. It's cost me a lot of traffic. People simply don't like the interface and I can't say I disagree with them. One of the problem areas is that under 3.4 I created custom blocks where I specifically included the parameter to go to the first unread post of a topic in that feed. The new system doesn't appear to do this - when I create a block for a feed clicking on the results always takes the user to the first post, regardless of whether they have read it or not. In 3.4 I could understand the syntax of the code to be able to fix this, but now I am lost and to be honest, I don't know if I want to expend the effort in learning whatever the new way of coding things is (because you will probably just change it again at the next major release).
  6. Exchange Rate - Currency API?

    +1 for this. I just encountered an error because PayPal doesn't accept the local currency, so the only way I can have different pricing is to create different products with different payment gateways. I have a WHMCS license and there is a cron job that runs every day to update the currency conversions. This should be available on IP.Commerce too.
  7. Responsive Logo Image

    Many WordPress themes have the ability to upload different versions of the logo (Retina version, mobile version, etc). Would be nice to have the same thing for Invision because there is a lot of wasted masthead space on desktop version that could be used for a catchphrase or even an ad if it didn't cause the responsive mobile theme to break.
  8. Pages: Promote to Article

    There are some great new features in 4.x but I had much more control and understanding of how things worked in 3.4. I don't ever want to be relying on (or paying for) 3rd party plugins to replace functionality that I had in previous versions. That's just wrong. I posted somewhere else that it is possible to convert a post into an article by copying the content of the post, adding it as a new article (make sure you use forum for comments and assign authorship to the OP) and then merging the original post on your forums with the new post added by the articles system to keep the comments sync'd between the post and the article. It's a pain in the rump to do this but at least it's free.
  9. So when creating a block in IP.Content you'd get to the templates part of the wizard and there was a variety of templates to chose how to display your feed. Now there's just one for the plugin. Trying to decipher the new coding behind the templates is just way too time consuming because the list of variables that I used to simply be able to click and insert into the parts of the template where they were needed is no longer there. Something else "missing" is the ability to click on a block preview while looking at the list of blocks and have it show in a lightbox. Now I have to go into the block setup itself and see the preview there, which to be honest isn't laid out in a friendly manner at all. IMHO, the IP.Content way of doing things was perfect for people like me who aren't coders, but who could manipulate the templates by making small changes. All that functionality is gone (or very well hidden because I can't find it anywhere).
  10. Having now seen firsthand just how much less control we have over things in Pages compared to IP.Content in 3.4.x I feel like slitting my wrists after the upgrade. I now have to relearn an entire ecosystem of making templates and have pretty much thrown years of block development for my site down the drain. Honestly, I don't think that I will bother learning how to do things in Pages that were so simple to modify via HTML in 3.4. I'm just super disappointed in this product. I wouldn't advise anybody who has spent years building up a site with pages, blocks and databases on 3.4 to upgrade to 4.x. You lose too much and you gain nothing.
  11. I have figured out a way to work around this, albeit somewhat clunkily. By copying the HTML in the original post I create a new article in ACP, paste the HTML into the content area and set the author as the original poster. I have set up the Articles database to create a new thread when an article is added (essentially a duplicate of the original post), but I put it in a board that is read only to me. The problem with this was that the comments were not sync'd between the new article and the original post, so to remedy that I merged the two threads and deleted the post with the copied content. It works. Would be wonderful if we could just click a button to do the same thing. I spend a lot of time curating content produced by my community for the exact reason that @Joel R stated in the post above. And because those articles can be given meta tags it makes it easier for SEO to be applied to the content.
  12. If you don't like the salt don't put your plate under the dispenser.
  13. Pages: Promote to Article

    So as a thank you for my criticism I get placed on moderation queue. What kind of a company are you guys running here?
  14. Where do you set the default app? Typing "default" into the ACP search box brings up nothing.
  15. That is the most flippant comment in defence of the decision to drop "Promote To Article" I have read yet. So if I don't use the reputation system should it be dropped from the next release because not every community finds it important? Seriously??