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  1. Have run the latest update and would like to thank you for fixing the floating bar announcement issue. 🙂 However, I am seeing that if I want to change the colour of the text in that bar using the Frontend Colors tab in theme settings, it doesn't work - just stays white. I need to make it black to stand out on the yellow colour I have chosen for the "warning" message background. Tried custom CSS and that isn't working either. .ipsMessage, .ipsAnnouncement { border-radius:var(--radius-1); position:relative; margin-bottom:var(--sp-3); color: #000; border:1px solid r
  2. I think that if we are going to be asking for money back it should be from IPS who have made the life of the webmaster using their system incredibly difficult in the move from 4.4 to 4.5. I have lost so many days to this "upgrade" and honestly, I just can't see anything that is so radically different between those two versions that justifies the move. I have 2 licenses and there is no way I will be moving the other one up to this 4.5 notch.
  3. I can report that something else is definitely going on, because that copy of the theme got completely screwed up when adding the code and nothing I could do would revert it back to where it was. I tried clearing Safari cache, I ran the support wizard and got that to clear cache too. When doing that there was a patch that IPS asked me to install because of something to do with CSS, which I duly did, but nothing will restore that copy of the theme back to where it was. As I said before - I am over this stuff. It is the very last time I take an IPS upgrade on good faith as being functional
  4. Seriously tired of this now. I can't understand how a move from 4.4 to 4.5 can cause webmasters so much unnecessary stress. I don't have time to constantly fix these stuff ups, man!
  5. @TAMAN that code has completely screwed up my theme. I removed it but it is still doing the same thing - completely messed up everything. I'm going to send you a PM now.
  6. Sticky nav bar is still having issues after the update. If you set it to "fixed to top" all message pop-ups and tooltips are appearing underneath it - see screen grab. Also the announcement that used to float on top of the navigation now sits on the top of the page. It sticks underneath the navigation when scrolled, but not sure I like this if it is supposed to do that.
  7. Found another glitch. When using the sticky menu the flash message appears underneath that.
  8. Aha! Thank you. I will check it out.
  9. Where is the "Stock Photos" button in my 4.5? Is this something you have to purchase?
  10. I have just noticed that the button to join a club (when shown to guests) is truncating with ellipses. Is this normal? It shouldn't be.
  11. OK, will send you link via PM shortly.
  12. I've found something else I am battling to figure out. On the User Nav I am seeing this strange connector. Is this something in the color settings of the theme?
  13. Thank you for the fix! Regarding the other issue, I can see now that this is happening on the default theme too, so must be an IPS bug.
  14. I do receive the newsletters (I avoid corporate social media as far as possible). Nothing I had read thus far indicated such dramatic under the hood changes to me. Bottom line for me right now is that I am stuck here on 4.5 and having to use a default theme that I personally think looks awful and I can't find an easy way to change it. Even my premium theme doesn't let me easily make the changes I was used to making. Just really disappointed in the design aesthetic and the fact that it's so hard to change now. I suggest that in future it might be advisable to split your commun
  15. I'm coming to this discussion from the viewpoint of a webmaster who is used to making minor tweaks in Custom CSS. I truly wasn't expecting the entire framework of the CSS to change from 4.4 to 4.5 to the point where I am now quite seriously contemplating alternative options as far as the platform I run my community on is concerned. Anyway, I don't want to argue. I have said what I want to say and I can only hope that IPS management will understand that not every customer of theirs is a develop or wants to be one. That's why we buy expensive software; to make our lives easier, not harder.
  16. It's good to know that people are listening, but this doesn't save those of us who don't follow every development move that IPS makes from wasting literal days when we update in good faith only to find that regression has occurred instead of progression. I'm fighting with aesthetics now for 2 full days and it seems I'll be doing so for days to come still because tweaking custom CSS now seems to involve an entirely different approach to what I am used to (inspect element in Safari is not showing me things I am familiar with). Honestly, this isn't good looking and I truly regret doin
  17. Not your plugin at all (although it would be nice if things don't change so dramatically with a point upgrade that it causes us webmasters to lose 2 days figuring stuff out). I just think that the overall aesthetic of 4.5 is horrible enough to abandon it. Honestly, it reminds me of Windows 3.1.
  18. OK. Personally I am so frustrated with 4.5 right now I am thinking of jumping to a different ship. 😞
  19. Have to chip in here in agreement with the OP. I've been using IPS since 2011 if memory serves me well and this update from an aesthetic stance is horrible. I don't even use the default theme but I can tell from 2 days of trying to get Taman's Behemoth back to where I had it at 4.4 that the changes that have been made to layout are not an improvement over 4.4. My opinion of course. I have had to use a coloured variation of the default theme while I get Behemoth working and so far user feedback hasn't been positive. I'm not seeing anything I like about 4.5 aesthetically to be h
  20. Damn this 4.5. Hate it. Anyway, I am noticing that the flags are appearing for some users but not all (which was never the case in 4.4). Is this part of the fix that we are waiting for IPS to approve?
  21. Really hating this 4.5 with intensification right now. This is the third time I am trying to make this post and refer back to my previous posts. It doesn't save the draft post anymore or let you open a second tab on the same thread. I am using the latest Behemoth version, 4.2.8. I can turn off the colour palette, but as mentioned in the other post I quoted when I wanted to put the site live after doing all my customisations yesterday I saw that the editor toolbar was "invisible" unless you moused over it. Following your instructions to do something in the palette tab then wiped out my who
  22. This is a disaster. I don't want this Palette colour scheme to be active at all. I find it very distracting and also I can't see how to set any of the colours using this method you've described. Now I want to put my site back online and I can't because none of the toolbar icons can be seen. Update: Honestly, I have now wasted my entire Sunday doing this 4.5 upgrade and trying to tweak Behemoth, only to lose all my colour tweaks by following this quoted suggestion to "fix" this broken editor issue. Now all the tweaks I made have been lost and I have to start from scratch. @TAMAN
  23. Theme appears to be applying "Highlighted Post" colours even though this is set to off in Group settings in ACP. I have changed the colours it is applying but obviously this isn't the way it should be.
  24. Just noticed that it isn't the News Ticker causing this issue, it's the option to pin the navigation header to the top of the page when scrolling that causes a problem. I need that sticky header to work. Can this be fixed with custom CSS?
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