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  1. Hello @newbie LAC It would be nice even if you could add this feature. I was pretty quiet with the use, but I started using clubs and started to appear things I did not like in the created block. Indeed, it was written there in the remarks. I had not reread that part you quoted. Thank you in advance. As soon as I release new version I will update with certainty.
  2. Hello. I would like the club topics not to appear in recent topics / posts and I can not find where to set this restriction. It's possible? See that in the Club settings, I placed to display the information related to this club only within it.
  3. Don't speak Brazilian ???? Português (from Brazil) ... Português (from Portugal)... no Brazilian :)
  4. Works in IPB 3.3.3 and Nexus 1.5.2 (ioncube) ? :)
  5. Hello Michael, can you (or me) create a gateway to PagSeguro www.pagseguro.com.br ? it's possible? tks :)
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