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  1. Hello @newbie LAC It would be nice even if you could add this feature. I was pretty quiet with the use, but I started using clubs and started to appear things I did not like in the created block. Indeed, it was written there in the remarks. I had not reread that part you quoted. Thank you in advance. As soon as I release new version I will update with certainty.
  2. 👊 Great!! Last Active ... not Last Visit !! Wrong term.
  3. Hello, Why do not you have the Last Visit information in ADMINCP on the Member's watch page? Can you put this next to the registration date for example or another location? Thanks
  4. Hello. I would like the club topics not to appear in recent topics / posts and I can not find where to set this restriction. It's possible? See that in the Club settings, I placed to display the information related to this club only within it.
  5. Esquisito, pois, alterei nesta entrada, mas não surtiu efeito... será que essa parte que estou olhando é outro local que deve alterar? -----
  6. @Gabriel Torres Vi que você é do site que citei na minha questão... poderia dar uma força pra mim? 👊 Tks. Jair
  7. Folks, I have a situation in my forum and I would like a help from you if you can help me ... Here in Brazil in date format is DD / MM / YYYY or DD / MM / YYYY and the dates in extensive "DAY of MONTH of YEAR", (April 7, 2019), for example. The default IPB is "MONTH DAY, YER", ie (APRIL 07, 2019). How can I change this in posts, topics? I consulted the support and they informed me that it is standard in the IPB this way to treat the dates, but in the Brazilian site "Hardware Club" they use correctly, as in the first two posts fixed in this link: https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/forums/forum/33-overclock-of-video/?sortby=last_post&sortdirection=desc Any tips? Tks.
  8. In your link function use: mailto:info@anyboard.com Result: info@anyboard.com
  9. Don't speak Brazilian ???? Português (from Brazil) ... Português (from Portugal)... no Brazilian :)
  10. Works in IPB 3.3.3 and Nexus 1.5.2 (ioncube) ? :)
  11. Yes... it works in 3.3.3 :lol: Tks.
  12. Hello Michael, can you (or me) create a gateway to PagSeguro www.pagseguro.com.br ? it's possible? tks :)
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