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  1. @bosss that is correct. Another two bugs that I've just fixed. Without this, the notifications layout breaks on mobile devices. CSS core > front > custom > fmdark.css Remove the width. Before: .ipsMenu_innerContent { max-height: 350px; overflow: auto; width: 450px; } After: .ipsMenu_innerContent { max-height: 350px; overflow: auto; } And without the !important applied to #elFlashMessage, flashmessages ("inline notifications") for reports are always with the default blue background instead of using the color the user selec
  2. More fixes: Templates: core > front > global > fmDarkCustomCSS Add: .ipsTabs_activeItem { background: {$colour} !important; } core > global > global > fmDarkJSBG Add to the logic: .ipsTabs_activeItem { background:' + colour + ' !important; } CSS: core > front > custom > fmdark.css REMOVE one intance of the code below because it is duplicated: .ipsTabs_activeItem { color: #fff !important; }
  3. Hi there! With the new 4.5 series, we have a new functionality, "set best answer/solved". However, if moderators are configured to moderate only certain forums, they will only be able to set a post as best answer/solved if the topic is in the forums they are listed as moderators. IMHO, it is missing a setting to allow moderators to set post as best answer/solved in all forums. Therefore, I think that in the moderator settings, it is missing an option under the 'Content' tab to allow this. For example, under the 'Content' tab we have the 'Can enable/disable moderation o
  4. /* Logo */ = without this, only the upper half of your logo will be clickable /* Breadcrumb */ = without this, the breadcrumb is hard to read /* Mentions */ = without this, mentions are hard to read
  5. core > custom > fmdark.css change .ipsTabs_activeItem { color: #fff; } to: .ipsTabs_activeItem { color: #fff !important; } Add this to custom.css: /* Logo */ #elLogo { z-index: 2001; } /* Breadcrumb */ .ipsBreadcrumb { color: inherit; } /* Mentions */ a[data-mentionid] { color: #000; } a[data-mentionid]:hover { color: rgb(var(--theme-text_color)); }
  6. To fix this: core > front > custom > fmdark.css /* Activity stream overview */ #elProfileActivityOverview .ipsStreamItem, #elUserContent .ipsStreamItem, #elSingleStatusUpdate .ipsStreamItem { Change: margin: 0; To: margin: 0 13px 0 13px;
  7. @TheJackal84 Another issue here, in the user's activity stream, when we have a topic that was hidden, the layout gets broken.
  8. @TheJackal84 another issue we have is the color of the flash notification. It is usually white, as below: However, when there are more than one notification, the color changes to gray. I really can't find the class to change this to white, as our users are saying white is better (and it is also a matter of consistency):
  9. @bosss I really appreciate your help, however, this only solves part of the problem. See below.
  10. @TheJackal84 I bought your theme and I am loving it. There is one biggie here that needs your attention. The editor toolbar is still grey, and I think it should be in a dark color: Could you fix that for us? Thanks.
    Not needed for 4.5+, as it already brings this feature.
    Not needed for IPS 4.5+, as it already comes with a similar function.
  11. @Paul E. Regarding the Report button, what I did here was to add it like a badge. See below, you can steal this idea if you think it looks better ("Denunciar" is "Report" in Portuguese) for your plugin idea: Here is the code I added at the badge list in forums > front > topics > post: {{if $comment->canReportOrRevoke() === TRUE}} <li><strong class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_large ipsBadge_neutral'><a href='{$comment->url('report')}' data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-remoteSubmit data-ipsDialog-size='medium' data-ipsDialog-flashMessa
  12. This is something that always bothered me. There used to be a plugin that fixed this, created by Matt Mecham (MTM Post Counter a.k.a. MTM Ye Olde Post Count Of Yesteryear), that is no longer available. I edited it to work with 4.5. See below. After installing it, you must clear the cache using the support tool. It is working like a charm here. MTM_Post_Counter-4.5.xml
  13. Hi, I had to edit our theme here to restore the "Edit" and "Report" links to their previous (< 4.5) locations. The "Report" link must be very visible to our users, and as for the "Edit" link, it gives us extra work. When seeing a post that requires editing, our moderators must scroll back to the top of that post, click on the "..." and then click on "Edit". So, there are two extra steps required, i.e. wasted time. Just my two cents. Cheers.
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