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  1. Gabriel Torres's post in How to set a specific user to always be pre-moderated? was marked as the answer   
    @Adriano Faria Thanks. In fact, I found the option I was looking for! 🙂
    In the ACP, look for the user, click on "Edit" next to "Warnings & Restrictions" and the screen below will show! Sweet! 😁

  2. Gabriel Torres's post in Issue with topic_hasattach converting from vBulletin 3.8.7 was marked as the answer   
    Now that I am getting more familiar with IP.Forum's converter, I can see what happened.

    The problem was with one specific thread in our vBulletin database, which had thread.attach set to 65535. Upon further inspection, I see that it actually doesn't have any attachment at all, so I manually set thread.attach to 0 on this thread.

    Therefore, the problem was not with IP.Board converter, but with our database, which had a bug.

    I created a simple script to fix all my rows that I, by mistake, had set to '1' instead of the number present in thread.attach.

    So, this was obviously "my" mistake, so you can close this case, as it is not a bug with the converter.

    Thank you.
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