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  1. Thanks for the input. I wouldn't want to run it as a classifieds thing, but as a proper online store for the members where they can upload product photos, deal with pricing and shipping and get their notifications of sales, reports, etc. Hopefully we might see this in future versions of the product.
  2. I know that there is an affiliate feature to Commerce, but has anybody ever developed something for the module that will allow members to use the platform to sell their own products where the "house" keeps a percentage?
  3. Seems to be sticking now, thanks. I will check with a test registration tomorrow to confirm.
  4. Cool beans. Thanks mate, hopefully all is well with him.
  5. Have you managed to figure out anything yet, @Adriano Faria?
  6. I think I will go and have a look at the table structure using phpmyadmin - see if I can manually re-flag those clubs. Anybody have an idea as to which table this stuff is stored in?
  7. This is a similar thing that I am experiencing with the issue I reported above. The option boxes are not staying ticked for automatically adding new members either.
  8. Hmmm... doesn't help me now, unfortunately.
  9. Theres a problem occurring with the app that I need some support on. I have set it up to automatically add new members to certain clubs. When I go back into ACP to check this the clubs that were ticked are all unticked, except one, so when new members sign up they aren't automatically added to those clubs. I have checked this out with a test registration and unfortunately it holds true - the only club the test member is in is the one on the top of the list in ACP.
  10. I just ran into this problem with no feeds from clubs being possible in blocks. This is something that is quite urgently required to make Clubs stand out more. Any ideas?
  11. I've done that but it hasn't helped. I looked into the folder where the guest icon is supposed to be and it wasn't there. I uploaded a fresh copy from default theme installation and it has returned. But now the Member Country flags plugin has also stopped showing the flags. What's happening? All these things were fine before I installed this app.
  12. Invision sorted out the refund for the deprecated plugin and I have now installed the app. It seems to be working as expected, but I have noticed that since the installation I appear to have lost the default images for members without avatars. Also the default club background and profile page masthead images are missing too. Anybody else with this? Quick fix ideas?
  13. Thank you, I appreciate the input.
  14. Yes, InvisionHQ has been in touch and approved the refund from his side, but subject to approval from Invision themselves. It's the latter party who I am having issues getting a response from.
  15. I'm not getting a response from Invision regarding the refunding of the incorrect purchase. They really shouldn't be having deprecated plugins available for sale on the marketplace. I really need to get this enhancement working properly but I can't spend $50 on it and then hope that the other purchase might get refunded.
  16. How come I was allowed to purchase this plugin when it has now been deprecated and replace with a new app? I see the author is AWOL at the moment - hope he hasn't become trapped by CV19, but I am a little peeved that I will now have to request a refund for this from Invision and purchase the new one.
  17. I just purchased this plugin yesterday and I have run into a problem. When I add a custom home page to a club that was created by converting a forum board and I try to add a tab for Home Page I end up with two tabs named "Overview" and my Topics tab disappears. Help!
  18. I am ready to buy the Club Enhancements plugin but am now a little unsure which version I need. What will I be missing if I buy the previous version as opposed to this one? Just the owners features? My site is low volume so there will only really be me as a club owner and I don't need to monetise (yet).
  19. I purchased and installed yesterday. Easy setup and it immediately recognised my location and applied the flag. This morning I saw that it had now applied it to those members who have logged in since it was installed, so all good!
  20. Thanks! Should work where I need it to then.
  21. I have a couple of questions about this plugin; 1. if a person is using a VPN for their browsing, will this show them to be in a country that is not where they are? 2. Will it show up in the "Our Picks" grid if you are using that as the home page for the site?
  22. I like this thinking. The only way we can do this though is to constantly remind people that the convenience of FB comes at a high cost.
  23. In my honest opinion, Facebook advertising is the biggest lot of rubbish to have ever existed on the internet. It doesn't work. I have tried many times and this is what I have seen happening every time: 1. You boost a post targeting a specific demographic for whatever you are offering (usually a link to a piece of content on your website). 2. You see people who don't fit the demographic (not even remotely) liking your post. Your post will get a lot of likes from these people. 3. Facebook will ask you to increase your budget to reach more people. 4. You look at your website analytics and you see no visitor sources from Facebook. None. In what universe is advertising on Facebook a good idea because either I am missing it completely, or somebody is having me on. The sooner Facebook dies (completely), the sooner we can get back to building trust in online communities run by real people. That day may never arrive if we keep reading BS articles like this one.
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